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The Old God (Consciousness) in You Needs to be Updated


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Mother's-Father's-Heart Teachings



Part Four of Six



Hot Summer, '99



This part was the hardest to write. I overworked my mind trying to match words with feelings, pushing it for to long without balancing it with emotional movement. My mind was getting dimmer and it would go blank. I saw how much I was still attached to perfection, trying to refine the wordings and understandings here. So, to counteract my attachment to perfection I decided to leave this part imperfect. Those who are ready for this material will grasp it. Those who are not ready won't get it no matter what I do. Feeling it and reading between the lines is the best way to "decode" it.







What if there was to be a decree: "Everyone is to use the same toilet paper"? It would probably start riots. So, if you can not agree on toilet paper why would you expect everyone to agree on anything else? Who is to say, what's right and what's wrong? Who is to say what toilet paper you should use? Do you think that things should be done the right way or they should be done the way each one feels like doing them at the time - to be in line with the present moment? Do you know that Love, the very thing, the only thing that can save us on personal and on global level from doom-gloom disaster is killed everyday for the sake of doing things right?







Righteous people are the easiest ones for Ahriman to work through because most of them do not possess the vision or the feeling of invisible reality. They only go by what they see with their physical eyes, not with their inner eyes, their feelings, their psychic vision. It is easy for Ahriman to "recruit" them to do any kind of "witch-hunt" or fantastic thing like inquisitions, concentration camps, genocides and "ethnic cleansing".

He can "stuff" these righteous people with ideas that to us seem absurd, today just as easily as He did in medieval ages. He persuades them to burn and annihilate the best teachers of the Invisible Reality, making Earth even more blind and unconscious so He can be Its only God. The righteous people are His best instrument, they are the ones who make His "dreams" come true because It is so easy for Him to make psychically blind people feel righteous about anything He targets. It's just as easy as selling them a product they don't need. All it takes is a good Salesman, like Lucifer for example. Ahriman conceives, Lucifer performs - and the rest will be taken care of. The righteous people will do the job and they will do it for the sake of "highest ideas and principles exist"!..

And in the process of it they will also adopt their "spiritual father's" traits, like Passion for Order, for example. They start liking order very much. In fact, very, very much. Because, their preacher says, < order and control of "bad people" can bring happiness and prosperity. And some power, of course.... Aren't these things worth killing ....excuse me..., fighting for? Yes, of course! We must eliminate anything and ANYONE who interferes with our happiness! Let's fight for our happiness! But we are not going to tell that to anybody [that won't sell as much]. We'll wrap it up in a better package, something that everybody likes, something that never fails to sell.... like Peace, for example...yeah, Peace! Who doesn't like Peace?! Who wouldn't FIGHT FOR PEACE?! Who wouldn't kill for peace and harmony and prosperity and high principles and.... power, of course - ?!>



Wait a minute! - I hear the reader say, - I see your point here, but... didn't you yourself just a moment ago say "one has to allow fights to have peace"? You are, basically, saying the same thing that Ahriman says! You're contradicting yourself!



Oh, yeah... I did say that didn't I! Let's see:



I say: fight for peace


Ahriman says: fight for peace



Oh, my goodness! It does looks the same!



How are we ever going to know who is right and who is wrong if even the words of two opponents are the same?! Who is going to TELL US which way to go? Who is going to TELL US whom TO BELIEVE?



Well, I'm going to leave you with that. Everyone must figure that out for themselves. It's time for you to see and acknowledge the limitations of words and the deceptive quality of the outer appearance of things.



It's time for you to know that you should not BELIEVE anybody, not even the one who's writing this. You must feel it with your own guts. You've got to listen to not what they say, but to what they mean!!! And what they really mean! And maybe it's time for you to know the "secret" that,



You are destined to kill each other on every level and for no good reason, until you realize and start seeing that there is someone else outside of you that is interested in keeping you that way and that this "someone else" is feeding on your fightings and sufferings!!!



You've been programmed and brain-washed for ages, it may or may not be easy to recognize it in yourself and transform it all into Light and heal it. But whatever you do, beware and be aware that this rage is another, foreign entity that had invaded you long ago and is trying to use you since, and make you identify with it and do its bidding. And remember, that all that this rage is interested in, is to dominate all and everything - through you - and be the only power, the "only right way", the only God there is - and it simply cannot be... Each being or nation can carry only part of God's truth and be only a part of God but not God. To be God, one must be accepting of all the truths and all the points of view there are - can you do that? Be my guest!...







