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Interview with 'the Folks,' Part Four

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Channelers note: For continuity and understanding... if you haven't already, please first read part one, part two, part three of this interview and especially the Channelers' note at the top of Part One. In addition to what is stated in our note there, we'd like to mention again that while they are two essences speaking as one, 'the Folks' refer to themselves individually as 'Spirit' and 'the Mother.' Also, since the channeling on this page is an elaboration and continuation of the material on the page: A Letter from God to Those Doing the Healing Work, we suggest reading or re-reading that page before beginning this page.

Channelers: Folks, what else can you tell us about the role of humans in the healing work, and what do you suggest we do to stop denying our greatness and become more fully awake?

"First, it is good to remember what Spirit has already said about humans and their role in the healing work in his letter to you. The first step in the Four Steps to Wholeness also speaks to your role as the healer of yourself, and therefore of Creation. The rest of that page describes the general process of coming out of denial and owning all of your own personal lost parts, as well as the lost transpersonal parts of your deepest Self... Our lost parts, the lost Will of the Mother and the denials of Spirit.

"Moreover, it cannot be stated often enough or strongly enough how much of yourself is still missing from your own awareness. Humans are truly 'the crown of Creation.' You are part Spirit and part Will creature. There are countless spirits, and many, many creatures in Our Creation. However, there is only one kind of Being who manifests all aspects of Deity... Spirit and Will in union as New Heart in Body. That is the human being.

"We are here in manifestation to the extent that you choose to host us here. We are deep inside of you, in the core of your essence, and awaiting your invitation to be even more present with you... at every level of your Being. When you are loving yourself, you become more present with Us. When you are judging yourself, you slip farther away.

"You can know our presence by that unmistakable feeling of love and grace that the universe sometimes shines upon you. You can also know our presence in the words you hear from the voice inside you. Loving Spirit speaks on behalf of Us both, and carries the message of Our union as New Heart in your Body. Our words are always loving, and spoken in a friendly and respectful tone. If the voice in your mind sounds other than this, is not Our voice, and not Our presence you feel.

"You can hear Our voice in the simplest things of life... like in the way the wind rocks a tree, or in the trajectory of a falling leaf, anytime when serendipity and synchronicity are alive around you, when the traffic lights are all green and your favorite song comes on the radio. You can see our presence in the way things work out favorably in the events of your life, and of course in every miracle you realize.

"There have been other voices in your mind besides Ours, and unfortunately for many humans Our voice has often been faint and seldom heard. Very often other, stronger voices have told you that you are not good enough, that you can't have what you desire, and even that it's wrong for you to be desiring it.

"And these are only some examples of the many, many undermining, destructive, demeaning and degrading pronouncements these voices have been demanding that you hear. You have been told you are insignificant in the mind of God, that you are not hitting the mark, that you are sinning. You have even been told that you are the source of evil on this planet, and that your presence as a species here will be ending soon.

"We want you to know that these voices are not your voice, and of course they're not speaking for Us either. It is really one source that speaks with whatever voice works best for its intentions. It can use your own voice, and very often does. It can also speak with the voice of your mother or father, or of a teacher or cleric. It can make itself sound like the 'voice of reason,' the 'voice of authority' and many, many people have even mistaken it as the 'voice of God.' Sometimes it speaks in the first person and says, "I ..." and sometimes it's in the second person and says, "You ..."

"Healers in indigenous cultures have called this voice the 'predator,' the 'parasite,' and 'the voice of knowledge.' In your modern culture it's called 'conditioning.' And some know it as the presence of 'reptilian' energy. In terms of the healing work, it's the verbal expression of denial energy. It is the voice of Lucifer in the deepest layers of the imprint that you are experiencing when you hear the unloving statements and questions. And at the original cause of the pain you feel in the imprint... is a fragment of the Mother's lost essence being tortured by denial energy.

"Spirit's denials are not the only cause of the pain felt by the lost parts of the Mother in you. Original imprinting happened even before Spirit was fully present. The Mother was first attacked by the demonic energy of the void, the asuras. And in many of those attacks the asuric energy bonded as well with Spirit's original denial energy, resulting in the most difficult issue you have encountered so far in the healing work ... embedded denial.

"The negative voice in your mind is one of the sure signs in present time that you are experiencing a reenactment of an original trauma in the Mother essence. The voice that tells you all about how unworthy and damaged you are is the voice of Lucifer deep inside of you, still whispering in the Mother's ear.

"When you feel the Mother's pain, you are also experiencing the unloving light she took in during the original trauma at the bottom of the imprint, and the pain became ongoing as the imprint deepened during countless reenactments. When you feel the pain, the reenactments that are still happening in the imprints in the Mother's essence are now happening in you as well.

Taking it Personally

"It has been very easy to take this personally, to believe the Mother's experiences are your own... and therefore you've often identified with the pain and the unloving light in the imprint... as if the Will essence and its associated denial energy is who you are. You've believed the judgments are about you the person, and that the voices of denial you've been hearing are correct because the pain seems to be yours alone.

