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Eternal Woman

Beloved Friends How wonderful to have an opportunity to help clear the Mind-fields and play the world back into a State of Grace.   Years ago I was told that the so-called War in Heaven would be solved on earth.  My own "sealed orders" included the job of helping clear male/female enmity.  Your section on The Quest For The Mother confirms much of what I have been told. A brief resume:

Throughout my life I have had so-called mystical experiences, culminating in a 40-day Initiation in 1974 in which I was shown, among other things, the time when death entered our experience on earth.  It seemed to be because of a disagreement or lack of harmony between the Two Sources.

A short time before this, while working as Information Officer for a provincial school trustees association, I began to write notes for a press release when the following flowed onto the paper:

"I am eternal woman,
the feminine aspect of life present
at the foundation of this earth.
"I am all women - the Madonna, the Magdalene,
the Virgin, the Crone.
"I am the nurturer of life and its destruction.
I am the Mystery of Birth, Life, Death, Rebirth;
the Eternal Cycle.
"I am the vessel that holds all wisdom.
Know me and you know the Secrets of Creation.
"Nothing is strange to me.
No distortion repels me.
All that is can be purified through my love.
"I am all-knowing, all-wise, all-patient.
Throughout Eternities I wait to be brought again to life.
"Only fire brings me to life. The fire of Divine Love.

When these words came though me, the S in She was formed by a serpent and the words Wisdom/Sophia came into my head - also Isis.

To me, now, the most important phrase is TO FULFILL ALL HIDDEN PROPHESIES. I sense with all my Being that this is what we are all about.

Another message from the Divine Feminine came on March 16 of 1975. I awoke from a vivid dream/vision at exactly 3:00 a.m. A white circle against a black background had opened at the top and the words:

"The Mother is now back inside the circle of mans consciousness" were loud in my head. With the dream I experienced birth-like pangs that caused me to almost pass out. My room-mate rushed me to hospital where the doctors wanted to operate on my back!!!

I knew if I told them what was really happening I would find myself locked in a backroom somewhere, so I kept quiet, managed to avoid the knives and was out in three days.

A few years later the Canadian Broadcasting System (radio) carried a series called "Return of the Goddess" in which a number of women artists (writers/painters, etc.) spoke of 1975 as being the year they received visions of the "Holy Spirit" as a woman. That same year night school courses in matriarchal studies, goddess worship, etc. sprang up across the continent.

While I was shown the devastation that resulted during the creation of this planet I was also shown the ecstasy that results when the Two Halves re-Unite.  Many of us are playing a part in expediting this Re-Union - I honestly believe that if only one man and one woman could totally come back together that would bring about the Shift that catapults the entire Universe into the "New Play."

William Irwin Thompson wrote a book titled "The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light."  In it he shares his vision of the Two: "If one looks into the collective unconscious now one will see a triptych vibrating in the ether of the astral plane.  In one panel we see a painting of the Feminine lamenting the fall of the Masculine into time; it is a painting of Isis crying above the coffin of Osiris.  In the second panel, we see the dead Masculine in the arms of the Feminine, Jesus in the arms of Mary.  In the third panel we see neither the Fall nor the Crucifixion but the sacred copulation (hieros gamos) of the reunited lovers.

"The avatars of the new age will not be the solitary male, but the male and female together.  We see a new chapter being written in our time.  Whatever names these two lovers take, when they come together it will be like the touch of matter and antimatter, the passing and the consuming passion of our world."

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