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Interview with 'the Folks,' Part Three

Interview, Part One ~ Part Two

Channelers note: If you haven't already, please first read part one and part two of this interview and the channelers' note at the top of Part One. In addition to what is stated in our note there, we'd like to mention that while they are two essences speaking as one, 'the Folks' refer to themselves individually as 'Spirit' and 'the Mother.' Also, please read or re-read Grandfather Remembers Original Heart. The channeling on this page is in part an elaboration and continuation of the material on that page.

Denial Energy

Channelers: Hello again Folks. In the last part of this interview you mentioned that we should ask you directly about how to release embedded denial energy. What else can you tell us about denial energy in general, and more specifically how to release it?

"There have been many misconceptions about the presence of denial in Creation. For a very long time it seemed obvious that since it was here, it belonged here. So in previous recovery attempts We tried to include it, and each time We experienced devastating reversals. Believing that it belonged here was not wrong, it just wasn't the whole truth of the situation.

"It's important to remember that everything we've been experiencing in this Creation is the working out of Original Heart's intention that there be more than the one whole being... that complete wholeness be experienced by two or more whole beings who are peers, each whole in their own right. That original desire, the desire for another like Self, the desire for companionship with other whole beings could be fulfilled only in the context of duality, where there can be more than one. Evolutionary manifested existence as we know it has been the ongoing fruition of the duality unfolding from the explosion of Original Heart.

"When We emerged through the void into manifestation, the energy of the void was disturbed, and We brought some of that energy with us into this Creation. And this was not wrong either. As you know, the energy of the void is the energy of negation. The presence of negation, the presence of denial in manifestation has enabled us to experience the tension between existence and nonexistence and between acceptance and nonacceptance. This has been necessary to our present mission of finding and helping back into wholeness all of the lost Will, including the fragments who have been lost since Original Heart, before the Grandparents' initial Creation.

"A positive effect of the tension caused by the denial and negation of our deepest values has enabled us in recent times to find a number of the Mother's parts that were lost in Original Heart's split into two separate essences, Spirit essence and Desire essence. In opening this Creation to denial energy we unknowingly replicated the splits in the Mother essence that occurred before the Grandparent's original Creation.

"Now that we know about the deeper gaps existent before We emerged, and that Our emergences through the void was an important part of Grandfather's plan, we can understand how the gaps here in this Creation have made it possible for us to locate the most lost and isolated fragments of the Mother essence in all Creations... even back to Original Heart's explosion, before there was any manifestation at all. There are still many lost parts of the feminine essence that have never experienced contact with the main body of the Mother in manifestation. They are still suffering the intense pain of isolation with only unloving light and very dim memory of their long lost union with Love in Original Heart.

"Working together with Our human collaborators, we are now finding these previously lost parts and healing the gaps between them and rest of the Mother essence. This healing is possible because some of the humans who have been doing this work with Us know how to release the denial energy that has kept the fragments of lost Will separate from each other and from the parental part of the Mother.

"While it is possible to find these lost parts through the acceptance of denial, it is not possible to help them heal with denial energy still holding open the gaps in the Mother essence. Denial will eventually overpower and consume acceptance if it is approached directly.

"Another misconception has been that the denial energy that humans experience is a reflection of their own human denials. 'What have I been denying?' is not the best question to ask yourself. A much better question is, 'How have I been affected by the universal denial energy that has been present since before Creation?' The main point here is that you are innocent. You are not to blame for the denial you uncover in yourself.

'Any denial you find now has been here since long before you became human. Any denying you've done in this lifetime has been only a reflection of what was already here. Please release any judgments about your own denials, and look kindly upon what has been denied with your loving acceptance.

"Acceptance is what heals, brings together. Denial is what separates, pushes apart. This is Our final recovery attempt. It is time now that we bring together all of the Mother essence. This means healing the gaps that have been keeping her fragmented. Releasing the denial energy that has been holding these gaps open is the quickest, easiest and least painful way to do the healing work.

"While it has not been wrong that denial energy has been here, it is no longer appropriate to allow it to have the upper hand, the final word. To fulfill the role of healer, identify as the Spirit essence in yourself and stop denying. Then release any denial energy that has been preventing you from loving back into wholeness all the parts of your universal, whole Self... paying special attention to the deeply lost Mother essence that has been suffering so intensely since before the beginning of Creation.

How to Release Embedded Denial

Channelers note: The following practice is a continuation of the previous material on Embedded Denial Energy. For better understanding of this practice, please read this small section again before continuing here. And for an overview of denial energy in general, please read the third step to wholeness.

"As We mentioned, embedded denial energy has further complicated the plight of many of the most lost fragments of the Feminine essence. Although there are some instances where specific inner guidance is vital, the general method of release is to first find Us inside of you. Feel the Mother holding you in her warm, supportive embrace.

