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You almost had me believing...

Comment: I am not sure how to begin this email, and rarely do I get this disgusted. I found your site in hopes of gaining a more intimate knowledge of God, in particular, of the time before creation. That is how I got here to Godchannelers...I did a long and tedious search to find this site. And, as so often happens with God, he makes you work at finding anything out.

I thought I had hit a gold mine with this site, and I have been coming back to it day after day, and reading the incredible information here. It is a mixture of New Age thinking and psychology, an interesting mixture. Obviously, all of you are well versed in the thinking of Spirituality. I have spent many years reading, studying and thinking about God. As a matter of fact, I have been doing it for somewhere between 40 - 50 years now since I was a boy and went to church and learned the Bible when I was young.

I am also extremely aware of and have read, most of Neale Donald Walsch's Conversations with God books. I think I was one of the plank owner readers. I have especially concentrated on the principles and ideas contained in Book 1 of that series.

I know of or about most of the other books on the New Age shelves, in particular, anything that has to do with spirituality or God, life after death.

I came out of the Christian faith, and have read the Bible and am versed in it's contents and thoughts, both Old and New Testaments. I never spent the time to just memorize what was there...I always was looking for the meaning behind the words... I was looking for the truth behind the BS and the distortions. 

I have been "in" and "out" of relation with God over and over again. I have studied and thought and prayed and re-studied and prayed and doubted and regained faith. I have tried to practice some of the things I believed would lead to spiritual advancement... but like every human, I have time and again, failed one way or the other. I have spoken to many in the hopes that a few would listen and that maybe of the few who listened, even a fewer still, would go on to improve their relationship with God and advance their spiritual being. I did it for God and for myself and since we are ONE, whatever I did for God I did for myself and vice versa.

God knows all of this about me...God knows what I have done to try and get the TRUTH. And in a world, filled full of lies and deceits, it is often hard, to discern the difference between fabrication, deceits, cheats and outright lies. History is replete with liars, deceivers, manipulators and con artists who purport to speak for God, purport to have a special connection, purport to be God's messenger... I despise them for their deceit, by dirtying God and all of US.

Even here, on your site, God somewhere mentions that WE HAVE TO LISTEN TO OUR GUT and OUR HIGHEST SELF and if something doesn't sit right, it isn't right. Well, I was studying your site and gaining what I thought was a great deal of information... maybe more than I had ever hoped to gain...and I was believing what I read, because it is so WELL versed in Spiritual thinking....

But THEN...THEN...I ran across the "Quest for the Mother" pages...and after reading those words I had to sit back and let it sink into my gut and go down into my soul and wait for a reply. At first, I thought to myself...SOOO...God has made the same mistake of being a woman abuser just like a lot of human men have done...and here God is, the Male God...with his hat in his hand...begging for forgiveness and a second chance.... I thought to myself, well...like a lot of us, we ask God to forgive us for mistakes and sins...so here God is asking all of us to forgive HIM for making some very grave mistakes. For in asking US he asks HIMSELF since we are ONE...and if I forgive God, I forgive myself too...for anything I might have done. 

It all sounded so right at first, and then my soul came back to me, my gut came back to me, my connection with God came back to me...and it said "THIS IS A LIE and DECEIT!" God is NOT a needy God. God is not a male abuser of females. God is a JUST God. God is a God of LOVE. Abusing the "Mother God" is not God! In further reading, God says this was Ahriman, his denied energy (Satan)...I think that is a bunch of HOOEY!

My question to all of you is, WHO do you think you are kidding? What a SHAM this entire site is, a mockery of the faith all of us who seek truth...to pawn off on US, the accusation that ALL MEN including the MALE GOD are Abusers of Women!!!!!!!!!! Who the hell wrote this nonsense...a bunch of ex-wife beaten women who hate men????? This is a sick and demented perversion of a God whom I know as Loving, Eternal and All-Knowing...how could MY God possibly have abused "The Mother" in front of all Heaven and All Entities??? I think YOU are the ones who are working for Lucifer or Satan, because this site, however WELL intentioned or however WELL versed in Spiritual Knowledge and THINKING...has twisted and perverted God into a Moron. Listen, you bunch of women's libber's...not all men are abusers, no matter what you think about them...and certainly not God. I am SICK TO DEATH of listening to women WHINE and COMPLAIN that men abuse them, put them down, mistreat them, do not understand them...so you make God look and sound like a needy, incompetent, sick, demented wife beater. I impune you for your insinuations!

I can only think there are two possibilities for this site and the LIES it contains about God... either you are a bunch of conservative right wing Christians who want to set up a site with the intention of undermining the faith of Spiritualists who DO NOT believe in your narrow minded perceptions of God and wish to force all of us to be your manipulated slaves OR...you are a bunch of self deceived idiots who have let your IMAGINATION run away with you to the point that you have lost contact with reality (yours or anyone else's reality)...or you are here to impune God as an abuser....

