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Channeling Class Discussion

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Channeling and Prayer

Working with Entities

Channeling and Prayer

In the last few months I have become aware of a "gift" for prayer that some people have called channeling. I receive movement in my body, usually in my hands. Sometimes the movement is graceful and vigorous, other times it is tormented. Sometimes I receive messages through a type of symbolic sign language, other times the movement seems to be a dancing celebration of the presence of the Spirit. Sometimes the movement comes while I am in prayer, sometimes the movement calls me into prayer.

"Praying has been only part what is possible for communication between Deity and Humanity. The difference between 'prayer' and 'channeling' is that prayer is one-way communication and channeling is two-way communication. For a very long time most humans have believed that they could not hear directly from God, and therefore they haven't. In fact most humans who have believed in my existence have done so on faith, and on the word of others.

"Scripture also has been a touchstone for my communication with Humanity. But it is too indirect and 'frozen' in time to address the immediate issues of the healing work that is now needed. As I've said, I am evolving and so is my message. I am now suggesting channeling over prayer as our primary avenue of communication because not only do I hear from you, it enables you have direct, inner experiences of me and my messages.

"In your work with your new gift, it is good to notice the differences in the messages when there are different kinds of physical movements. Part of the meaning of the message is in the way it is expressed, and physical expression is a dynamic and often dramatic way to express in outer statements the meaning of inner messages.

I approach this "gift" through a Christian perspective and my "guide" seems to respond to the name "Holy Spirit." However, most of the information on channeling takes a "new age" approach. I'm wondering if you can point me toward resources that would help me understand this "gift" and remain rooted in Biblical teaching.

"The most important resources are inside of you, including of course your connection with guidance. However, there are several ways of understanding your gift in Biblical terms. In a very real sense you are receiving the gift of Pentecost, which is the actual descent of the Holy Spirit into Humanity.

"Other ways of understanding your gift include the fact that you are following in the footsteps of the Old Testament prophets. Or, you could be remaining in relative seclusion while gathering additional information and experience as did Jesus before his ministry. Another understanding is that in using your gift it is as if you are "speaking in tongues", and both declaring and praising God. These are some of the Biblical frames of reference that you could apply to yourself and the use of your gift."

Also, I'm wondering if you have ever heard of people that receive messages ONLY in the body. I seem to have three sensitive spots, the belly (which often goes into spasms), the chest (which I call my "door") and my hands (which become warm and often move in "dance").

"While it is true that all messages are anchored somewhere in the physical body, there are also spiritual, mental and emotional ways of experiencing the same message. Body knows the most about what to do with the energy of the message, but spiritual judgments, stuck emotions and mental noise often make it difficult for Body to actualize the message and fully live it. It's fine to concentrate on Body, and in seeking balance you will want to include the other major parts of your being as well."

Working with Entities

In addition, last week I tried "automatic handwriting" and I invited some very weak and clingy entities to me. They tempted me, posed as family members, and were very hard to shake. I allowed them access to my voice and throat (which I should not have done), and I finally had to meet with my wife (who is a minister) and another minister to pray them away. How careful must one be about attracting unholy entities?

"To stay on the safe side it is always best to ask only for connection with the highest Source available to you, in this case the Holy Spirit. Accept no substitutes. And there is more going on here than meets the eye. Certain methods of unconscious channeling such as 'automatic writing' and 'Ouija Boards' open the possibility for an invasion of beings who are misplaced at your level of reality. They consider your channeling inquiry as an invitation to enter your psyche, and they often will. They can also be more than just visitors. They can attach themselves to you, as you have experienced, and they can be difficult to shake away without formally telling them to leave.

"Prayer is helpful in this area, however in this work self-help is often necessary and can be a much more efficient use of your resources. Pray for guidance and strength, and ask me to be present with you. Then face the beings and explain that this is your space and ask them if they are part of you. If they say 'no', tell them this is not their right place.

"Ask me to be here helping you, and imagine an area of attractive light with many colors, and opposite of that imagine an area of darkness. Ask the beings, one at a time, to look first into the light and then into the darkness, and ask them to choose the direction that feels the most comfortable to them. Have them indicate to you which they prefer, and then simply tell them firmly and gently to go there now. 'Go into the light (or darkness) now, go in peace, go now.' You can also ask me to help them on their way.

"In doing this you are asserting yourself as the sovereign of your own essence and space, and you're asking those who are not part of you to leave. You can do this by being positive and certain while remaining kind and respectful, and it will work well. Because the entities go to their right place, it's a winning outcome for all concerned.

"On the other hand, if they indicate that they are part of you when you ask, you can call them back into you for healing and integration. For this work it is good for you to be clear, grounded and resourceful. The running energy exercise with focus on the magnetic, earth energy is a very good way to ground and connect with inner resources. Before running 'earth' energy, it is good to ask the Mother for her presence with you as well.

"Once grounded, there are many ways you can go about bringing back your lost parts, and you can begin with inner verbal communication by saying 'hello' and asking them if they want to communicate. If they are part of you and they want to return, they will cooperate if they feel accepted and welcome. From here it is good to follow the advice in the healing class and related discussions about reuniting with lost parts of yourself.

"Your gift has come to you largely unbidden, and yet it is powerful. You are wise to be careful in its use as you explore its possibilities. The most important care you can take here is in keeping you yourself separate from your gift. It is good to stay focused on the reality that you are a human person with a divine gift and calling, and to avoid seeing yourself as a divine being in human form. Your true greatness is not in your divinity or your 'gift', but in your human wholeness... manifesting all four parts of Deity in physical reality."

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