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Four Steps to Wholeness

Step One: Intend Wholeness

"Who you truly are is a whole being, and so the first step toward realizing your true self is to firmly intend that you are to become whole. Wholeness is the condition of true health, and the ultimate aim of all healing. Exercise the sacred act of choice, and choose it as your highest intention to achieve wholeness in this lifetime.

"This will set your course and direction in alignment with mine, for wholeness is what I now seek. Separation and fragmentation had been the natural way since the beginning, but it's now time for it all to begin coming back together, and so it is for you. Only when you are whole, with all of your Spirit and Mother essence intact, will you be who you truly are. Wholeness is the way of the One Truth, the quest for wholeness is also the quest for Truth."

Step Two: Driving Backwards with Guidance

"This step has two parts. The first is to establish an inner connection with me and develop it through inner communication. My best role in your life is as an advisor or coach, not as a caretaker or boss. Knowing how to connect with me whenever you wish is a valuable skill on this journey to wholeness, and the understandings and practices in the channeling class can be very helpful here. Once you have guidance, you'll be able to drive backwards with some confidence.

'Driving backwards' is a new practice based on an important understanding which has been missing from most spiritual wisdom on Earth. I have described myself as a traveler who faces the past as I 'drive backwards' in the present toward the Void of the future. When you do the same, we come into even better alignment and communication. Reading Turning Backward to Face Creation and the discussion of the Four Steps will help you understand why this is important, and how to do it."

Step Three: Releasing Judgments

"As you stand here on the solid ground of the present, facing the past, you have the opportunity to find and release judgments you've held against yourself and others. The release of judgments is essential before you will be able to move the unseen guilt and blame which bind your magnetic essence and cause you to stay in denial of your most difficult emotions. When these emotions are free to move, my Light of acceptance also comes to fill you. Please read the page 'Releasing Judgments' to learn the simple practice I suggest for releasing judgments."

Step Four: Moving Emotions & Healing into Wholeness

"Right now the major ingredient missing in you and all of Creation is free will. Free will is dependent on the magnetic essence being able to move. The magnetic essence is Desire, the Mother of Creation. When emotions are flowing, the will is open and Desire can work her magic of drawing into manifestation whatever is willed, including wholeness, abundance and full self-realization.

"This is the way is could be, but is not yet. Desire has been bound up by a huge backlog of repressed and unmoving emotions and pain. It is primarily the presence of guilt and blame that causes emotions to feel bad. Denial has been the method of choice of dealing with bad feelings. The problem with this method is that it perpetuates fragmentation and keeps whatever is feeling bad cut off from the rest of the being. This is the fundamental issue that underlies every problem in Creation, and every problem you experience.

"Releasing judgments against yourself for having bad feelings, and against the feelings themselves for being bad, unbinds the magnetic essence, and it becomes free to move. This fourth and final step is to parent yourself by supporting and nurturing the emotions that you have been unconsciously holding down, by bringing them out of denial and allowing them to move in the Light of love and acceptance.

"Please read the information in the class 'Quest for the Mother', including the off-site recommended reading, to learn more about becoming aware of previously denied emotions. Also please read 'The True Meaning of Sacrifice' to learn an easy way you can easily and surely bring the pain and suffering held in your magnetic essence out of denial and into my Light, which is where their healing begins.

"Emotions, especially the most difficult ones, are needing to be felt and expressed. It has not always been easy to know how and where and when to express emotions with the effect of healing. The recommended reading in the healing class will be helpful in this regard, and in subsequent lessons and discussions in that class we will explore how you can find the best way for you to express and release held emotions.

"As each newly freed fragment of your magnetic/Mother essence moves to rejoin the rest of you, more spirit/Light essence is drawn into you. This is the process of true 'enlightenment'. The increase in Light makes it easier for you to retrieve the next fragment of lost emotional essence, and so on as you heal into wholeness and full self-realization."

Channelers note: You are welcome to join the Discussion of the Four Steps.

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