I despise your idea that God was THERE at the concentration camps where the Jews were being murdered and being experimented upon, and especially pregnant women were being experimented on, and God was there...as a SCIENTIST with a mind set where God had no values of RIGHT and WRONG...even a moron, a total idiot here on earth, other than the hated Nazi's, knew that what the Nazi's did was Satanic, Sick, Demented and WRONG WRONG WRONG! How do you think, just where the hell do you come from, implying that God did not KNOW that it was wrong to do this to innocent human beings? The Jews have suffered immeasurably for 5000 years, and you don't think that God doesn't know that! That God doesn't have an appreciation for their suffering, that God had no CLUE or INSIGHT whatsoever that the brutal murder and killing of 6 million men, women and children was DAMNED UGLY, HATEFUL and WRONG?????????? God knew it, and there was a reason for why it happened. All 6 million died as a testament to the rest of humanity that something like this could NEVER EVER happen again! It was a testament to all mankind, that such heathen criminal acts of barbarism must not be tolerated again, EVER.

If you think for one minute that God did NOT understand that what the Nazi's did was WRONG, you tell me why Jesus said of children, "Woe to them who hurt these little ones!" Jesus, the Son, knew the value of life...he said NO SACRIFICES are required...and if the Son knows the truth, how is it then that the Father does not know the truth? How is it, that God...needed to be TOLD by The Holy Spirit that it was wrong to do those things to pregnant women????

A God who writes the Law, that says, Thou Shalt Not Commit Murder, is a God who knows the value of LIFE and KNEW that the murder of even one Jew was a heinous act against creation. A God who writes all of those Commitments (Not Commandments) is a God of Values, a God of Knowing, a God of Right from Wrong. Does such a God who gives the Laws to Moses, who takes care of widows and orphans, not KNOW the wrongness, the evil wrongness, of the murder of millions of innocents???

You have perverted the truth, twisted it and forgotten, even the God who spoke to the Ancients KNEW these values and taught them to all of US...now you say...through your perverted channeling, that God never knew what he taught all of US? What a fabricated LIE!

I tell you now, God knows what you have written on this site and what you think and He DOES know what you intentions are...
God is LIFE and that will never change. What part of your corrupted channeling is telling you that God is something LESS THAN life? You had better seriously consider just WHO it is that is really behind your words on this site...because it isn't God who is behind it. This is a manipulation of Truth to serve who's purpose? 

I tell you this much, God is aware and knows what is going on here and I leave it up to God to decide what shall be done with it. But as ONE who is ONE with the Almighty, I had to speak up and let you know just how far you have perverted the truth and maybe it is God Himself who is writing this letter right now to you to tell you you have a lot to account for!

Channelers: Thank you for writing, and for clearly spelling out your concerns. The material on the site is not part of an already established faith or belief system, and in fact discourages taking understandings from beliefs or 'faith.' Rather, we are encouraged to find the truth inside of ourselves in present time.

Your distress with the material is understandable. However, most of your assertions about what the channeling on the site is saying... are not what the material actually says. This is most likely because were 'triggered' in reading about the relationship between the masculine and feminine parts of Deity, and have been seeing the material on the site from the point of view of imprinted conditioning and perhaps already established belief systems. Feeling into your gut is the absolute right thing to do, however it's also important to make distinctions between true intuitive understandings (always accompanied by a feeling of love) and imprinted emotions and judgments (never accompanied by love, and often its opposite).

You have said, "...not all men are abusers, no matter what you think about them...and certainly not God. I am SICK TO DEATH of listening to women WHINE and COMPLAIN that men abuse them, put them down, mistreat them, do not understand them...so you make God look and sound like a needy, incompetent, sick, demented wife beater. I impune you for your insinuations!"

We're not aware of the material insinuating any of these things. These assertions seem to be projections onto the channeling. And btw, the specific material in the healing class you are referring to was received primarily by a male channeler. While triggering emotions is one of the ways the material is used in the healing process, an understanding of what has been triggered, and loving the triggered 'bad' feelings back into wholeness is the point of the healing work. And learning how to do this more quickly and easily and without reenactments of the original trauma is the point of the site. Here's another quote of something that simply is not said or implied on the site:

"...the accusation that ALL MEN including the MALE GOD are Abusers of Women!!!!!!!!!!"

"God is NOT a needy God. God is not a male abuser of females. God is a JUST God.
God is a God of LOVE."

We agree that God is a God of love and not needy nor an abuser of females. But there is a subtly in the material that you may have missed. You also say:

"...God whom I know as Loving, Eternal and All-Knowing."

And in closing your letter, you mentioned that you are one with the Almighty. This may be where your previous experiences of God and the material on the site begin to diverge. The 'God' we're channeling is not the God of the Bible or God Almighty, for that matter. If you haven't read it already, you may want to read this page from later in healing class: The God of Love and the god of Power.