Righteousness, justice, perfection, order, integrity, morals, principles, honesty and other "almost God" spiritual values are the most dangerous and difficult idols to grow out of. These "guys" are utterly handsome and beautiful but are also the most merciless, ruthless, and vicious idols one can think of. They can easily give you a license to kill - on every level and in every way; it is much easier to kill for a "good reason", it is much more honorable to kill for the sake of spiritual values than for the sake of the Earthly ones . . .



Countless times it happened that people "realized" that they were "bad" bowing to Earthly values and in wishing to be "good" turned away from them toward what they thought was God, but in reality falling into another, more dangerous pit-hole - the deification of spiritual values, ending up only changing physical idols for the spiritual ones.



Material values are Mother's and Body's force, they are a physical manifestation of a spiritual reality! Neither spiritual nor physical values are not to be either condemned or praised. They are to be experienced but not possessed by, identified with or bowed to!



Spiritual values, just like physical


Neither bad nor good


They can be anything you make them to be


But they shall not be your God!










As these ideals and idols look so "godly" and so attractive, they can be easily identified and confused with God (or with Great God) and that makes them very difficult to let go of, especially for religious or so-called spiritual people. Excessive attachment to them is idolatry, which is a disconnection from the Real Source that is running you - your "gas station, " so to speak. When one makes God out of spiritual values he might soon show signs of disconnection from that Real Source, signs of the decaying process of dying - accidents, illnesses, odd situations, loss of material values, etc.



Excessive attachment to spiritual values can be much more dangerous than attachment to "Earthly" values. The higher in rank these spiritual virtues are the more dangerous and clever entities can be HIDING IN THEM and the more refined and undetectable they can be when trying to invade your subconscious to become your God. Wars, inquisitions, concentration camps, genocides and the most horrible events had happened for the sake of these "spiritual treasures." These "gods" killed and gave license to kill. They murdered and tortured and burned in the name of justice, in the name of righteousness, order, perfection, morals and in the name of God Himself.



They know no mercy,



They created Wars for the sake of Peace


They killed Love while battling hate


They killed Christ while fighting Anti-Christ


Every day they're murdering the Heart


For the sake of righteousness


Every day they're murdering the Messiah


In the name of God.






While these "gods" may save you from small problems, they cannot save you from the big one - Ahriman, an entity higher in rank and far more dangerous than Lucifer or Azazel because He is disguised in goodness and working through it.



Since He has GOODNESS as His strategic point, it might be close to impossible to detect him and to distinguish between Him and God and to grasp, that these spiritual values - the morals, the principles, the goodness - the very things we are all striving for might have a grave danger in them. While it might be true that goodness is close to God, it might also be true that the opposite of this goodness is hiding in it and using this very goodness to blind and invade its target - and the "higher" that goodness is, the more vicious its opposite can be... So, whenever impressed by goodness, remember and be aware, that



It is Ahriman, who might be hiding in Goodness' glaring shine,


It is Ahriman, who might want you to bow to It, and


It is Ahriman, who might want to be your God. So,


Do not let goodness be your God.








His spiritual "baits" can be hidden not only in ordinary goodness, but also in beautiful ideas, teachings, concepts, philosophies, all sorts of "isms" and religions. Often He is using the truth to invade His victims. THE WORST ABOUT IT IS THAT MOST OF IT HAPPENS SUBCONSCIOUSLY, WITHOUT ONE'S BEING AWARE OF IT.







So-called spiritual, or religious people and institutions are the easiest and most important target for Ahriman to access and to work through so that He can easily program, control, rob, steal and "vampire" people of their life force, abundance, sexual vitality and well-being.







Sometimes the only way to cure the sickness of the deification of spiritual values is to intentionally violate these values (in trace volumes, like in homeopathy) and to temporarily behave the opposite of what one is attached to. Every idol - no matter how "godly" it is - when there is a danger of attachment to it should be recognized, diagnosed and counteracted with its opposite, especially when attachment to it manifests as a life-threatening illness.



That strive for balance usually happens naturally anyway but the problem is that it happens WITHOUT PERSON'S BEING AWARE OF IT - and that alone produces plenty of guilt, and therefore stagnation - and therefore another illness. That's why, all the "violations" should be done CONSCIOUSLY AND INTENTIONALLY, and if they already happened, acknowledge them, look for their real reason, and observe them without judging them or feeling guilty about them.




As you see, as long as you chose morality as your main compass, there will be attachment to it and, as long as there will be attachment to it, there will be a need for it's opposite - to cure the illness resulting from this attachment. So,






As long as you follow morality, there will be immorality


As long as you follow righteousness, there will be "wrongnesses"


As long as you follow perfection, there will be imperfection


As long as you follow order, there will be disorder


As long as you follow justice, there will be injustice.


