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Interview with Grandfather, Part Two

Interview with Grandfather, Part One
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Channelers note: The material on this page is a continuation of both the Interview with Grandfather and the Interview with God.

Grandfather, some readers have asked questions you may be able to answer. For instance, can you give us more information about this period of massive change we are in up to December 2012 when the Mayan calendar ends?

"This is Original Spirit. It is timely to discuss the general phenomena associated with what in your terms is called 'the end of time.' And since you are asking about events that transcend your present sense of time, some more clarity about the true nature of reality may be helpful.

"First it is important to note what the Spirit of your Creation has already said in this regard. Your perceptions of manifestation are necessarily wholly subjective experiences. It is your awareness that holds space for manifestation, and this is where it exists. You can experience only what your perceptions, both inner and outer, bring to your awareness.

"The popular myth that there is an objective world that is common to everyone and that can be known and understood has caused a great deal of confusion and suffering along Humanity's journey toward wholeness. The perception of self as one person among billions of others in an objective world places your point of view outside of yourself and perpetuates the false notion that separation, alienation and fragmentation are 'real.'

"At a deep transpersonal layer of your Being, you are creating the world you perceive. It's as if you are producing, directing and writing your own movie, your unique and ultimately subjective 'take' on reality. And since the true nature of reality is fully subjective, each living Human will experience the shattering events at the end of time differently, and ironically at different 'times.'

"The events predicted by the ancient Maya are not substantially different than those predicted by sages throughout the millennia. Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist and other seers have predicted similar events marking 'the end of time.' And the Maya are only one of many indigenous cultures that have spoken of their deeply held vision for the events near and immediately after the end of time.

"All of these prophecies point to a relatively sudden awakening into much greater awareness for some or all of humanity. What has been well-hidden within the folds of your present four-dimensional world will be clearly revealed by the additional Light available in the unfolding of the new, five-dimensional world.

"In other words, there will no longer be places in manifestation where denial can hide. The abundant new, loving Light attracted to the deeply moving Will in Humans as they go through these transformative experiences will reveal what has been hidden from you since before linear time began.

"One of the first experiences you will have as you emerge from the vortex of intense energy in the passage between your enfolded four-dimensional world and the newly unfolding five-dimensional world will be the realization that you were right about everything you believed and had faith in. And very likely your next experience will be the realization that everyone else has been right as well.

"And you will experience even deeper realizations. The deceptions inherent in perceiving only linear time have obscured the fact that everything that has ever happened and everything that will ever happen is all happening now. The evolving human mind with all of its wonderful skills and talents has not been capable of experiencing or even understanding timelessness and eternity.

"The Mother of your Creation has had a Dream for this Creation since before it began. The Mother's Dream is that all sentient beings realize their greatness and live in peace with complete freedom—free of denial in any form and steeped in deep and abiding love, joy, passion and excitement in a safe and harmonious venue of exquisite beauty and wonder.

A New Kind of Mind

Thank you Grandfather. Would you please say more about how those who have not believed or had faith, as we have, will also be right about what they have believed and held to be true?

"This may at first seem impossible to the conditioned mind with its habits of analysis, evaluation, comparison and judgment based on concepts of right-doing and wrong-doing, good and evil, and all other expressions of polarity and duality. Your new life after the 'end of time' depends upon a new kind of presence and a mind with a new kind of attention.

"There has been ancient conditioning in Spirit, also very present in human consciousness, that has instinctively drawn your attention to conscious thought... and away from sentient feeling. Without awareness of the issues caused by the imprint and your own conscious use of attention, this imprint in consciousness will not allow you to stay present within a reality your mind cannot understand.

"For instance, notice how often the mind has automatically moved you away from directly experiencing something and into thinking about the experience—as if the story about it is more important than the feeling of it. You can practice using this new kind of attention whenever you choose to give a feeling your fully loving conscious presence and choose to honor the feeling by expressing it in whatever way it wants to express.

"In order to experience the realization that everyone has been right to be as they've been and to have believed as they have believed, you will have developed the capacity to stay present with intense emotional and energetic experiences without any denial. This means with no comparison, analysis or thought beyond complete loving acceptance of the experience.

"With this new ability your mind becomes a channel of fully loving Spirit empowering the Mother's Will to freely move in you, just as she desires. Cultivating and nurturing this kind of attention is key to opening the portal to your new, radically expanded venue beyond the present limitations of linear time.