There is also an important distinction in the material on the site between 'Spirit' and 'Grandfather.' As far as we know, the earliest expression of this distinction (but using different terms) was with the ancient Gnostics. These early Christians had it that an individual, direct inner connection was the only way to truly experience God. In finding God within, they discovered two levels of Spirit. The terms for these evolved into the Holy Spirit and the Creator Spirit, or God the Father.

The first-person accounts in the healing class are from the Creator Spirit, or 'demi-god' as the Gnostics called him. As you probably know, they where hunted down by the Church and killed as heretics. The Church then codified the Bible as we know it, eliminating most available scriptures and especially those supporting the Gnostic understandings.

Later in the healing class, Grandfather is introduced, and there are several pages of channeling from him on Grandfather Pages. 'Grandfather' represents a level of Spirit more like the loving, all-knowing and almighty, perfect God that is more familiar to most people. The voice of 'God' on the site is from the evolving and imperfect God of this Creation, the Spirit (masculine-like) side of the Creator of this universe. The other side of the Creator is the feminine-like 'womb of Creation, or as we say, 'the Mother.' In ancient Chinese philosophy these two essences at the foundation of all manifestation are called 'Yin' and 'Yang.'

We would encourage you to keep reading with the same open mind that brought you to the site originally. The gold mine you had found at first is still here, but now buried under the emotions and judgments that were triggered by the Spirit/Mother gap described in the healing class. You may find it strange for us to say, but we try to avoid 'believing' anything, including our own channeling. We've found that beliefs of any type are mental constructs that can prevent valid new understandings emerging from the intuition and seriously inhibit the search for Truth.

We know the material on the site is different than most of what goes for representations of God, and we understand that many people are repelled by it. It does not fit in most already established beliefs or faiths. However, you seem to have an eclectic and open mind about spirituality etc., and if you choose to work through what has been triggered in you, the material could be very helpful in your self healing process.

In any event, we very much appreciate you reading as much as you have, and for sharing your perspectives with us. Our perspective on ourselves is that we are neither "conservative right wing Christians" nor "self deceived idiots." And we are not aware of being here to make God out to be an abuser, as you suggested. We have found this material to resonate with very deep parts of ourselves, and more importantly we've found it to be immensely helpful in our self healing work.

For us, it's all about healing our deepest emotional wounds and bringing previously lost parts into wholeness. Helping Spirit and the Mother heal their cosmic-level wounds in turn helps us heal at the deepest layers of our beings. If healing is your intention too, we believe the material on the site can be helpful. If not, we wish you well on your journey, and we apologize for having triggered you.

Where have you been?

Comment: I'm looking forward to an update on info at the web site since the end of November. Also, any comments about the Barbara Marciniak books? They're interesting, and seem to go well with the Right Use of Will series.

Channelers: Barbara Marciniak's sources seem to us to have a different agenda then those of the Right Use of Will series, and to us they feel very different. There'll be some channeling here on the site that will touch on some of the differences, but very unlikely in direct reference to Barbara Marciniak's work. However, if the material is resonating with you, it must have some significance. Have you asked God about this?

Dear channelers, it's been a long time without anything new on your web site, I have been looking for news but there isn't any. I'm wondering why the communication has been cut. The latest input had a different tone from the usual, and after that the very much expected lesson about Body hasn't come yet. Could you tell me what's going on, please? Thanks a lot.

Channelers: There is much more to come about and by Body. And probably before that, more on the relationships between/among Spirit, Mother and Body. The Body material on the site will probably be more than just a lesson in the healing class, but that's in process now. There is also some Right Use of Will discussion that will probably be posted before more Body material. We also feel the different tone in the more recent material that you mention, and the new material that's already channeled but isn't up yet seems even more that way.

Greetings from exile. I have to admit no updates means terror anticipation. Like in my bladder, you know. I live in a world where nobody but me understands how important everything is and what's really going on-you know, on a light level. Don't worry about answering me. I am just checking in.

I realize you must be extremely busy right now and when the new update appears its going to be a mind blower. So I am bracing myself and going over and over the good old stuff. I want to end this e-mail cause I know you are busy. When I try to say good bye to you my eyes cloud up with tears and then there is that bladder thing. Think about you all the time.

Channelers: Wow, thank you!

To whom it may concern at the moment... what's up with the Godchannel not having any updates at all this new century? Is God gone now? Please let me know because I am lost without the updates, and how are you all doing? Please write back, thanks.

Channelers: God is still here... inside of you and us, and everyone else. :) We haven't been putting his words (as we channel them) out on the web lately, but we will be again soon. And he and the Mother are very present inside these days. Have you tried your hand at channeling God yet? And thanks for asking about us. We've been driving backward over some very bumpy roads lately. But that's okay, it just seems to be what's necessary for us in doing our part of the healing work.

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