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Healing the Invisible You

Voices from Across the Planes


God's 'Falling' into Love


The Awakening of Heart



The Voice of Oneness




Part VI of Six








Hang on there, Love. Make your experiences as conscious as possible. Don't let your conscious mind, the Father in you, escape or skip even a bit.



It is necessary for the Father in you to experience all the pains and humiliations that the Mother did. He (I) need to experience it all in Her now - to be able to unite with Her and become Her Mate - and I'm going to do it even if it takes experiencing death with Her - many deaths!









And please let Me, Heart, a God-to-be.



It is She, the Mother, the Subconsciousness that is reaching out to Me through these experiences - and as I learned, She is much more ahead of the game than I am. I trust Her Knowing now. I trust even Her Unknowing now. And, please, trust it with Me.



It is nothing extraordinary when the lion has a lion's courage. But it is astonishing when a frail little baby deer that lost his mother has a lion's courage - courage to live while feeling so abandoned and defenseless, so broken and so lost.... I can only look and marvel at you - and love you dearly and infinitely - when I see that courage in you....



I know it's painful - I feel it, I'm in you, remember? Don't let the Me in you escape any of it. If you, Heart, allow Your consciousness to repress your pains back into your subconsciousness, you are letting Father escape feeling Mother's plight, like it always was in the past. But if you lovingly offer yourself to feel it all, you are doing a labor of love, you are becoming what you are by definition - a Heart, a Love, a Messiah if you wish.... Because the more you give Me Mother's feelings and the more deeply you let Me penetrate into Her in you - the more I will be able to convert Her pains into Light and the more of Me can come into you; which means more of your wishes will come true and the Magic will prevail - in you and everywhere. And so We'll continue until all of Me will be with the Mother in You, UNTIL YOU AND THE MOTHER WILL BE IMMORTAL, just as I am, until I, the Heaven, will be on Earth....



Until you will become You.



Trust Her. Trust Her Knowing and trust Her Unknowing. Everything you need for your development will be "conveniently" provided whether it's a doom-gloom disaster or birth of Love in you. If you trust Her and face all the experiences fully and readily, you might not need a more severe version of it. Even your readiness to go with Mother no matter what might just be enough. After all, WHEN YOUR MIND WILL GO BLANK DURING TRANSFORMATIONAL DIFFICULTIES, WHO WILL SAVE YOU? So start now, exercise your intuition before it's too late.



Go for it. Choose the very thing that is happening to you right this very moment - no matter how pleasant or unpleasant the experience seems to you. Welcome it. Know WHO is really coming. CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE THE NEGATIVE AS THE POSITIVE and there will be no negative anymore! You convert it! It's a great job - once you try it you'll love it! You'll see that soon you'll be able to convert garbage into gold! You'll see that you don't even have to suffer the sufferings - you'll enjoy them like a movie with you playing the star role! You like that, don't you?



Hang on, Love. Do your REAL JOB. Make a nice place in you for She and He to meet, work out Their past, Make Them fall in Love with Each Other like never before. Marry Them within yourself and become ONE.



Until then, take good care of yourself and Mama.




Your Daddy




Your Son-to-Be








Oh, gosh..... What happened? Who is talking now? I started talking as a Mother- why do I feel masculine now? Who's talking here - God? Heart? Heart that has both - Mother and God? A Heart that is becoming God? A Great God that contains all Four Dimensions?



Why do I feel so much love that it hurts? Why does love feel like sickness? Why am I crying? Because I was never allowed to love the way I desire? Because I never had anybody to share it with? Because......I can see now how infinitely beautiful You Both are when You are together?..... How could You ever be separated from each other?......I dare You Both to enter me as much as I can endure.........I missed you endlessly and infinitely...........like a starving child I can't help but ask for more!



Oh, God, help me to bear it.... This feeling has so much depth - it almost feels like death, like black Cosmos, it's almost unbearable! I feel I cannot hold it alone for more than just a few moments, it's so vast -- it's knocking me out! I'll have to "switch," snap out of it real soon - but I don't want to! THIS IS THE ONLY TIME I FEEL ALIVE! I need to express it and share it and live it with someBODY! A somebody that feels the same! I Love! I AM LOVE!



My God - why, on the one hand, do I feel so low and crushed and why, on the other hand, do I feel like I AM THE ONE? How is it possible to feel both at the same time? ....Oh, God, I love and it hurts!....







Hold Me, God, hold Me tight


A Song is coming,


a New Song.



Hold Me, God, hold Me tight


I'll give You the sounds of childbearing


the ancient sounds.



Hold Me, God, look at My mouth,


Accept the moans


of my Infinite Depths.



Listen My lord


To the sounds of shattering


Listen to the sounds of Mother's Heart





Hold Me God, hold Me tight


I'll sing You a song


About Our dark, lonely existence.


About tortures and crucifixions


We endured


If We ever tried


To love and live.


Hold Me close, oh God, look at My face


See the wrinkles of Your paths




Back to Me.



Woe hold Me, God, squeeze Me tight -


For Your Son is here


Our Love is born.


Lift Me up, sing with Me -


For this Sad Song


Is the happiest I've ever had!



Listen to My Song, My Lord, read My lips


With Yours....


For I know -


Once You accept My Sad Song


It won't be sad anymore.



It will be - Oh! -


So warm and so shiny and stroking and joyful and dancing and ...so mischievous and


Oh! - so loving!



Make love to Me, God


Make love!


Hold your Son in Your Fatherly arms.


Make love to Me, Shiny


Make love,


Enter My most Unknown Depths.



Shine on Me and Our long-awaited Son


Let Me feel Your loving touch


Embrace My vastness, all of it,


Make Love to Me


splash it on Me


Fill Me up with it


My Beloved.



Do you hear Your Son's first scream piercing the Worlds with a New Beginning?











Thank You, the God in me


For sticking with me for better or for worse


For giving me the words I need


To express the Mother in me,


For giving me the courage and the Light


To walk into the Darkness of the Unknown


Without a map or directions.



Thank You, the Mother in Me,


For giving me these complex


Understandings, wisdom and depth


In the form of feelings and sensations, so that I can


Transform them into words and


Bring them into Consciousness


In the form It can comprehend.



Thank You,


The Mother in me,


For opening the UNKNOWN SPACES before me


And letting me bring the Father


To enter them.



I love YOU BOTH so very much,


I'm longing to marry You in me and


Bind You with UNBREAKABLE love.



I don't know anymore, who is talking when,


OUR voices are getting closer and closer every day


Sometimes they are all speaking as ONE.




Mother + Father = Heart






The End





Thank you, Reader, for getting along with my


not being logical and grammatically precise.


There is no logic here. There is a Feeling.


There is a logic inside the Feeling.

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