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Interview with 'the Folks,' Part Five

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Channelers note: For continuity and understanding... if you haven't already, please first read part one, part two, part three and part four of this interview and especially the Channelers' note at the top of part one. In addition to what is stated in our note there, we'd like to mention again that while they are two essences speaking as one, 'the Folks' refer to themselves individually as 'Spirit' and 'the Mother.'


The American Election

Channelers: As a reminder for readers, when 'the Folks' are referring only to themselves we capitalize 'We,' Us,' and 'Our.' When they refer to themselves and Humans together, these terms are not capitalized.

Folks, we've been feeling triggered about the upcoming American elections this year (2008). What can you tell us about the transpersonal imprints that are being triggered in us?

"For most humans, government in any guise has been an intimidating form. Even when you have been on the side the government has favored, you have experienced distrust of it as a form that has had power over you. There is deep denial of Will in any form that moves to control behaviors.

"The American elections this year, as in many other countries recently, have brought the inner battle between deep parts of Self more prominently into the world. This is valuable to the healing work because certain parts of your deep selves that have been in internal conflict are now projected out onto the world stage in the dramas of elections.

"This battle has been raging in the deepest layers of Being since before Earth was manifested. When We the Creators were completely gapped with no communication between Us, the beings that We had created took sides with either one or the other of Us.

"A very deep terror of being overrun and consumed by the Mother and her intense emotional responses pervaded the Spirit Polarity. In reaction to this terror in Spirit, a whole new class of beings emerged who called themselves 'Father Warriors.' The terror these beings felt told them that they must control the Will to protect Spirit from the Mother, and they moved to do so... in opposition to the Mother and the Will Polarity beings they perceived as causing their terror.

"The very fact that there has been a battle, not to mention the tactics of deceit and denial used by the Father Warriors, has triggered deep terror and revulsion in the Mother and the whole Will polarity. This battle has been reenacted many, many times in manifestation... and each time love has been the loser. Even the 'Mother Warriors' who arose to protect the Mother from the Father Warriors have been using hatred and denial energy to further their cause.

"This ancient transpersonal hatred and strife, this never-ending war, has felt good to a great many humans who have made it their own at the personal level. There are still many on Earth who love a good fight, and there is still enormous energy to prolong the ancient battle of the Father Warriors against the Will. Almost all of the strife in your civilization has been in reaction to the unconscious, frozen terror of the lost Will in your lower chakras.

"The 'world economy' is another example of an intimidating form in your civilization where fear is triggered to help fortify the position of those who 'own' things. The perceived need and very premise for civilization is to protect those who have ownership of material abundance from those who don't. And this too has been a reenactment of the ancient battle the Father Warriors have been waging against the Will.

"You have been feeling terror and revulsion in your politics recently because this lost Will in humanity is being triggered more than usual. Still operating is the ancient strategy of the Father Warriors to trigger fear in the population and then show that only they have the power to protect the population. This strategy was used when they first came to Earth and is being used now to see that their human surrogates win the current election. Any effort to go up against this will only trigger more denied terror, and the Father Warriors will simply use it to show everyone why they should stay in power."

Thank you Folks, what do you suggest we do here by way of healing?

"First, find the frozen terror in yourselves that has been triggered by the world stage events, and bring the light of loving acceptance to your own lost Will. You can do this more easily when you remember that you are truly safe and that the world stage events are happening for the purpose of triggering this frozen terror so that full loving acceptance and healing can finally come to it.

"As your Will essence begins to vibrate with your acceptance, you also have a good opportunity to take your projections off of the economic leaders and politicians on the world stage. You can now own them as parts of yourselves, which they truly are. The Father Warriors and their strategies of denial are alive within your deep Being. Bring the ancient war home to the only place it can be healed, inside of you. You will be pleasantly surprised by the powerful results of owning and healing the perpetrators within yourself.

"The outer political beliefs that seem opposite of yours are being held inside of you by parts of yourself that you have been unconscious of, parts that are still in your shadow. These are fragments of spirit that can lead you to the lost Will they have been controlling. The key to doing this is in your willingness to own the perpetrators you've been seeing outside of yourself as the reflections of bona fide parts of your whole Being."

Thank you Folks, what else can we do to heal this gap between loving Light and lost Will?

"You can find the qualities that you abhor in the politicians and business leaders you don't agree with, and then find the parts of yourselves that have had these qualities. You must of course be honest with yourself, and judgment release is vital here.

"Please remember that you have been innocent all along. There has been much unconsciousness, and yet evolution happens. All that has been unconscious is destined to become conscious. The main issue now is that your Human identity has been squeezed into a very small container by the conditioning of the civilization that has sought to control you. The time has now come for this conditioning to move... your full, undenied greatness is needed for the healing at hand."

