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Right Use of Will Discussion

Heart in Search of Balance

Dear Channelers, my questions and perspective are sourced from my background as a piece of Heart. A large share of my understandings have come with the aid of the Right Use of Will books, and thus I'm hoping some of you channelers are intimately familiar with the series, etc. And even though those books say it's not really helpful to lift out quotes for those unfamiliar with the material, let's assume I'm addressing those who have familiarity with the books.

Channelers: Yes, we all are very familiar with the books, and we work with the triggers and use the understandings in our healing processes. We're now reading and working with the Indigo book.

I get puzzled by trying to simultaneously use the healing approaches cited in GodChannel.com versus the general drift in the Right Use of Will books. For example the GodChannel site places emphasis on judgment release via verbal statements and visualization of passing the judgment or releasing the stuck energy to God. In contrast the RUOW books say that many judgments are imprints energetically locked in, and implies that emotional release is the only real key via which they can be released.

Channelers: We feel that both of these approaches are correct, except that emotional "release" isn't what we want so much as emotional "movement". Our understanding is that judgments are mental constructs in and around emotions, and it's the judgments that need to be "released". There seem to be three general types of judgments that make it difficult to heal or move emotions, beliefs that say things are such and such a way and they can't change, and negative value judgments against self (or others) that say, "I am bad because I. . ."

The most problematic judgments, however, seem to be those that have caused us to resist emotional movement. These (mostly unconscious at first) judgments are within/around the emotions and take the general form of: "This feels bad." "I feel bad." "This hurts." "I can't stand feeling this way." "I hate this." "I hate it that I have to feel this." "I must be bad if I'm experiencing this feeling," etc.

And we agree that the only sure way to find these judgments is to re-experience the emotion that was present when the judgments were first formed. Very often these judgments were part of the bad light that was implanted in the emotion at the time of imprinting. Once the emotion is experienced in an environment of acceptance (because the judgments against it have been released), the emotion is free to move as it will, although in the beginning it may still have the bad energy of the light it first took in. Moving in acceptance seems key to healing.

It also seems that the power of judgments is crucial in whether or not we can be in acceptance of our emotions. The whole point of judgment release is to change our point of view from unacceptance of the emotion (and the Will essence that's feeling it) to acceptance. Doing judgment release at every opportunity increases our own spirit's identification with and acceptance of the Will's experiences in pain and suffering. This in turn helps bring more loving, accepting Light into us when we're feeling "stuck" emotions, so they may freely move in complete acceptance. From our experience, trying to move in the presence of unacceptance hurts like hell, causes reenactments and reversals, and is detrimental to healing.

We're not aware of channeling on the site saying that judgments should be released to God, however we're thinking of the True Sacrifice page where it says that the emotion can more easily move into healing if the essence holding it opens in the Light of accepting Spirit. We do this practice as part of our process and it seems to work very well, and it feels quite consistent with the RUOW understandings.

The GodChannel.com site encourages visualization of linking with both Spirit and Will energy.

Channelers: Well, not exactly. Most folks reading the site are not aware of the RUOW material and most are coming from the Spirit polarity where visualization is the way things "show up" first for most people. The point of the running energy exercise is to experience and work with the etheric (physical body's) energy of the chakra system as a "felt sense". However, this same energy can also be "seen" and it's probably easier for most people to start out imagining/seeing the energy as a way to begin actually sensing it. If you can start right in feeling it, all the better. There's much more potential for healing when the energy is felt, but from our experience, seeing it is an okay way to get started. There will be more about this in channeling class discussion soon.

One part of the RUOW books that speaks to me has a different focus, or perspective. While the objective of balancing Will and Spirit energy is a desirable thing, I can relate to the discussions around p. 184 of Heartsong of how the lower 3 chakras got "blown out" by imprinting in "original cause". I have many high and helpful understandings, but still feel or experience being controlled by my imprints.

Channelers: Yes, that part of the yellow book speaks to bringing consciousness (light) to Body and feeling for Will essence in the lower chakras. Also we've been learning lately that shock has been a major problem in healing the results of the "blow out" you mention. Lately we've been finding that running energy, judgment release and "true sacrifice" can work together very well to gradually heal the shock and help create the conditions necessary to actually move imprints. There will be quite a bit of material about this and some other new approaches to healing in the next lesson of the healing class on Body.

Imprints as Heart of being a victim, from my Will side; challenged in connecting with my lower chakras, even when I try to visualize, and even though I want in my Heart to connect with my Will, even though I want to do my own right part in bringing forth a more Balanced and Loving Creation. Trying to do this sometimes feels like a fish might feel in trying to characterize what air is like when it has experienced existence only in water. I grope around with my consciousness, trying to connect, but feel disconnected, as if what I'm groping for is in a dimension other than my own, energetically connected yet somehow unreachable from my current level of vibration.

Channelers: Yes! This is a familiar feeling for some of us too. Feeling into the "Earth" or Mother energy in the running energy exercise has been very helpful to those of us who are more Spirit polarized parts of Heart in getting better in touch with lower chakra energy and realities. And again, judgment release seems to be the best way for spirit to begin in approaching the lower chakras.

I think part of the answer is that GodChannel at this time needs to not be so threatening to the mainstream. Thus readers are encouraged to read the Right Use of Will Series, but the ideas are not presented or summarized in a way to be so threatening to current thought paradigms that could feel highly threatened.

