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Healing Class Lesson Four: Body

Class One:

You are Body

Channelers: The whole lesson here is simply this—you are Body!

This means we cannot channel Body for you. You are the only one who can accurately 'channel' whatever it is you as Body have to say. The Folks have said to us:

"Search all you like, you will not find the Truth outside of yourself. The real Truth, the whole Truth has been hidden deep inside of you. And it's not something you can know by seeing or hearing. The Truth, like all else, must be felt to be truly known."

Twelve years ago we channeled and posted the three introductions to Healing Class, Lesson Four: Body, one introduction each from Grandfather, Spirit and Body. Then this class went silent, however a lot of process around 'Body' has been happening within us ever since. As we began to apply the new information in the introductions, we realized that
we were being asked to identify as Body, to actually be Body. Under these circumstance, of course it is no longer possible to 'channel' Body for this class, or for anyone other than ourselves.

Our focus in the healing work with others also began shifting at that time. We moved toward working more in person and on the telephone, and away from the internet, the GC Forum and updating the site with new channeling. Being Body has meant having a much deeper commitment to our sentient, feeling selves than we had known at the time we had reached this place in the Healing Class twelve years ago.

Honoring this commitment has led us more inward in our explorations. Sharing what we have been getting then has seemed more appropriate to share with others in person, rather than here on the internet. However, we now want to share more of what we've been up to here on GodChannel, so here is a practice that we do often: 'Being Body' Practice. And here is a recording of the teleclass where we discovered this practice: 'Being Body' Class.

For eleven years (It's now Summer Solstice, 2012.), we've been developing a new healing modality that incorporates the insights and practices of the GodChannel material with more ordinary tools including some from metaphysics, psychic awareness
, hypnotherapy, NLP, and shamanism. The results so far have been very encouraging.

According to the feedback we've received so far, what we've been doing works well for all kinds of people. We call this new form of healing work Healing to Wholeness, based on the Four Steps to Wholeness, and its outer form is called Process Coaching. We've found it to be quite effective in helping ourselves (and others) take responsibility for all of our experiences—including our own healing.

Many people who have started out unfamiliar with the GodChannel material (and the other sources of healing tools mentioned above) are using this new modality to more quickly and easily bring real healing to their emotional wounds—from the personal layers of self down to the deep transpersonal realm and the most painful imprints in the lost Will.

Then just last year we came full-circle back to the subject of this lesson in the Healing Class— Body. We'd learned from the channeled introductions that Body is both personal as a separate entity with four limbs and a head, and transpersonal in that Body is ultimately all of manifestation. We'd also learned that Body is our true Identity, the Healer of Creation, and that our Will to heal and manifest has been severely damaged and compromised. More recently we're learning that the first chakra is the meeting place between the two layers of Body, personal Body and transpersonal Body.

Now we're engaged in an ongoing series of free teleclasses that are helping us learn more about how to actually be Body fully in both attentions and to heal our Wills so we can be free to manifest the Mother's Dream. Would you like to join us live on the telephone? Another possibility is to participate via the recordings of the calls. Times have been quickening lately (Summer Solstice, 2012), and we invite you to join us where we are now working (and playing) to complete this lesson in the GodChannel Healing Class.

Here again is a link to the recordings and notes from the teleclass on Being Body:


And here is a link if you'd like to join the ongoing free teleclass:


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