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Mother Pages

The Mother's Channeling on this Site

"My presence here through the computer and through these words is very much given concrete reality through the deepening communion with my own Spirit. This may feel spirit-polarized to some who experience the profound emotional movement of the reality of the Mother Within.

"I am working in this format to help give more immediate guidance to the Will-polarized who are working through the healing process because I feel I may be able to make this process somewhat easier. And to explain some of the new experiences of reclaiming lost Will to the Spirit polarity, which is the intended audience of this web site.

"When reading my words here, please remember that your inner communion with your own place in the Mother is the most vital place of healing. As God has said about his voice on this site, my voice here is only to lend a hand and add a beacon of hope.

"I have so many apologies to add, so much grief to move through, so much fear of this little ray of hope being shattered, and continual rage to move for the late hour of all of this, that I will try desperately to clear the way to Grandfather's Grace in all that I respond to here. Just as God still holds denials, I still hold judgments, I am open to the reflection your lost will has to give about these judgments.

"As we work together... may love be born into wholeness, and hope into fruition. Blessed Be."

The Mother of Manifestation

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