"Next, find the place in your body where you feel the pain of the lost part most intensely, and feel into the energy. Now imagine that the lost fragment of Mother essence that is experiencing this pain is floating in space. It's okay to imagine her in whatever form comes to mind.

"While feeling the pain in yourself, also feel the Folks' loving presence holding you and nurturing you. You are the Healer, and you are being held by the healed, parental part of the Universal Feminine essence. Her Spirit, Loving Spirit is all around you both.

"Now imagine you and We are all together in space, some distance from the part of the Mother with embedded denial. Bringing Us with you, move closer to her and notice what happens. At a certain point she will indicate that we're too close. Now back us away until the part is okay again with the distance.

"From this distance, notice that some of the denial energy that has been embedded in her is now flaking off or otherwise available for release. Use the subtle denial release to remove any denial energy that is ready to return to the void.

"After the denial energy that was available for release is gone, move the three of us closer again until the fragment indicates again that we're too close. When you feel her discomfort, we back off again and release more denial."

"Repeat this process whenever you feel the pain of the lost part in yourself. You can also do this whenever you feel moved to do some healing work. You can check in with Us and the lost part, move us closer, release subtle denial, and back away again until the part feels good about the distance.

"The most important healing resource to cultivate in yourself for working with embedded denial is patience. Patience is the easy acceptance of whatever is happening in the moment, in this case the slow and gradual healing into wholeness of some of the Feminine's most vital and important parts.

"Patience is helpful here for two reasons. First, it will enable you to be present with loving acceptance for the lost part of Mother essence and the fact of the denial energy embedded in her... without feeling the need to push in any way or 'fix' it to make it different. Any pushiness on your part would be felt as a perpetration, and cause her to withdraw from your light.

"Second, patience will enable you to drive backwards and be okay with the process taking as long as it does. Daily contact with the lost Will trapped by embedded denial will eventually pay off in her healing. However, in linear time it could take days, weeks and even months of patient attention before she's ready to fully receive our loving acceptance. Please stay tuned with Us on the inside for more guidance here.

"When working with embedded denial, as in all phases of the healing work, it's important to remember that you are the Healer, and not the part of yourself or the Mother that has been in pain. In some cases the pain can be felt so intensely that you believe it's all there is to you. That you are the pain, judgments and other denial energy in the imprint that has been triggered. The truth is that the pain is being experienced by a helpless part of yourself that has its roots in a deeply lost part of the Mother essence.

"You, however, are not only this part. It is a part of you, for sure, however, your deepest identity is the healer of the pain, not the victim of it. You are the one who brings the help. It may seem incredible that as a human being you are being called upon to heal the oldest, deepest, and most painful wounds in Creation. And yet, who else could do this work?

Abandon the Part?

Thank you very much, Folks. Some of us have had great resistance to abandoning the suffering part, once we've become aware of the pain. The strong feeling is to stay identified with the previously lost part, or it will become lost again. What can you tell us about this?

"What We have suggested about not being solely the hurting part and dis-identifying from the imprint can often feel to these parts of the Mother in you that you are denying the Mother's pain. She has craved your conscious connection, and now she has it. Even though you are both suffering, to leave identification with her can feel like abandonment, even if temporarily to get more help.

"The way to work with this is to stay with the hurting part with all of your sentient awareness and some of your consciousness... while you work to become identified as the loving healer with the rest of your conscious awareness. You can do this by seeing the part as separate from you, the healer... while you continue feeling her pain. This will give you the brief separation needed to become more loving and resourceful so you can return to the pain with a different kind of consciousness than what's been available in the imprint.

"To heal yourself at the personal layer of process, you identify yourself as the loving, resourceful, parental healer. You then bring the strength of your loving acceptance to all of the lost and denied parts of yourself who have been trapped in their never-ending traumas.

"To heal your whole being at the transpersonal layer of process, you identify yourself as loving Spirit. And then you bring the strength of your loving acceptance to the parts of the Mother who have been trapped without loving Light for near eternity... and as loving Spirit, you solemnly pledge your steadfast allegiance to the parental Will of the Mother."

"As the loving and resourceful healer, you will now be able to bring your loving consciousness back to the pain. Without a brief separation of some of your conscious awareness so you can come back with your loving acceptance, the only spirit or conscious presence available is the old, unloving light that has been stuck in the imprint since its first trauma eons ago.

"The roots of these wounds are cosmic. The original traumas that first created the imprints you are now experiencing occurred long before there were humans, and the deepest traumas occurred even before the formation of the Earth. And yet as a human, like it or not, this is your right place... you are the healer of Creation. It cannot be overstated, the greatness of fully awake humans, aware of both the depth of their Will essence and the healing power of love. The denial of your greatness as a human being, the healer of Creation... is now the most serious impediment to the healing work."

Okay Folks, thank you very much. 

Channelers' note: This interview continues...

Interview with the Folks, Part Four

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