"Since the Mother's Dream and its unfolding is inscribed in the Universal Will at the deepest layers of Being, it is here now inside of you and everyone else, waiting to unfold. The key is having enough loving presence to allow all of the energy and emotion in and around the portal to the fifth dimension to move freely in you.

"Since this kind of complete and total freedom is simply not available in your present manifestation of only four dimensions, the Mother is insisting that everyone in the present paradigm find deliverance from its pain and limitations and join with her and loving Spirit in the full realization of her Dream.

"The Mother's Dream, however, is not for only a select few, or for beings only of this Creation. The Mother of your Creation and my own Will, Original Will, First Mother are united in this Dream of Free Will for all beings in all Creations. My plan is and has been to fully support Divine Will in having her way.

"Unconditional loving acceptance of all beings and their true desires is the Mother's way. And I can assure you that Divinity will not let anyone down, everyone's faith and steadfastness will be rewarded. If there is a prophecy with any adherents at all who have put their faith in that prophecy, it will be fulfilled for them in their venues, at the point in linear time when they open fully to the universal Will.

"The winter solstice in 2012 is a very approximate place in linear time predicted for the beginning of a collective planetary event that will provide enough energy to transport most Humans to their next paradigm in a relatively short duration of linear time. And along the way through linear time from here to there and afterward, many 'end times' prophecies will be playing out in individual venues—and eventually on the world stage.

"For instance, the Christian prophecies of Armageddon are already beginning to be fulfilled for those who believe in them. Many will see worsening political and economic strife on the world stage as a cleansing process leading to the return of the Christ to gather his flock. And many will experience ascending into the new paradigm of Heaven in renewed and less densely physical bodies as they participate in the predicted 'rapture' where they are drawn into heavenly bliss to live forever with the God they've believed in.

"Others will experience the same disturbing and catastrophic events on the world stage and in their individual venues as harbingers of the extraterrestrials who say they have come to save Humanity and bring you 'home' with them. And in the newly expanded universe of five dimensions this will happen quite easily for them. Those who have believed for any reason that they will be lifted out of their 'imprisonment' here on Earth will experience just that.

"However, a much smaller group of Humans whose spirits no longer call Heaven or the Stars their home will remain here on Earth as they endure the unimaginably intense energy of the transition while staying present with their dense physical bodies. When the dust has settled, they will find themselves on a new Earth and in renewed bodies capable of manifesting and moving physically in five dimensions. These Humans will be the first in this Creation to experience form change in place of death."

The Fifth Dimension

Channelers: Thank you, Grandfather. You mention the opening of another, fifth dimension. What more can you tell us about that?

"As I have said earlier, the Creation within which you now reside is the last or most recent of seven local universes. Your Creation is where the most dense and restricted experiences of manifestation can unfold, and where the most lost parts of Divine Will can be found.

"The six Creations before you are progressively less dense and restricted. For instance, form change and what would be other extraordinary feats of magic for you presently have been more or less ordinary experiences for many creature-spirits in the Creation just prior to your present experience of manifestation in your more dense and time-restricted Creation.

"Understanding the manifesting power available in the 'fifth dimension' is the key to understanding how form change and other magic beyond your present imagination can easily happen for you... when time as you've known it 'ends.' Simply stated, there are more dimensions available in manifestation beyond the three spatial and single temporal dimension that have been available within your own very limited venue and the 'world' of your agreed-upon 'objective reality.'

"This very dense and limited reality has made Creation feel like a prison or reform school for spirits who had chosen to merge with evolutionary creatures in manifestation. Human Beings, as well as all other forms, are a mixture of the two primary essences of manifestation, Spirit and Mother or 'matter.' And all spirits who have come to Earth in human form have found themselves restricted to only four dimensions of space-time.

"Some came here originally to escape unloving Spirit, some came to explore and enjoy, and others, like the spirits within most readers of this material, came here to help. Regardless of their initial motivation, all spirits coming into manifestation here felt the deep terror of merging with density and severe restriction of time and gravity. They each got caught up in their own karma beginning with the shock and denials of the intensity, and became trapped here in what has seemed to them like an endless series of actions and reactions.

