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Evolutionary Will Beings

Spirit, you have mentioned several times recently that Deity and Humanity are "collaborating" in the healing work. Can you say something more about this, and how it is going?

"In concept it is quite simple. Humans are becoming Deity. We are working cooperatively in the unfolding of your new identity. As a human you are an evolutionary Will Being, and you are also a creature. You were created to evolve. And evolve you have, to where you are now. You were not created as a finished product, the emergence of your Being was only the beginning.

"You are not only a Being, you are also a creature in physical form, and potentially with a free Will and the capacity to evolve yourself. Only evolutionary Will Beings can do this, and yet is your choice to evolve or not. You have gotten to where you are now through a long series of steps, each a result of your Being's choices, and each implemented by the creature you have been.

"In practice this hasn't been so easy. You have been exercising your Will to evolve in an environment that has for the most part not honored desire, and has certainly not nurtured it. In fact, nearly everything in the reflection you call the 'outside word' has been aligned with stifling and thwarting your Will. And still you have evolved.

"Free Will means there is no Will above; there is no higher authority. The buck stops with you; you decide. Free Will is in charge and makes the choices for what happens, and how it happens. Humans in their weakness ask for divine help, and in their strength, rely on themselves and their Wills.

"It is in times of weakness that free Will is most needed. Whenever a higher authority is invoked to substitute for your Will, that authority itself must be surpassed or free Will is not truly free, it is beholding to your rescuer from above.

"If your human Will were entirely free, there would be no gap between a desire and the manifestation of that desire's fulfillment in your life, in just the way you would have it. And there would be great joy in the process of manifestation, because the one who desires would the one whose magic causes the manifestation of the desire's fulfillment. In other words, it is your own medicine that heals you.

"Part of the healing work is preparing yourself for these new experiences, some of which will be quite intense, by any standard. The energy involved in opening the dimensions of the second attention within the first attention is enormous, and it is good to be prepared for it.

"And it's good to know that not everything in the healing works must be or can be done by humans. Deity are involved here too. After all, these are Our imprints that have been at the bottom of all of your pain and suffering. We are collaborators in the healing, however whether we work together or not is of course dependent upon your Will.

"Earth is your venue, wondrous human, and We wish to be here with you as you embody Us in manifestation. But it is up to you to host Us, bring Us in and make a place for us in your life. The first beat of the dance music begins with you, when you make the choice to focus your life on healing into wholeness."

Finding the Will to Heal

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