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Foundation Pages

Concise Summary of the Site
The GC Healing Tools
God's Intention
Who is God?
Attributes of Spirit
God's Quest
Four Steps to Wholeness
Interview with God
Talk with God
Love & Fear
On Achieving Liberation

Mother Pages

Mother Guide
Mother-Spirit Dialogue
House of Pain
Mother Teachings
Voices: Healing the
Invisible You

Mother's Presence
A Message from Will
Channeling & Will
I'm Confused
I'm Enraged
Ready for the Miracles
Thanks for Nothing
Healing Lucifer
Superiority & the Will
Poetic Mother
Barely Able to Go On
Thank You
Loving Spirit Finds...

Four Steps
to Wholeness

The Four Steps
Four Steps Discussion
Releasing Judgments
Judgments Discussion
Driving Backward
True Sacrifice


Introduction to Classes
Class Guide
New Language
Truth & Reality T.o.C.
Truth & Reality I

Truth & Reality II
Truth & Reality III
Truth & Reality IV
2: What of Manifestation
3: Awareness

Channeling Class

Lesson 1
Lesson 2
Lesson 3
Running Energy Practice
Running Energy Discussion
Running Energy Script
Meeting the Source Practice
Written Channeling Practice
Written Chan. Discussion
Running Energy II
Running Energy II Script
German Translation of
the Channeling Class

Healing Class

1.1 Quest for the Mother
1.2 Call to Healing
2.1 Spirit Polarity
2.2 Divine Codependency
2.3 God's New Quest
Lessons 1 & 2 Disucssion
3.1 Lost Spirit
3.2 The Asuras
3.3 Death
3.4 Redeeming Devils
3.5 Spirit & Superiority
3.6 Superiority & Devils
3.7 Grandfather's Role
3.8 The God of Love
Lesson 3 Discussion
4.0 Intro to Body Class

God's Messengers
& Prophets

God's Messengers
Messengers Discussion
Right Use of Will
RUOW Discssion
Conversations with God
CWG Discussion
The Seth Material
Seth Discussion
The Urantia Book
Urantia Discussion

Channelers' Area

Channelers' Page
Channelers' Message
Leave Without Absence
Channelers' Discussion
My Channeling
Guest Channelers
Channelers' Links