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Healing Class

Table of Contents

Lesson One: Quest for the Mother
Part One: Before Time Began
The Mother is Attacked
The Mother is Damaged
Healing Class Question
Part Two: A Call to Healing
Apology to the Mother

Lesson Two: The Spirit Polarity

Part One: The Void

Part Two: Divine Codependency

Part Three: God's New Quest
Lucifer and Ahriman are not God
Becoming God

Lesson One & Two Discussion

Lesson Three - Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part One: Ahriman

Part Two: The Asuras
Cosmic Loneliness

Part Three: Death

Part Four: Redeeming the Devils

Part Five: Spirit and Superiority

Part Six: Superiority and the Two Devils

Part Seven: Grandfather's Role in the Healing
How Grandfather Awakened Me
My Old Plan
Spirit's New Approach to Healing
Grandfather Forsakes Perfection for the Mother

Lesson Three Discussion

Lesson Four: Body

Introduction: Grandfather Remembers Original Heart
Original Mother Remembers Original Heart

Introduction by Body: Finding the Will to Heal

Introduction by Spirit: Identity

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