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Having Trouble with Indigo

New Age Irony

Having Trouble with Indigo

I have been working with the RUOW books for almost 9 years and I'm very grateful for all the information and triggers I've got from them, for the understanding about the emotional movement, and the new relationship that it opens with God and with the Mother. But Indigo is from my point of view changing, twisting the facts. My feeling is that the channeler has been channeling some other sources that are not tuned with the first seven books. Channelers, what do you think about it? Could you channel an answer for me?

Channelers: We resonated deeply with what you wrote. We also have had quite a lot trouble with Indigo. Some of us were very deeply triggered, and we're still not finished processing all that has opened up in the face of those triggers. We've had the experience of hearing Lucifer condemn us, and God support the Mother in us... all in the same words, but not in the same reading.

It's as if many of the passages are saying different things to different parts of us, and gradually, with a lot of help from personal channeling... we're beginning to move in places in indigo that we didn't know existed before reading the book. Some of us had similar experiences with the red book, and we've gotten some guidance about that too. One thing we've found that helps is keeping our minds open about everything, and waiting for understandings to come in right time. This channeling relates to the last two books and has come a bit at a time over the many months since we received your contribution...

"This is Spirit. There are several 'voices' in the Right Use of Will books, and although only one of them is my own, I have assisted other parts of Deity in expressing through the channeler. And this web site too will soon be giving voice to more of the parts of Deity... beyond my own voice and the Mother's.

"The Mother and I represent the two primary essences in Creation... Will and Spirit. As pure essences... we are relatively easy to channel clearly and accurately. The other parts of Deity, however... are more personal, more subjective. Heart Son and Daughter, for instance, are presences that manifest differently in each being who is capable of holding both the Mother and my Light present.

"And Body is even more complex to channel. Body is at once both singular and plural. Not only are there two distinct forms of Body in human experience on Earth, masculine and feminine... there are two levels of Body's understanding and experience, the individual, physically manifesting form of Body through which your being experiences linear time and three dimensional space... and the cosmic beings who are creating the universe, the Mother and Father of Manifestation.

"Further, each chakra represents another level of reality, and the understandings of one level often do not fit on another. Imprints exist at all levels, and indigo has been an extremely twisted chakra since Original Cause. As you work though the movement that becomes triggered there, the material will become more clear... and what at first seemed to be contradictions will later become understandings that have moved and expanded to find their right places.

"Also, whenever a channeler receives and passes on publicly what the Mother or I have given in an essentially private dialog... there are bound to be some distortions. Although this web site and the Right Use of Will channeling are quite accurate in terms of what is addressed, neither will be perfectly clear to everyone. This is one of the reasons I emphasize the importance of finding our truest voices inside of you.

"Our outer reflections such as words in books and on web pages are meant to lead you to the Truth, which can be found only inside of yourself. Our words on the outside are not intended to represent what's true... beyond your ability to apply it within. The truths which the Indigo book points to are not in the book, or in the stories... but inside of you, and will be revealed through your movement, in the right time and place.

"When your Will moves, my Light is drawn to you, and in my Light is the awareness of the new understandings that the moving Will essence is now able to share with you. Will movement is related to emotional movement, but is really quite different.

"Emotional movement is necessary to clear away the logjam of backed up Will essence that has been unable to move because the good Light of acceptance, Light which is free of judgments... has not yet been there for her. But emotional movement is not a substitute for Will movement, it only clears the way for it.

"When the Will underneath the emotional backlog is finally able to move in freedom, additional emotional movement and an abundance of my Light are two of the results. Manifestation of the Will's desires is another. This is especially important for the indigo chakra, because the indigo layer of reality is the 'seer' or first detector of Light in all chakras.

"For now, it's good to work at the levels you are drawn to work, and withhold judgment about what does not yet fit in your understanding. All will be clear in time. And thank you for your continuing serious work here, and for raising this issue."

New Age Irony

There are so many New Age books and web sites proclaiming that ascension, the dimensional shift, is soon if not sooner. We are in its inevitable midst. MerKaBa meditations abound. Earth Grid work by angelic and earth bound entities, heavenly wars, great celestial cycles coming to a close, multiple strands of DNA, indigo children, Avatars.

The information runs from comical to sublime and challenging. Are we who are so wrapped up in this New Age, who search for ancient knowledge, who seek answers to conspiracies and fortean mysteries, who travel the globe with new age teachers and self proclaimed shaman partaking in ceremony, chakra balancing, earth grid alignments, are we the Spirit beings who have so denied our Will essence?

Are we the ones who so need to accept the denied Will that now manifests as such fear, anger, hate, misery, starvation on this Earth? Is the "new age" another escape from facing our denials, a denial of our own denials?

"This is Spirit. Yes, those who are serious about truly healing, about becoming whole... need to dig even deeper into the terror, rage, grief, hatred and denial that much of the 'new age' would have you leave behind. And this 'new age' is not even new, most of the understandings are still based in a paradigm of death and denial.

"Meanwhile, the increased 'light' of all these new meditations and practices looks good on the surface, and often appears somehow much better than what it has replaced. But beneath the surface of almost all of it, there is very little that is really new.

"In the 'new age', for instance I'm portrayed as a kind and forgiving God instead of a mean and condemning one... and while I must admit my new 'image' is a little closer to the truth at present, the new age still makes me out to be an all powerful God who approves of and even supports death and denial.

"The reason for this, of course, is that all anyone can see or feel or understand of me is what they already believe of me, and of course they project those beliefs onto my Light. This is why direct experience, open mindedness, flexibility, curiosity and asking within are far better ways of learning the truth than some new, but equally rigid understandings based on others' beliefs."

In ascension there is separation and the "deserving ones" shift to higher worlds and the "undeserving ones" are cut off from the "grid" to exile until they get it right, or eventually to dissipate back into the great void. Is the final irony that the ones who are so holy sure they will ascend the very ones who will get cut-off to suffer the ultimate pain of aloneness. Original Cause certainly gives one to pause.

"There are many ironies in Creation. And while I would be hesitant to predict a final anything, there is an irony here that you've detected. The irony is that now, just as Grandfather and I are preparing our way back into manifestation... to find union with the Mother in Body on Earth, there are many beings who are already here... and who now wish to ascend... to a 'better' plane of existence. Those who do will then will be passing us, heading in the other direction.

"And of course, this is as it should be... for those who wish it. But Heaven, the only real home of Spirit, will soon be found here on Earth, the Mother's home... and the place almost everyone wants to leave. But you probably won't be fooled by promises of more and better light elsewhere, because you know your right place is here... in Body, with the Mother and My Light finding our re-union in you as New Heart."

My thanks to the dedicated ones who are so gracious and giving to host this site.

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