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Love & Fear

I have a question about a saying that seems pretty popular these days in the new age. Some say that fear is the opposite of love. I have a hard time seeing that. In fact, after having worked with the Right Use of Will books for a number of years, I would tend to disagree and see a potential misunderstanding. Right Use of Will teaches that we need to expand our definition of love to INCLUDE fear. In fact, God suggests in those books that we love and accept our fears, that we give them expression so they can evolve, and that they have a purpose and a teaching. If we say that fear is the opposite of love, then we are putting fear outside of love, which seems to contradict those teachings. It seems to me that thinking that fear is the opposite of love would create an attitude that disconnects us from what the fears can teach us. Am I missing something? What is right understanding on this?

"Fear seems to be the opposite of love because it began with an experience of unloving light. The Mother contracted when she felt the pain of the dismissive light I unconsciously sent her in the beginning. She did this in an instinctual attempt to prevent the pain of my displeasure from entering and hurting her more deeply. Because love is characterized by expansion and fear by contraction, it's easy to see how fear can be misunderstood as love's opposite. You're right in not disconnecting from the fear, and experiencing it has an important role in healing.

"You have discovered that fear is a powerful teacher. The teaching of fear, however, can be deceptive. It often seems like it teaches that the object of fear is to be be always avoided. This misunderstanding of fear's message has caused many opportunities for healing to be missed. Fear's real message is, 'There has been pain here before, be cautious and alert. Here is an opportunity for healing.' And yes, love is the healing."

Personally, fear seems to tell me where in myself there is a lack of loving light (Is this right?). I bless fear for that. Otherwise, how would I find those places in me that need light. To me, fear INDICATES a lack of love, but it is not the opposite. On the contrary, it serves me well in gaining MORE love. So, how could it be its opposite since it is helping me gain more love? If fear was in opposition to love, then it would not help me gain more love. It's like an alarm system. It tells me there is danger, but it is not the danger. Is this right? What am I missing here? Are both of these points of view relative truths? If so, how can they be reconciled?

"You understand it very well. Fear is a response to the absence of love, and is healed by bringing love present with it, by acceptance of it. The opposite of love is hate, not fear. Love is the heart of acceptance, and hate is the heart of denial. It is hate and denial that cause pain, and it is love and acceptance that heal.

"Love is the feeling one has when opening to another, as the Mother opened to me in the beginning. Opening to create space for someone or something is the act of acceptance, the act of love. Acceptance includes and heals.

"Denial and hatred, on the other hand, take away space, close it off to someone or something, creating a gap between the denier and the denied. Denial excludes and hurts. And whether they admit it or deny it, everyone fears the pain of being hated and denied.

"Please continue as you have been, using the opportunity of fear to undo denial and find love. And when you are aware of feeling fear, involve me in the process by offering it to me, and allowing my acceptance of it and of you to help show the way to your own healing. In this way we can help each other find and heal the lost parts of the Mother."

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