Channelers: The mainstream probably won't be visiting the site in any event, however it seems there are some people who have never heard of RUOW and yet they resonate very well with the material on the site. We have a great deal of respect for the intense, incredible work that went into bringing the RUOW material forward. It stands very well on its own and doesn't need any reiteration from us. Our understanding is that there's other material that relates to the healing work that we're able to bring forward. But we don't feel like trying to reinvent the RUOW wheel. It doesn't seem broken.

I do recall a RUOW statement that Spirit part of God has found the most (only?) effective way of imparting understandings/gap healing is via the Right Use of Will series as presented sequentially, as opposed to simplified versions that might be encapsulated in 2 pages on the GodChannel site or individual quotes. I do note GodChannel site statements that the GodChannel site is primarily reaching to touch the Spirit part of things, so that spirit energy can be aligned to aid the Will rather than having another unsuccessful premature rescue attempt with subsequent reversal (because denied Spirit was still in opposition). But even if those may be the reasons why the GodChannel material is structured as it is, I wish for material that would speak to healing for Heart, and that would address the subjects of healing via emotional release versus healing via judgment release and visualization of releasing stuck energy places.

Channelers: From our perspective it seems that all of this is about healing Heart. We would like to see more information too, and more is coming on the site. In the meantime you could bring some of this information forward yourself, if you want. If your process is working, triggers are catalyzing emotional movement and healing, no problem. Keep it up. However, if you get stuck in your process, you can ask yourself what God or the Mother would say if you asked them for advice, and write down what you get. The channeling class (and particularly the discussion page) has some tips about how to build and sustain your own inner connections.

The judgment release stuff in GodChannel always feels a bit spirit polarized to me, sort of like Spirit saying "OK, now we're going to go deep into the shitty muck of where things are stuck at the imprinting level" and "we're going to make a difference by verbally declaring our intent to release", but spirit never has to feel what the shitty suffocating compressing muck of denied and frustrated rage and holocaust-fleeing terror really feels like. A husband at his pregnant wife's side can be a breath coach, but still doesn't feel the contractions.

Channelers: Judgment release is something only the spirit part of the person can do, so it is spirit polarized. And yes, this is what Spirit (God) HAS said, until recently. But it's not what we're getting now. Lately Spirit has been showing us that he is now ready, willing and able to bring at least some good Light present all the way to the bottom of the Gap where the most tortured pieces of the Mother in us are still hopelessly burning in dark rage and choking in impossible terror. This "change of policy" on the part of Spirit has enabled us to find healing in places where only reenactments had been before. He tells us if we ask him to come with us down there in the dark horror of our most lost Will, he will be there and stay as long as necessary doing his part in fully healing the Gap.

So to the extent that the main GodChannel material doesn't advocate emotional release work as much as the RUOW material, I feel like I need a site that is both contemporaneously channeled (like GodChannel) and which addresses the emotional release stuff. Maybe that is what is forthcoming in the material where Body will convey info on how to heal.

Channelers: Well maybe if we're at this another twenty years or so, GodChannel will have advocated as much for emotional movement as RUOW. Hopefully other channelers will be joining us in this and other media to bring more channeling forward. In the meantime the Indigo RUOW book is quite contemporary, and in many ways seems like the most important of all the books. It sure is hitting a lot of triggers around here.

We should also add that for us judgment release has never been a substitute for emotional movement, but it is a necessary precursor if judgments are holding guilt or blame in the emotion. Emotions that try to move in an environment of spirits' judgments against them find themselves even more compressed and less able to find Light then before they tried. Humans have both Spirit and Will essence, and the web site material, as you point out, is addressed more to the Spirit side of things, what Spirit can do to help in the healing.

I wish to own my own rage and heartbreak, and holographically make a difference by feeling that which has been denied so that it may have an opportunity to evolve and open to receiving balanced and loving light. Can you channelers say something to me about making progress via emotional release vs. judgment release and visualization of connecting with Spirit and Will energy. Also, if "balance is the cardinal rule" for achieving balanced healing, wouldn't it be appropriate to somehow include Body and Heart more specifically in the exercises to visualize connecting with Spirit and Will energy.

Channelers: Emotional movement is the aim or purpose of judgment release, so we don't see these two as being in opposition, but rather complementary to the work of healing into wholeness. Our understanding of "balance" is to be in a position where each of the four parts of God can be easily accessed within, and where we're not identified too much or too little with any particular part, even though we may have a "favorite" that feels most comfortable to identify with. And we agree about Body and Heart needing to be included, the healing class lesson on Body will get into this more than we can here.

The way we work with the material that's available on the site now is to put ourselves in the position of Heart. Heart is good at mediating between the other parts, and as Heart, you can approach Body through the running energy exercise. As it says in some of the channeling class discussion, the "energy" you're "running" is Body's own energy, the Will and Spirit essence that creates and holds it in existence. Running energy helps strengthen Heart because Heart in human form has an intimate connection with Body, and this opens another way of connecting with Will and Spirit, through Body's energy system. Running energy in the "felt sense" moves our awareness, point of view and identification toward Body.

Thank you for your work. Your contributions make a real difference in my life and healing process. Thank you all parts of God. Please help me do my own right part.

Channelers: You are welcome. And thank you for participating with us, and for your kind support. We're grateful to you as a contributor, and for the opportunity to put this material forward. And we're very happy that what started out as our own private inner connection has bloomed into something that others can find helpful too.


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