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Interview with God

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Part Six: The Ego

Channelers: God, many readers who have identified themselves as 'spiritual seekers' have found their way to the site, and some have expressed confusion about the spiritual teachings here. A question that's come up over the years goes like this, "Isn't the whole point of spirituality to let go of our egos and become humble? And doesn't this material say just the opposite, that we should believe ourselves to be even bigger and more special and more self-important?"

"This is Spirit. Humility is an important quality to foster if you are to free yourself from the traps that have caused suffering and fragmentation. However, true humility and ego's place in the healing is much more significant than has been previously understood.

"The ego you are referring to is also called the personal self. Your personal self is a wondrous creation of your deeper Self in collaboration with the Universe, and a very important part of Creation. And of course your ego or personal self is not who you really are, it is only who you have believed yourself to be.

"The state of your whole Self at the layer of your personhood is fragmentation. Each fragment of your whole Self has been separate from your other fragments and separate from the Universe. And each of these fragments is called 'ego.' In every ego state you experience, your belief is, 'This is who I am.' In other words, you have been identifying yourself as a fragment that is separate from others, and who is a part of a larger whole. You have identified yourself as apart from the Universe. And of course, this is not wrong; this is simply where the healing begins.

"When you become aware of your personal self, your identity shifts from being that personal self to being the observer of it. And this can be the first movement that consciousness makes toward true wholeness. Countless spiritual teachings have also pointed to this movement as an essential step toward 'enlightenment' and 'self realization.'

"The realization of yourself as the observer can be the beginning of consciousness freeing itself from sentience, of spirit freeing itself from your feeling essence, or in other words, Spirit lifting out of the pain of Body and Will. This realization has presented consciousness with a choice, and often the choice has been to remain the observer and stay clear of the pain of sentience. However, this same realization can also be the beginning of you as the Healer coming to the aid of a suffering part of the Feminine essence in you.

"The first thought that has come to the new observer of ego has typically been something like, 'Yuck, I don't want to be that separate self anymore, there is so much suffering in that fear and unfulfilled desire. I will transcend all of that and become whole as pure spirit." With some practice, many spiritual seekers have been able to feel compassion for their former egoic self, and yet have been content to simply remain present as the eternal observer, essentially leaving their old identity behind. This, however is not the evolutionary path of consciousness and Spirit, and it is not a path to true wholeness.

"True wholeness requires that you return to the suffering separate, egoic identity with unconditionally loving acceptance for that important part of Self you had once believed yourself to be. Return to the fragment, but no longer identifying with the fragment. Return instead with your heightened awareness as observer on a mission of healing. Return in identification with loving Spirit, return in service to this piece of the Feminine essence that has been separated from her true identity, separated from the wholeness of the Universal Feminine."

What the Spiritually Awakened Know

"Spiritually awakened beings know that the ego has been problematic in that it has so often believed that it is who you are. They also know that the truth is that the personal 'me' they'd known as their self is quite limited, and only a small part of who you truly are, your real, whole Self.

"If you are spiritually awakened, you know that sometimes your ego may have identified itself with your body and other times as 'not body.' The saying, 'I am a spiritual being having a human experience,' is an example of identifying as 'not body.' Ironically, identification with Body in both its smaller sense (your personal body) and its larger sense (a Parent of Manifestation) is a relatively quick way out of ego identification.

"The spiritually awakened also know that although it seems real to itself, the ego or personal self is only a creature of the mind and feelings; it doesn't exist anywhere except as an assemblage of feelings, thoughts and ideas. These feelings and mental abstractions are usually in the form of a story about who you are, the story of you. The story begins with your birth in a certain place and on a certain date. Whatever facts you may have heard about the event are added to the story. And the story goes on; you were a child who did certain things, experienced certain events, had relationships good and bad, etc. Then you were an adolescent, a young adult, and the history of you, the story of you and how you feel about your story continues up to the present moment.

"This story is made up of thoughts that include your accomplishments and failures and possessions, your likes and dislikes and everything else you have in your sense of self, your personal identity. All of these are only thought forms; they are only concepts in your mind about who you think you are. You know that all of it may be 'true' in a limited sense, and you know it's only a small fraction of who you actually are.

"You realize that the ego is a made-up self that has formed beneath your awareness. You also know that when you use the word 'me,' or when you think of 'myself,' you are referring to your ego or to some concept of yourself as a person. And you probably know that this is not wrong. It's just a very limiting identity. You realize that who you truly are is much more than any 'person' could ever be and that this includes all ego states as well.

"When first reading the material here, your ego may try to expand itself to include what you are learning through your feeling sense about your true nature. Feeling this material can help you realize that you are a huge, cosmic Being capable of holding all of Creation within yourself. The ego would like to expand itself to include your true identity beyond ego. However the ego will soon get bored with this, because as you sense your true identity, you will also realize that this does not make you in any way special or even important. True greatness is about your real identity and is based in a deep humility that most ego cannot even bear to consider.

"As a spiritually awakened being you know that the ego defines itself by its specialness and separateness from the whole. The more separate or different the ego feels itself to be, the larger and stronger it becomes. And yet the ego is never more than just that, the sense of a separate self. And of course you know the ego is never the totality of who you really are, it can never be your whole Self."

Two Kinds of Ego

"Generally speaking, there are two kinds of ego states, resourceful and non-resourceful. Resourceful egos feel empowered and capable. They are quite functional, have a relatively high sense of self-esteem and feel themselves to be whole. Although they enjoy their distinctiveness and specialness, this kind of ego can aid your evolution by surrendering itself to a larger, less limited whole. You can do this when identified with this kind of ego by allowing yourself to dissolve into the Universe or 'God realization' as many spiritual teachings advocate. The ego, the smaller whole surrenders itself entirely to the larger whole, and in this surrender you become spiritually awakened.