As long as you follow Love, there will be LOVE.








While it is okay to have these values in your "treasury" it's not okay to bow to them. If you wish to connect to your Real Source you must first realize that God and goodness are not the same. No matter how beautiful, how "godly" and how lovable these spiritual values are, they are not God and one must become independent of them all.



God might be Goodness but


Goodness might not necessarily be God.


One shall not be good and


One shall not be bad


One shall simply BE


What the Present Moment


Is calling for.



Nothing is wrong and


Nothing is right


Everything is the way


It's supposed to be


This very moment





It's okay to be wrong


There's no need to be right


But there is a need for you to


Just simply BE


What the Present Moment


Is calling for.



The "badness" and the "wrongness" are needed


Just as the goodness and the rightness are.



Because somebody's wrongness


Might be saving your life


This very moment.


Because your badness


Might be somebody's


Teacher and medicine.



Did you have a thought sometimes,


"Who am I to decide


What is right and what is wrong,


What is good and what is bad?


Can a Cell see better than the Body? Or,


Can a Consciousness know better


Than Subconsciousness?"



You've got to be the way you feel to be


Not better and not worse


But just the way you are


This very moment.



It's okay to be wrong


There's no need to be right


But there is a need for you


To be You.



You and ALL your actions


Are very much needed and wanted


Because only you


Can feel and act them


The way you do,


Because you are that missing


Piece of the Puzzle Game


That the Big Picture


Cannot exist without.


If you will try to be


Someone else - the Universe will need


To change accordingly and to Create


Another you - the you that has the courage


To be just the way you are.


Unbeautified and imperfect.


To be you is your primal job.



Go ahead, scream and shout if you feel so


But, deep inside, know and remember that


EVERYTHING is possible


And that, sometimes,


The wrong can be righter


Than the right.



Don't believe anybody outside you;


Only you can find the answers for yourself.



Empty yourself of opinions


They are not useful anymore


Know that every action is right


When coming from the place


Free of judgments


based on


Yesterday's views of reality,


When it's coming from the place


Of Neither Side but from the Middle,


From the Place of Heart


Where Love resides.



Use your DESIRE to find your visions


Use your MIND to realize them


Use your Heart to keep Them Both


Married and in Love.



There is no need for you to be right


There is no need for you to be good


But there is a need for you to BE


What the Present Moment


Is calling for.



That's what it takes to be Perfect


And that's what it takes to be Free.



To become aware of Both Mother and Father in you, to feel Their Presence every moment, allow conversation between Them and, eventually, unite Them inside yourself into One is the only way to save yourself and the world. The communication and the Love between Father and Mother in you become your intuition, your psychic vision, the True Heart, the Oracle, the Prophet....



We are all in the same Boat - and I hope it is not the Titanic! If we will be psychically blind, and kill or "almost kill" all our "witches" and everybody who doesn't look right or who looks different, we might just become one big Titanic, and there won't be anybody to save anybody. ...And no magic either.... Love is the only magic in this realm. So, don't be righteous. Be a Prophet.







The most vicious things are often


Find their best shield


Behind something that everybody likes.


They like to dress and hide


In flawless angelic appearances


And sweet characters,


They like to rap up and array themselves


In dresses of Goodness and Perfection.



The real Perfection, on the other hand,


Is dwelling inside Imperfection


It is not preoccupied with nice dress


And It can't afford it either.


The Real Perfection is "hiding"


Inside Imperfection


Behind a washed out T-shirt


Or a withered, wrinkled face of on Old Women


Or behind that reckless operance


Of despised-by-all Prostitute -


Literary and metaphorically.



The outer appearance of things


Might be very much the opposite


Of its inner content


Like the wine is different


From the vessel in which it is poured;


And that Duality


When looked onto with eyes


Free of crap of morals and judgments


Can be very much in harmony and in balance


With its own self and the entire Universe.



Every perfection must be balanced


With its opposite.


Every perfection WILL be balanced


With imperfection,


Every success WILL be balanced


With failure -


Every "goodness" WILL be balanced


With "badness".


That's what it takes to be Perfect,


and that what it takes to be True.




If you give it a name of "bad" or "good"


That's what it will be,


But if you act from the place in you


That knows,


That nothing is good and nothing is bad and


Everything IS the way


The Present Moment


Is calling for -


You will not make a mistake


Because you will learn to listen


To that Present Moment


And Its call -


And act accordingly.








