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Running Energy Script

Channelers: This script can be printed out and used to record a tape that you can play back to prompt you through the exercise. Or it can be read aloud by a friend. Also, you can read it to yourself, keeping your place with your finger while you go inside to do what is suggested. The pace should be slow enough to allow you to do what is being asked, and fast enough to keep the process moving and interest alive. If you're reading the script aloud or recording it, be sure to pause after asking for an action long enough for it to be done. For this exercise it's recommended that you sit upright with feet on the floor. Begin script:

1. To begin, notice your breathing. Not necessarily changing it, just noticing. Being aware of the breath helps bring you more into your body. And as you inhale. . . imagine you are inhaling relaxation, peace and contentment. And as you exhale, imagine you are exhaling. . . anything you want to let go of. Inhaling relaxation, and letting go on the exhale. (Pause) Take a moment to notice the feeling of your body as it's supported by your seat, the feel of your feet on the floor.

2. As you continue breathing, ask the Mother to be present with you. You can either call her name, imagining her holding you, or both.(Pause) As the Mother holds you, begin to move your attention to the base of your spine. And imagine there is a grounding cord running from the base of your spine, down through the chair, through the floor and into the Earth. (Pause) This is your central grounding cord and it runs down, through the crust of the Earth. . . all the way to the center of the Earth. (Pause)

3. Also imagine there is an energy center in the bottom of each foot. These foot centers are open. . . and from the bottom of each foot runs an auxiliary grounding cord. . . down through the floor and into the Earth, all the way to the center of the Earth.

4. Here, in the center of the Earth is highly concentrated magnetic, Mother, Earth energy. Imagine your grounding cords as hollow tubes. . . and using your breath, begin drawing this energy up your grounding cords. . . as you would draw liquid up a straw.

5. Earth energy is feminine, drawing, magnetic energy. It is often experienced as a warm, nurturing, healing energy. Using your breath, draw the Earth energy up your grounding cords. . . up your central grounding cord to the base of your spine. (Pause) Draw the Earth energy up your auxiliary grounding cords to your feet. (Pause) And from the bottoms of your feet, draw the energy up through your legs. . . to the base of your spine. . . where all three grounding cords meet.

6. The first major energy center is located at the base of the spine. Your unconscious mind knows how to do this. . . open the first center. . . and allow it to fill with warm, smooth, healing Earth energy of the Mother. Feel the sensations of the energy in this part of your body. (Pause) The first center relates to physical survival and represents our deepest connection with the Earth and the magnetic essence. (Pause)

7. Just above the first center is the second energy center. Open. . . and draw the Mother's Earth energy up into the second center. Warm, nurturing, Earth energy fills the second center. (Pause) This center has two parts, the lower part has to do with sexuality. . . the upper part is the center for emotions, gut feelings. Feel the sensations of the energy in this part of your body.(Pause)

8. When the second center is full of Earth energy, bring it up further to the solar plexus, to the third energy center. Open. . . and allow the third center to fill with warm, feminine, healing Earth energy. Feel the energy in this area of your body.(Pause) The third center is called the will center and relates to our sense of identity and our will. It's where we feel who we are and what we want. (Pause)

9. Now, draw the energy up into the center of your chest. . . to your heart. Open the fourth center, the heart center, and allow it to fill with the warm, magnetic, nurturing, healing energy of the Mother. This center you can open all the way. Make it as wide as your whole chest, if you like. (Pause) The fourth center is the center for love. . . both giving and receiving, and where we sense our affinity and connection with others. Feel the sensations of heart energy.(Pause)

10. Draw the energy still higher now, into your throat, the fifth center. Open. . . and feel your throat filling with warm, smooth, healing Earth energy. (Pause) This center has to do with communication, the faculty of clairaudience, the channeling of words, and manifesting. (Pause)

11. Drawing the Earth energy up into the center of your head, the pineal gland, the third eye, open the sixth center. . . and allow your whole head to fill with the nurturing, feminine, Earth energy. (Pause) The sixth center has to do with knowledge, wisdom and understanding. It is also the center for clairvoyance. Sense the feeling of Earth energy here. (Pause)

12. At the top of your head is the seventh center. It is called the crown center. . . because it faces up and opens out like a crown. Open the seventh center and allow the Earth energy to fountain out the top of your head and cascade down all around you, and feel into it as you do. (Pause) The seventh center is were we link with Spirit and is the place where transcendent Spirit comes into human consciousness. (Pause)

13. So, you now have Mother energy coming from the center of the Earth coming up your grounding cords, up through your major centers and fountains out the top of your head, cascading down all around you. (Pause)

14. Now, with your Earth energy running, reach up toward the sky and bring down the clear golden Light of Spirit. The Spirit energy is different than Earth energy. Spirit energy is more masculine. It feels a little sharper and quicker, more like electricity.

15. Using your breath, draw the clear golden Spirit energy down through your crown and into the sixth center in your head. (Pause) Bring the Spirit energy down through the fifth center in your throat (Pause) And with another breath, bring it into your heart. (Pause)

16. The clear golden Spirit energy mixes in your heart with the Earth energy in just the right proportions for you. And this golden Light brings a message from Spirit of love and acceptance for what is in your heart. (Pause)

17. Now again with your breath, draw the clear golden light down to your solar plexus. (Pause) The presence of the light here says to the third center, "You are good, just as you are. . . and your desires are good. Your will is totally acceptable." (Pause)

18. And when you're ready, bring the energy of Spirit down further, to your second center where it says, "I love your emotions, your sexuality is good." (Pause)

19. Now draw the light down all the way to the first center where is says, "You belong here. . . you have a purpose." (Pause) When the Spirit energy has come down through all of your centers, send it down your grounding cords and ground it in the center of the Earth. (Pause)

20. You are now running the two major energies of Creation. The Mother's feminine, magnetic, Earth energy is coming up from the center of the Earth through all your centers, and fountaining out the top of your head. And Spirit's loving Light of acceptance, the masculine, electric, spirit energy is coming down in the form of clear golden Light through all of your centers and grounding in the center of the Earth. And this is right for us, because as humans we are part Mother and part Spirit, part magnetic and part electric. We are a bridge, a place where the two primary universal energies meet. (Pause) And this your Earth energy and your Spirit energy, this is an experience of your own energy.

21. Now with both your Earth and Spirit energy running, take a moment to check each chakra and notice the relative flow of energy. (Pause) If you find a blockage, feel into it and follow the sensations with your awareness. (Pause) Take as much time as you need to move any blockages, ending with all your centers open and vibrating and feeling balanced, and both energies running smoothly and evenly.

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