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Script for Running Energy II

Channelers: This script can be printed out and used to record a tape that you can play back to prompt you through the process. Or it can be read aloud by a friend. Also, you can read it to yourself, keeping your place with your finger while you go inside to do what is suggested. The pace should be slow enough to allow you to do what is being asked, and fast enough to keep the process moving and interest alive. If you're reading the script aloud or recording it, be sure to pause after asking for an action long enough for it to be done. For this exercise it's recommended that you sit upright with feet on the floor or ground. Begin script:

1. To begin, notice your breathing. Not necessarily changing it, just noticing. Being aware of the breath helps bring you more into your body. And as you inhale. . . imagine you are inhaling relaxation, peace and contentment. And as you exhale, imagine you are exhaling. . . anything you want to let go of. Inhaling relaxation, and letting go on the exhale. (Pause) Take a moment to notice the feeling of your body as it's supported by your seat, the feel of your feet on the floor. And notice any other physical sensations that may be present now.

2. As you continue breathing, flex the sphincter muscle, and hold it tight for a few seconds.(Pause) Letting go... as the muscle releases, imagine your whole body quickly descending the vortex to the nugget of deep, dark, red Earth energy at center of the Earth.

3. Sitting on the nugget, open the first chakra... filling with warm, healing, nurturing Earth energy. (Pause)

4. Sitting even deeper, open the second chakra... filling with the Mother's warm, healing energy. (Pause)

5. Sitting deeper still, and with your breath drawing the nugget up into you third chakra, open and filling the solar plexus with warm, nurturing Earth energy. (Pause)

6. And another breath... drawing the nugget up into Heart. Opening wide and filling. (Pause)

7. Breathing in again... and drawing the nugget up into Throat. Open and filling. (Pause)

8. Again a breath... drawing the Earth energy into Head. (Pause)

9. And one more breath, up into the Crown... and fountaining out the top of your head, the Earth energy rises up the vortex to the surface of the Earth... where it draws down the clear, golden Light of Spirit, all the way down the vortex to the crown chakra in the center of the Earth. (Pause)

10. Open Purple...(Pause) Open Clear-Indigo... (Pause) Open Blue... (Pause) Open Green... (Pause) Open Yellow... (Pause) Open Orange... (Pause) Open Red... (Pause)

11. And grounding the clear golden Light in the nugget of Earth energy. (Pause)

12. Now drawing the nugget up into the first chakra... glowing Red. (Pause)

13. And up into the second chakra... glowing Orange. (Pause)

14. And into the third... glowing Yellow. (Pause)

15. Now into Heart... glowing Green. (Pause)

16. Into Throat... glowing Blue. (Pause)

17. Head... glowing Clear-Indigo. (Pause)

18. And Crown... glowing purple. (Pause)

19. Now coming back to Heart... from the center of Green, bringing some green down to the middle of yellow. (Pause) Right there in the center of Yellow... some Green. (Pause) And back up to Heart.

20. From the middle of Heart to the center of Blue. (Pause) Right in the middle of Blue... some green. (Pause) And then back to Heart.

21. From the center of Heart to the middle of Orange. (Pause) And right there in the center of Orange... some Green. And then back to Heart.

22. From the center of Heart to the middle of Clear Indigo. (Pause) And right there in the center of the clarity... some Green. And then back to Heart.

23. From the center of Heart down to the bottom of Red. And right there in the center of Red... some Green. And then back to Heart.

24. And from the center of Heart up to the top of Purple. And right there in the center of Purple... some Green. And then back to Heart. (Pause) Making a ribbon of Green... running through all the chakras.

25. Now with both your Mother and Spirit energies running throughout your chakra system, take a moment to check each chakra and notice the relative flow of energy. (Pause) If you find a blockage, feel into it and follow the sensations with your awareness. (Pause) Take as much time as you wish to feel into and move any blockages... ending with all your centers open and vibrating and feeling balanced.

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