The balance is the only way


To survive and live




Where the Perfect will break -


The Balance will bend;


That's what it takes to be Perfect, and


That what it takes to be True!



If you don't want to break,


If you want to live -


You've got to be imperfect..



If you wish to be smart -


You must also allow yourself


To be foolish.


If you wish to be praised -


You must also allow yourself


To be humiliated.


If you wish to be perfect


You must also allow yourself


To experience total disaster.


If you wish to write this poem


You must also allow yourself


To experience death every day


And every moment.



That's what it takes to be Perfect and


That what it takes to be True.



But if you wish to be LOVE -


You need nothing else to do and


No where to go.


You already there


Where you want to be;


Nowhere to run,


No one to kill,


Nothing urgent to do -


Only be LOVE


And simply BE


What the Present Moment


Is calling for.



Remember, you are not a reason for anything


You are only a stage for it all to unfold -


That's what makes you so perfect - and












Very soon.







Celebrate the "bad" as a superb teacher


Listen to it carefully for your own sake


See and feel the love behind it.


Remember, these feelings and thoughts are not you


And you are not them;


You are only a stage for them to unfold upon


And be played upon without becoming them.



Every discontent should not be taken as bad or negative


And it need not be identified with either


It should be used as love and as a teacher,


That will show you what is the best direction


To be taken in the next moment.



...Because somebody's anger can be the love for you


It can be the best thing to happen to you,


Because it can show you


Where your right place is, and


Because only when you are in that right place


Can your happiness find you.






To love someone is NOT to take his pain and thus, his teacher away from him. To love someone is to help him to go not around but through the pain - and come through from the other side of it more enlightened, stronger and evolved to the next level of being and well-being.



While it's okay to have moral laws as your spiritual compass it is not okay to attach to them as your God. Morals are not God. Ten Commandments are not God. (Or, not anymore!) Bowing to morals and killing Love for the sake of Law - that is a violation and idolatry of its own. So, every time you compromise Love for the sake of spiritual values, morals, and principles - know, to whom you're really bowing, whom you're really worshipping and whom you are really killing.



It is not a violation to disobey the Law


For the sake of Love


But it is a violation


To kill Love for the sake of Law.



It is not a blood shed to violate the Law


For the sake of Love


But it's a blood shed to kill


Love for the sake of Law



It is not a blood shed to violate


Righteousness for the sake of Love


But it's a blood shed to murder Love


For the sake of Righteousness



If you have nothing and your child


Is sick from hunger


Wouldn't you steal and cheat


To feed him, not matter what the Law says?



If God is Love


Whom do you think you are killing in yourself


When choosing Law over Love?


Who is God for you - Law or Love?




If you choose the God of Law


You also choose to be judged


By the God of Law.


If you choose the God of Love


You also choose to be loved


By the God of Love



Whether you choose Love or Law


You are the only one to make that choice


Nobody - you hear me? - Nobody


Has the authority to tell you


What to choose and how to love.



In this realm Father is still separated


From The Mother of Everything


In this realm Consciousness is still separated


From Subconsciousness


In this realm mind and reason is still dominating


Emotions and feelings -


Because there is no Heart to speak for the Mother


Because there is no Heart to connect and unite


Her with Him


Because Heart is still polarized towards




Leaving Mother in utter darkness


To experience death after death.



But if you choose to be in the Golden Middle


If you choose to be a real Heart


If you choose Neither but Both -


You convert Law into Love,


You bring Light into Darkness,


You elevate Subconsciousness into Consciousness,


You bind Father to Mother,




Heaven to Earth.



When you unite them Both inside yourself


That's when you become Love


That's when you become God on your own


That's when you become a Parent


To your own Mother and Father.


And that's what it takes to be Perfect


And that's what it takes to be Free.






One shall be free of idols of morals, ideals and principles - and the judgments that are based on them. One shall be in a neutral place in the Heart, in the Middle, in the Mediator, in the Love, where both Mother and Father, reason and intuition, consciousness and subconsciousness meet, where hate can be converted into love, where the expression of anger can be seen as expression of love.


If the Messiah - your Leader - will take away your Book of Law and give you the Book of Love instead - will you accept it, no questions asked? Will you recognize, WHO is talking to you?



Listen not to the voce of morals and principles


Listen to the guidance from deep within


Listen to the voice of Mother and Father


Reason and Feelings


That are united in you into






Listen carefully to that gentle voice of Love and



If you will ask


It will tell you



When to be bad and when to be good


When to obey and when to violate


When to let live and when to let die.









from now on.









End of Part Four. All six parts should be read consecutively and as a whole to have a healing effect.

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