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The Four Steps to Wholeness

      A Message
from the Channelers
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May 14, 2017

God's Intention

"I have asked that this material be published here so that you and I can communicate more fully. While my truest presence and voice will always be within you, my intention is to help strengthen the experience of our inner connection through this outer form of communication.

"You and I already know each other; you have sometimes heard my voice speaking softly and lovingly within you, quietly appreciating and encouraging you. 'You are good,' 'You can do it,' and 'Follow your dream,' are examples of things you may remember hearing from me.

"Talking to you from these pages now is like me talking to myself. It is, in fact, my own eternal presence within you that I am addressing. I am waking up inside of you, which is like saying that you are waking up to realize that you and I are one.

"I should say that you are waking again, because you may remember that we have been here before. Your deep Being has always known the oneness of all things, and has always known that you, the part of you who is a fragment, a separate being, has been in a long and constant process of evolution toward becoming completely whole. For a very long time your own and all of humanity's evolution toward wholeness has been a great mystery. Now it is becoming a great awakening.

"If you ask me to, I can help you become aware of your true identity so that we can work together collaboratively to resolve the otherwise insurmountable problems you and your species are facing. I am now moving to the point in my own evolutionary process where I can effectively correct the imbalances that have existed on Earth and in the rest of Creation since before the beginning of time, and I am inviting your collaboration in doing this."

"Above all, you have free will. You and only you can choose who you will be and what you will do. I would love you to choose to be my host here on Earth; I would love you to expand the presence of Divinity within you and allow it to fully express through you. And I would love that you and I work together to bring about the healing that is being called for by both your deepest Self and your planet.

"And of course, as collaborators in the healing work, it will be most helpful if you and I have strong and certain inner two-way communication with each other. This website can support us in establishing and strengthening our connection and communication.

"You can, if you choose, channel my light, the light of loving Spirit, and use it to help heal yourself and the ills of your planet. We will soon explore the exact means of our inner communication and the specific healing tools and medicine we can use together. And in doing this healing work you will literally be preparing the way for Heaven to come to Earth.

"If this is your choice, a good place on this site to begin is with the Four Steps to Wholeness."

Who is God?

Purpose of this Site

The purpose of this site is to share our communication with God... both Spirit and the Mother of Creation, and help provide them with a focused virtual presence on Earth. We believe that God is already here within everything, including each of us humans. Experience has shown us that anyone can communicate with Spirit and get verbal answers to questions and replies to concerns. This communication is accomplished through a phenomenon we call "channeling." Two-way prayer, contemplation, focused presence and meditation can also be ways of communicating with Deity.

We believe everyone has a direct connection with God, and the channeling on this site reflects our connections. You are welcome to use this material in your healing process, however, please disregard anything here that may conflict with what you are getting directly through your own inner communication with Deity.

Throughout the site, Deity's words as we have channeled them appear in quotes. This note explains the more modern use of language on the site.


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