"The various religions and spiritual paths of Humanity have sought to help disentangle spirits from form and help them get free of manifestation so they may once again return to their 'home' in the Heavens and achieve the oneness of Spirit they left behind and have sorely missed ever since coming here. These teachings have not been wrong, and yet they have missed the point of why spirits migrated to Earth in the first place.

"The truth of why spirits are here and having the experiences they've been having goes beyond their motivations for coming here. I've discussed in the introduction to the Body Class the very good reasons for things to have gone the way they have in the seven manifested Creations, including the very difficult pain and trauma of spirits in Human form.

"One way of understanding why it's been so difficult for spirits on Earth to work out their karma is that there has been very little real space here. Your reality has been folded back on itself. Imagine a cube made of paper that has been folded in such a way that it is now flat. That flatness represents the four dimensions of manifestation that you are presently occupying.

"Now imagine the paper unfolding and resuming its proper shape as a cube. While only one extra dimension was necessary for this transformation to happen, the additional possibilities that are now available for the cube are nearly endless.

"The new dimension that will open when time as you have known it ends... is a second dimension of time. The three familiar spatial dimensions will remain along with your present linear dimension of time.

"In addition to the human mind's sense of past, present and future, another dimension of time becomes available that is in a way perpendicular to your accustomed linear time. The ever-expanding present moment is a metaphor for how this new dimension of time will be experienced. Please read what Body and I have already said about the fifth dimension for more details and understandings.

"The profound and completely unprecedented experience of the 'end of time' will come to each Human when you have become truly whole, when you have reclaimed all of your lost Will and redeemed all of your lost Spirit. And it is not Spirit, it's the Divine Will, the Mother and Grandmother, the Universal Feminine within you whose deep movement of Universal Will opens the next dimension for your complete and whole Being to unfold in timeless, eternal presence."

Your Magical Body

Thank you, Grandfather. What can you say about the individual experience of one's physical body opening into five dimensions?

"You now are manifesting a temporal or 'mortal' body which from your perspective is subject to 'accidents,' death, illness, etc. Death has been a necessary part of your enfolded and very limited four-dimensional space-time venue. And yet deep within you as Body has been a vague, distant knowing that things could be very different.

"Children are much more in touch with this knowing because like all of the Mother's wisdom, knowledge of these all-but-forgotten realms can be accessed only through feeling. Children at play often touch the magic that was available in the less dense Creations that have preceded this one. Memories of magical beings like fairies and elves and magical creatures like unicorns, and satyrs still flourish in Humans beneath the surface of your conscious awareness.

"The opening of the next dimension opens the opportunity for true magic to prevail on Earth very much like what was commonplace in your ancient inklings of magical lands with magical creatures and beings. Your parental and loving acceptance of self and others will lead you naturally to true magic, the ability to manifest whatever you desire, change form and remain present in manifestation without need of death and rebirth.

"For this to happen, to survive this transition in dense physical form as you are now, in this most dense of all Creations, you will endure an intensity of energy and chaos well beyond anything you can presently imagine. Spirit has spoken of this and other related topics in his letter to those doing the healing work.

"The way physical bodies manifest in four dimensions is very different than the way they manifest in five dimensions, and the transition from the old to the new will be unprecedentedly intense in your experience, especially for the first few Humans. It will feel as if all the terror that's ever been denied in Creation has suddenly become alive and moving in you as Body. And yet, instead of your spirit instinctively escaping all of this intensity, you will remain present and whole with it. You will stay awake and alive through it until you own it all.

"Then, firmly planted in a newly unfolded space-time reality of five dimensions, you as a sentient Will creature and conscious Spirit in union will determine the shape and texture of the eternal moment as it unfolds in and around you. If new conditions are desired, new conditions appear.

"The 'laws' of nature that seemed so fixed and determinant in four dimensions are still available when experiences like that are desired. However, that limited reality will no longer be necessary for you as Body, now at home in the complete freedom of manifesting five-dimensional space-time.

"The Mother's Dream includes of course Original Heart's desire that your experience of wholeness of Being be not only yours alone. It speaks not only of your own wholeness and complete freedom, it includes the same for others like you. It includes your peers, completely whole and fully realized Human Beings who have also loved and healed themselves so fully... that like you, they are now manifesting in an timeless magical Body as you relate together on a completely new Earth."

Channelers Notes: This interview will continue, and there is more information about The Healer's Mind on HealingToWholeness.com.

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