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Healing Class - Lesson Three

Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Three: Death

"As I've said, my initial fragmentation into Ahriman and Lucifer, and our eventual redemption of them has been part of the original design of Creation. Ahriman's cleverness, however, enabled him to go beyond the plan and forge an alliance with the asuras. This created challenges that had until now prevented me from reuniting the Spirit Polarity.

"Each time a complete recovery from fragmentation has been attempted, spirits who were influenced by Ahriman had insisted, in the name of wholeness, that the asuras somehow be included, be given a place within Creation. Each time I succumbed to this logic and attempted to do it, and each time I've attempted it the Mother has suffered horribly. She was attacked again and again by the energy of these demonic Denial Spirits. I know better now.

"I know now that true wholeness is only possible without the asuras, and that their redemption is impossible because it is not what they want. What was obscured from my understanding by Ahriman's logic was the understanding that wholeness of the Spirit polarity that included the asuras would eventually negate the Mother and her essence. This is because whenever the antithesis of a thing becomes immediately present with it, both thesis and antithesis are annihilated in the formation of the new whole, the synthesis.

"The Mother's essence is of movement, life, nurturance and love. The asuras essence is of death, destruction and hate. If we were to continue to include the asuras here with us, they would eventually succeed in Ahriman's plan of universal destruction. Eventually everything of life, beauty, grace and love would be destroyed.

"A good example of this is the present situation with life and death. With death included in Creation, we have a condition where life must come out of and return back to 'not life'. Death or 'not life' may have many lives interrupting it, but life need be touched by death only once, and it's over.

"In the Mother's Dream as well as in Grandfather's Creation, life is eternal and continually renews itself. Here in this Creation, instead of life defining and renewing itself and charting its own course, it's been defined and controlled by its beginning and end, birth and death. The death and birth cycle is here now because death is what the asuras have wanted. And in terms of power, death has had the upper hand over life.

"As it is now, all that lives dies, but not all that has died comes back into life. Left unchecked, death would eventually win out over life. In physics this is called entropy, and it seems to make sense. The propaganda coming from the Godhead, still under Ahriman's control, has long been that death is okay, in fact good. It gives everything a chance to change, and creates space for new things to come into manifestation.

"This is pure hooey. Death is a limit to life in manifestation. When something dies, it ceases to exist in the form of its being, and can not reconstitute itself into that form again. The life-force energy and identity are lost from the form as the physical body disintegrates and returns to its previous fragments. The magnetic essence is abandoned and compressed beyond belief as it's pulled away from the body on one hand, and the escaping spirit essence on the other. And Heart, the sacred place of our uion, is of course destroyed in the process.

"There has been too much suffering in Creation as a result of the asuras' quest for their own quiet nonexistence through death, disease and other forms of destruction. Form change is a much happier alternative that supports change and evolution within eternal life. When mandatory death disappears from Creation, and the issues that had been obscured by excessive form change have been healed, form change will return to serve its originally intended purpose.

"I know now that true wholeness is not simply wholeness of the Spirit Polarity, but wholeness of Loving Spirit in union with the Mother. Every synthesis of spiritual beauty, love and life with its spiritual opposite has a more desirable alternative that separates thesis and antithesis of Spirit, and permanently holds them apart. A larger and more meaningful wholeness is created when all the Mother's lost parts are found and return to her. Then the pure, loving, life-enhancing qualities of spirit essence are united with the nurturing, space-opening magnetic essence of the Mother in a completely new kind of Heart... New Heart, whole Heart.

"The Mother cannot tolerate death and destruction, or in any way being hated or denied These are the predilections and behaviors of demons, and to ask her to hold space for these asuric qualities is to ask her to either continue existing in unspeakable pain or cease vibrating entirely.

"I will never again ask her to do this for any reason, especially to support my denials. I was still learning about wholeness, and I know now it won't work to include the asuras, and therefore death. I was ignorant of Ahriman's role in my behaviors... but now that I know what Ahriman has been up to, I know how to redeem him, stop his plan to destroy Creation, and undo the stranglehold his demons have had on the Mother. And you can help."

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