"This is how the 'predator' or 'parasite' or 'voice of knowledge' has taken control of your Being and your body. You became possessed by the imprint. And when you became possessed, you were no longer the magnificent Being that is your true self. Your identity left both your body and soul and you were no longer the cosmic Being manifesting in human form, deeply connected with divine love and grace. Under the spell of the imprint... you instead identified yourself as either the pain or the unlovingness in the imprint, or both.

"Even those who have been successful enough at coping to have avoided feeling the pain directly still often hear the voices along with a vague sense of unease about themselves. And in the denial of their coping they have unconsciously given up their true identity to the unlovingness in the imprint.

"As long as you believe that you are part of a larger whole, you are missing your deepest truth. The truth of your Being is complete wholeness, in your own right. Anything less is still an imprinted reality, and not the whole truth. Ultimately there is nothing 'personal,' because ultimately there is only you, the whole transpersonal Being that includes all of Creation.

"Our presence inside of you is only temporary. As Spirit has said,as you reach complete wholeness We will not be there anymore. This is because you will have fully owned Us as your own primal essences. You will have become New Heart manifesting in Body... Original Heart's desire realized. And most importantly, you will have done this work with others, each of you becoming completely whole Beings, and each in your own right.

Loving Yourself Heals Yourself

"One of the greatest dangers in the healing work is to believe you are loving when you are not. Denying unlovingness has felt necessary to keep a positive sense of self, but it hasn't worked out that way.

"It's okay that you have been unloving. Owning your unlovingness, experiencing it in yourself can be a shock at first... and yet a necessary step in the healing process. The discovery and full realization of your true greatness is vital to your role as the healer of Creation. You can use the love We have for you as a model for loving yourself. Love yourself as if you were Us loving you. Release any judgments involved, release any asuric energy in the imprint, and move with loving acceptance toward the pain.

"Some of these channelers in collaboration with Us have learned a practice that makes easier the transition from identification with the imprint to identification with the healer you truly are. The essence of the practice is to find where the painful feeling is located in your body, release denial energy as necessary... and without any pushing, love this feeling part of yourself unconditionally until it is ready to move into wholeness with the rest of you."

True Human Greatness

"The greatness of your Being is not dependent upon you doing this work, or upon anything else for that matter. Right now, just as you are in the moment, you are already greater than you can imagine. And you don't have to do anything to earn your greatness; it's just that right now you may not be fully in touch with all of who you truly are.

"Even if the whole truth of your Being is obscured because you are identified in an imprint and feel yourself to be worthless or fatally flawed, the real Self you are... is still truly great. The truth of your Being is not dependent upon your awareness of it.

"Doing this work is very likely the quickest and easiest way to discover your true Self, and therefore your true greatness. When you become aware of your own greatness, you will find it in all other humans as well. And please don't worry about your 'ego.' True greatness is not about the personal, separate self, it's about your true Self, the whole Being you are evolving to embody. Discovering and manifesting true greatness is a very humbling experience.

"Among those who are committed to becoming truly whole, the denial of greatness has been the most serious issue in the healing work. You cannot heal the wounds in the deeper layers of your Being if you have not yet accepted that you are great enough to have these wounds, and that they are indeed yours to heal.

"Once you know the wounds are yours, it's also crucial that you have the resources of your true greatness to successfully address and heal them. We have mentioned several times the serious impact of denied greatness on the healing work, and how this kind of denial can be a formidable roadblock in the journey home to wholeness.

"And beyond all of what has already been said on this web site, there are the Right Use of Will books mentioned earlier. Material especially pertinent to the issue of denied greatness can be found the last chapter of Heart Song, the fifth book in the series. That chapter also has some triggers to help stimulate the emotional movement necessary to reclaim the greatness and grandeur of you, the whole Being.

"The kind of greatness most humans have been aware of has resulted from comparing their talents, strengths, skills, cleverness or appearance with other humans. Sometimes they have seen themselves as superior to others in this way, and sometimes they have projected this false kind of greatness onto others, and found themselves to be inferior. The phenomenon of 'celebrity' is a very good example of this.

"Comparing yourself with others is a good way to be mistaken. Whether you are seeing the other as inferior or superior to you, you mistake the small slice of them that you can see, their outsides... with yourself who you know on the inside. And besides, whatever you see as 'another' is only a reflection of a part of yourself that you have projected outside of yourself.

"When you own the outer reflection, either 'positive' or 'negative,' large or small, you bring another part of yourself from the shadow into the light. Whenever you take ownership of something that has been outside of yourself, you take back the outer reflection, bringing that part into yourself, where it belongs.

"Complete wholeness of Being means complete responsibility. You, the whole Being are not only fully responsible for all of your behaviors, thoughts and feelings... you are also responsible for all that you experience, even when it seems that 'others' have caused the experience. And please distinguish between the original meaning of 'responsibility' and the more recent usage that means 'blame.'

"Your greatness as a human being is greater than you have imagined so far. When you are completely whole, you are the one responsible for all experience in Creation. In your complete wholeness you will realize yourself as both the cause and the effect of every phenomenon in manifestation. And best of all, it will be you, the whole Being who fully realizes that the Mother's dream of complete freedom of Will for all Beings in Creation is indeed your own greatest dream."

Okay Folks, thank you very much. 

Channelers' note: This interview continues...

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