"Terror of death is the issue that most often arises when first attempting this practice. Finding the energy of that fear in your body and loving it into wholeness with the rest of you will make this unusually powerful practice much easier to do. Once you get the knack of moving the terror of dying, you'll be able to more and more often let go of your current sense of identity and merge with the totality of your true Self. It is here that you can find your connection with the Universal Feminine, and therefore with my Light, loving Spirit.

"Non-resourceful ego states are a different matter, however, and there is a different path for their evolution. The pain of separation presents itself in a non-resourceful state you experience when you are triggered into an imprint. This pain can show up as fear, anger, grief or as a combination of any of these 'negative' emotions from horror and revulsion to mild antipathy or depression. This is not the kind of ego you want to dissolve or otherwise escape from if your primary intention is healing yourself to wholeness.

"You don't want to throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water, and you certainly don't want to disdain ego, or in any way oppose the sense of yourself as a separate person. Your disdain or opposition will only serve to cause a deeper separation and move you farther from realizing your wholeness. Any resistance will help strengthen the ego by making its separation seem more real. On the other hand, unconditional acceptance of the non-resourceful ego, just as it is, will move you out of identification with ego and toward your true wholeness. In the case of non-resourceful ego, unconditionally accepting its pain as energy in your body is the way out. The practices of judgment release and deep denial release can make this much easier to do than you may have believed."

The Danger

"For millennia the ego has been seen by spiritual seekers as a serious problem to be overcome, and spirituality aside, the ego has been problematic for consciousness in many other ways as well. However, every non-resourceful ego state is also the tip of an iceberg. If you follow the pain of any separate 'self' all the way down, you will find a separated and lost part of the Universal Feminine and the denied spirit that has kept her separate. In other words, you will find that non-resourceful ego, the problematic and painful personal self, arises out of the eternal suffering present in deep transpersonal imprints.

"Unfortunately many spiritual practices have aided the denial energy in imprints to continue keeping the tortured feminine essence separate from the rest of the Universal Feminine and from Loving Spirit. The propensity for consciousness to want to lift out of the suffering sentient essence has too often been encouraged by spiritual teachings that promote observing the suffering rather than being it.

"The danger here is to miss the call for help in the non-resourceful ego state's underlying sentient essence or to disparage the ego and its sense of separateness. What is being called for at a level deeper than most spirituality has been able to embrace is for you to somehow find unconditional loving acceptance for the separate egoic part just as it is now, separate, terrified, in pain and 'problematic.' This is possible because there is now a third kind of ego, a non-imprinted part of you that can choose to be the Healer of yourself. Identifying with this kind of ego or persona can enable you to unravel and heal all of the issues you have been facing in your life, including how to become self-realized and truly enlightened."

The Healer is the Redemption of Ego

"When you say 'I am the Healer of myself,' you become identified as a new persona; the Healer is now a part of you. However, this non-imprinted persona is quite different from all the other separate parts. This ego state is based in love and resourcefulness and has a strong desire for wholeness with the rest of self; it does not feel itself as separate like the other ego states. When you become identified in the Healer persona you become immediately aligned with the core intention and purpose of this Universe and with the Grand Universe that has spawned us all.

"With this alignment you can realize the divine purpose of separateness and ego, and begin to bring healing to your own fragmentation, your inner separateness. This is truly the redemption of ego, the purpose of separate identity fulfilled in a way beyond your present understanding.

"At the personal level you the human being as New Heart in Body are now the Healer of yourself. This means that you accept the healing mission... to find and heal with unconditional loving acceptance all of those previously separate, 'problematic' or 'egoic' parts of yourself that had been giving you so much trouble. And you do this by being lovingly parental to each and every one of them, not by trying to get rid of them or lift out of them. This means that you honor all of these parts, welcome them inside your total identity, and love them unconditionally as valid and legitimate parts of yourself.

"In this way you heal yourself to wholeness, which is to say you realize your wholeness by compassionately loving these separate parts, just as they are. When you do this integration at the personal layer of your identity, you are also integrating parts in deeper layers of your Being. And when you and I are in alignment and collaborating in the healing work in general, we are healing at the universal level as well. Truly, to heal your whole self is tantamount to healing Creation.

"The wounds that you have been experiencing as your own did not begin with you, you have inherited them from Us, the Creators of this Universe. Every part of your personal self has a deeper story of painful separation from the totality deep within your core. We were wounded Creators in the beginning, and We are now healing, just as you have been a wounded Being and a wounded person who is now healing.

"As I've pointed out, you are hosting the world. The outside world you experience at the personal layer of identity is within the totality of the whole Being you truly are. Your awareness is the field in which the Universe exists; if you were not here to hold it in your perception, it could not be here either. The Mother and I have spoken about this in terms of your greatness, and we have cautioned against continuing to deny your greatness in favor of the very powerful conditioning that has had you believing that your true identity is part of a larger whole.

"The painful, wounded parts of yourself are like the tips of icebergs; their roots are in the universal imprints deep in the most unconscious layers of your Being. When you and I are together and the healing movement happens at the personal layer of identity, it reverberates all the way down the imprint to the original trauma in the universal layer. In this way both the universal level healing and the personal level healing of these long-separated parts happens at the same time, and both happen inside of you. And the more awareness you have of the transpersonal imprints and their movement in healing, the more meaningful the healing at the personal level.

"Your ego is a vital part of Creation. And if its story is about you being the Healer of yourself, that ego can be your personal savior. Use the sense of separateness you find inside of yourself as a means of realizing your healing intent. Then as your own Healer, love each separate part until there is no more separation in you. And when you are healed and whole, the Universe you have been hosting will be healed as well."

' Note: This interview will continue, please check back again.

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