The Truth That is Deeper Than Judgment

Thank you Folks, near the end of Part Four of this interview you said something similar, that as humans we are responsible for all that has happened in Creation. At first glance it could seem that this means humans are somehow at fault for all the evil that is present on Earth now. Would you please say more about this?

"First, as We mentioned in that part, it's important to make the distinction between 'responsibility' and blame or fault. As what has been hidden within you comes into the light of your loving consciousness, you can see more clearly that there really is no valid reason for either blame or fault.

"As Spirit has said, everyone has always been doing the best they could with what they were working with at the time. The only guilt or blame that exists is that which has been held in place by the judgments in imprints. Since none of those judgments are true, neither is the guilt or blame.

"The judgments are either directly released or they spontaneously release as part of the imprints' healing in the clear truth of loving Light. Love is what is true, judgments and denial are not, and neither is the guilt or blame they hold present in feelings.

"Although it may seem strange to the Human mind, it is true that everything that has happened in this Universe has happened the only way it could have. In other words, everything has happened just as it was supposed to. This is important to know because in order to succeed as the Healer you will simply have to trust that the Universe has been good and operating correctly at all times."

The Universe is Good and Operating Correctly at All Times

"Obviously, there has been a tremendous amount of evil and perpetration in the Universe. And not so obviously there has been an evolving movement to heal the imprints and their reenactments that the evil and perpetration have been part of.

"The reenacting of ancient, transpersonal imprints has been part of a good Universe operating correctly, moving from pain and fragmentation toward healing and wholeness. Now that more Humans have become aware of the issues and have more and more willingness to heal these imprints, real healing has begun in many of these imprints... both in the human healers themselves and in Creation as a whole.

"In understanding responsibility, it's important to know that you can be responsible only when you decide to take responsibility. And you can heal only what you take responsibility to heal. Otherwise, the healing of these ancient imprints is left to someone else. And if there is someone else who is more responsible than you... then you would be a fragment of that larger whole, and therefore not the Healer.

"Wholeness of Being is your birthright as a Human. However, by its very nature, it is not something that can be given to you. Your wholeness and your healing are yours for the having, and you can have them when you take full and loving responsibility for all of the evil and perpetration in Creation... as well as for all of the goodness and beauty."

You Are the Universe

"To get a feel for this movement, pause for a moment now... and imagine something good in Creation. When you have chosen something... observe it carefully and then say to yourself, 'I did that.' The 'I' who was speaking was speaking for the deepest part of your identity. You were speaking for Us, the Creators in you.

"Now take another momentary pause and imagine something that's evil in Creation. When you've thought of something, take a deep breath... observe it carefully and then say to yourself, 'I did that.' Again, you spoke the truth of the deepest part of your identity. This is where true Human greatness rests, in your ultimate identity as the Universe itself... all of it, including all that has felt 'good' and all that has felt 'evil.'

"Now here is a vitally important point. The new awareness of your deepest Self as perpetrator can lead you to one of two places... the 'courtroom' or the 'classroom.' In the courtroom you will find guilt for yourself as the perpetrator, and because that guilt is fundamentally untrue, justice will be elusive. This is because the courtroom is about accusations, judgments, guilt, blame, and suffering. In the classroom however, there is opportunity to learn, evolve... and heal.

"If there are judgments to release, feel the 'bad' feeling and release the judgments. Then immediately feel back into the feeling without judgment and come into loving acceptance of the feeling energy as a rightful part of your wholeness.

"If deep denial energy is in the evil you sense in yourself, release that as well. Then feel back into the feeling essence that had to hold the denial for so long, and own that feeling energy too as a rightful part of your whole Being. And of course you can also release the denial energy in a feeling by vibrating the feeling with your pure, loving acceptance until the denial energy can no longer stay present.

"If you are fully identified in the feeling essence you can move your body and sound the feeling to express it. Dance and song work well together to embody the feeling and bring it fully into manifestation. The denial energy in the feeling will then spontaneous release as the feeling's expression moves from tortured compression to full-bodied joy and mirth.

"As Humans begin to truly heal their Wills, your loving conscious awareness will find the right ways to release the denial energy that has made you unsafe to be with the Mother. Spirit has spoken more about this whole process of owning the perpetrator in Redeeming the Devils.

"As you awaken to your true greatness, you become responsible for what had always been left to someone else. You, the Healer are not to blame for the perpetration you now take responsibility for healing. And again, in doing this work, the courtroom is not an appropriate venue. However, the classroom is.

"Although the ancient conditioning has been deeply entrenched, it can be overcome with determined perseverance and consistent self-love. Otherwise you will find yourself once again in the old default place... the courtroom, where the imprints keep reenacting and you continue to experience reversals in your life.

"Instead, use the opportunity of your new awareness to intentionally foster your learning and healing. With your attention and willingness focused on evolving and healing, you will be able to move more quickly to claim your birthright... a whole and vibrant Will and her whole Spirit, loving Spirit... embodied in loving union with enough vital magnetic Mother energy to draw into manifestation whatever you truly desire."

Cosmic Human Identity

Thank you Folks, it seems like a good idea to keep ourselves in constant self-forgiveness when we venture deeply into the universal shadow. What you've said also seems to again raise the issue of identity. You suggest that Human identity is really a cosmic identity. How can this be?

"The sense of your constant, unchanging identity is important to keeping you oriented as the person you feel yourself to be. The same person who goes to sleep at night wakes in the morning. However, this sense of being a separate person who has a life and a personal history is not all of who you are.

"Your true Human identity is with life itself. Although it may seem strange to hear, it is accurate to say that very few Humans have actually lived. Except for brief moments here and there, almost all Humans over age five have been too frightened to venture outside of the models of reality and the identity that your mind has constructed for you.

"You have believed yourselves to be small and unimportant in the grand scheme of things. And this will remain true for you so long as you continue to unconsciously honor the perspectives and beliefs that the conditioning in your mind has held you to.

"Your true identity is so much more than you've thought yourself to be. As We have said, Humans are amazingly vast Beings with potentials well beyond your present ability to imagine. You have all of the parts of Deity within you, and if you choose, you may identify as any of these parts, or as all of Deity combined... the whole Universe and its Creators. Of course you must first leave behind the erroneous old beliefs from your conditioning and the disempowering self-hatred they have engendered.

"Spirit has pointed out that there is a specific identity in Deity that will serve you well as the Healer of yourself... and therefore of all Creation. There is one identity that straddles both the first and second attention, and it is the essence of your humanness as well.

"Your true Human greatness is not in yourself as Spirit, or as Mother, or as Heart. Your true greatness is in yourself as Body. Spirit has said that your identity is flexible, that your identity is as you choose it to be in the moment, and that when you choose to identify as Body, you are placing yourself in the position of the Healer of yourself... and therefore of Creation.

"This choice of identity is only possible if you are not identifying inside the mind with its maps of pasts and futures and stories about who you are and who you've been. For instance, your sense of 'I' living 'my life' is an example of an unreal, mentally constructed identity. What you've known as your 'life' is essentially a story your mind has made up about yourself as a separate fragment of a larger whole, 'the world.' And this is all that your mind can know about you... a story about the identity of the main character in the movie of your life. The mind cannot know your real, true Self.

"There is much, much more to your humanness than in your made-up identity as the person who lives your life. Your true identity is vast and well beyond your personal story of separation, struggle, triumph, elation, defeat, pain and a faint, distant longing for something you can't quite touch.

"What the mind-made identity that has been masquerading as you cannot know is the true nature of reality, just as it is in the present moment. While you have been asleep and lost in the mind's models of reality with stories of past and future, while you have been living in a dream-like story that you have come to know as 'your life,' your true Identity has been patiently waiting for you, always here in the eternal present moment, just outside of mind.

"However, this does not mean that your personal, mental identity is completely unreal. Your old, familiar self is real in that it is a part of your larger identity. It's just that this 'self' you've known is not all of who you are. The small, accustomed ego-based personal self you've called 'me' is only the tip of a very large iceberg... the vast, universal Self you truly are.

"As Grandfather has said, the true Human identity is timeless, eternal. As a present and fully whole Human Being, you are what brings Divinity into manifestation, you are the manifesting part of Deity, you are Body.

"Trust yourself as Body. When identified as Body you can quickly rescue the old conditioned 'you' from the traps of the mind's conditioning and into full presence in true, loving, unconditioned reality. Whenever you want to know how to find the present moment, touch your body. And then as Body, feel into the quality of the touch. Until you go back into thought, you are here now in the one, eternal present moment. And of course you can do this practice anytime you like."

Thank you, Folks. You mentioned that of all of the parts of Deity, Body exists in two different ways, in both the first attention and second attention. Please say more about this?

"In what is called the first attention, you are Body as the physical form that was conceived by your parents, born on your birthday and has ever since been growing and evolving as a part of manifestation. And in the second attention, at a deeper layer of Self you are the cosmic Being that is both what manifests the Universe and is the Universe.

"Words can only be pointers here, useful as metaphors but not as containers of truth. The reality of your true identity that We are pointing to is beyond what words can speak or the mind can grasp. To the mind this may likely seem to be a paradox. That is because what We are saying must be felt to be understood. And as We mentioned earlier, it is only in the way something feels that you can truly know it."

Okay Folks, thank you very much.

Channelers note: The interview continues:

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