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Interview with 'the Folks,' Part Six

The Destroyer

Working with Denial Energy & Denial Entities

Interview, Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five

Channelers note: For continuity and understanding... if you haven't already, please first read part one, part two, part three, part four and part five of this interview and especially the Channelers' note at the top of part one. In addition to what is stated in our note there, we'd like to mention again that while they are two essences speaking as one, 'the Folks' refer to themselves individually as 'Spirit' and 'the Mother.'

Denial Energy and Asuras

Channelers: As a reminder for readers, when 'the Folks' are referring only to themselves we capitalize 'We,' Us,' and 'Our.' When they refer to themselves and Humans together, these terms are not capitalized.

Folks, we've received questions from readers about the recent channeling on denial entities and how to best work with them. Here is an example:

"I have a question about the (to me) startling recent channeling from the Psychopathic Killer and the Torturer. I recall the PK from the Right Use of Will series. As far as I understand, these entities are extremely powerful, similar in that respect to the asuras. In one of your previous channelings, we are specifically and clearly advised to deal with the asuras not by trying to accept or love them, but instead to ask Spirit to take them to their right place in the Void.

"Is it not likely that the same advice would apply to any manifestation of the Psychopathic Killer and the Torturer? I suspect that there has not yet been any specific answer to this question given by Spirit. If that is so, is there any chance that you might be willing to ask Spirit, in a future channeling, what the best way for us to deal with the Psychopathic Killer or Torturer?"

"The asuras are purely denial energy, which is the essence of the Void. Spirit had initially mistaken the concentrated deep denial energy he first encountered in the Void for individual beings, thus the term 'asuras.' Denial energy or asuric energy is the essence of negation, and is actually nothing at all. It comes into manifestation through gaps that still separate parts of Us, and of course it does not properly belong here.

"Denial energy cannot be loved. Even if your love was strong and true enough to embrace an asura, it would slip out of your embrace like the piece of nothing that it is. Your larger-than-life love would send any denial back to the Void and fill the gap that the denial energy was holding open. When you have more experience with healing and your self-parental love is strong enough, you may want to try this method of releasing denial. You would love the fragment of lost Will so thoroughly and completely that you would literally love the denial energy out of it.

"In the meantime, there is nothing lost in continuing to release any denial energy you find in your personal and transpersonal gaps in the way Spirit has already described. The advantages of doing a deep denial release are that it is both safe and effective. With the denial energy temporarily out of your gap, you can much more easily move with unconditional loving acceptance toward the tortured Will on the other side of the gap. As loving consciousness you can then be of real service to the suffering sentience you find there.

"Your Feminine essence is not at risk of being re-attacked in a reversal when you release denial energy as Spirit has suggested. And Heart is not at risk of being hurt again trying to bridge a gap that typically holds negating energies of denial far more powerful than Heart's good intentions.

"Denial entities such as the Psychopathic Killer and the Torturer, however are a different matter. Although very, very powerful, they are not purely denial energy, and they cannot be simply released to the Void.

"Working with these entities is advanced practice, and should not be attempted until you feel comfortable experiencing very high energy states with intense negativity. In other words, you want to be in a very resourceful Healer state with all of your available lower chakra terror moving freely in your loving acceptance before attempting to match the energy of these entities."

The Destroyer

(The Origins of the Psychopathic Killer)

Thank you Folks, why are the Psychopathic Killer and the Torturer not pure denial energy? They certainly feel like denial. What are they, and where do they come from?

"'The Destroyer' is a much better term for what you know as the Psychopathic Killer. This entity is older than manifestation and is actually a piece of Original Heart. As difficult as this may be to understand without fully feeling into it, there is a place deep in the Mother that loves this entity as her own son. She recognizes Heart there and longs for a reunion with him. The Mother, through a deep resonance with Grandmother remembers what happened during the initial explosion of Original Heart.

"As the explosion that has begotten manifestation began, the separation of the still-unmanifest Spirit and Will of Original Heart began to unfold. Unaware that he was now only a fragment and not the whole of Original Heart, this part of Original Heart's Spirit was still bonded with unmanifest Will essence. Manifestation was being born.

"For the very first time in all eternity, this fragment felt pain, unbelievably intense pain. The Will essence in this piece of Heart felt the full impact of the intense terror and wrenching despair in the cosmic heartbreak that was beginning to unfold as she felt herself being torn away from her loving spirit essence.

"The spirit essence in this fragment panicked with the realization that although manifestation was desired, this duality that required him to no longer be in union with his Will was too high a price to pay in terms of the pain his Will was now experiencing. This was original heartbreak, beyond any human understanding.

"When his Will essence began to shake uncontrollably, his panic intensified to the breaking point and he rebelled. He instinctively held tight to his screaming, contracting Will, and together they imploded. They contracted themselves completely in attempting to undo the explosion and return to the state of complete oneness prior to manifestation.

"They believed that as long as they stayed together, both Spirit and Will, they were still the whole of Original Heart. This spirit essence believed that by imploding in this way, they would be taking back all of manifestation. However, that was not the case.

"Spirit can in fact return to the place of nonduality prior to form, the place outside of manifestation where subject and object are one, where the perceiver and the perception are one in the same. Pure consciousness can behold itself beholding itself as all that is. The magnetic, feminine essence, however, cannot return to unmanifest oneness, even with loving Spirit as her escort.

"The magnetic essence is the womb of Creation, she holds all that is manifest, and she must remain here as long as anything exists. Spirit, however, can come and go from manifestation. From unmanifested Spirit's point of view, compared to the glorious reality of his apparent oneness prior to Form, all of manifestation and the Will essence holding it are only an illusion. This is because in connecting fully within only himself, unmanifest Spirit becomes disconnected from the magnetic essence of his Will, and the even deeper reality of her pain.

"The intense pain in this imploding fragment is certainly not an illusion to the fragment itself. And although it is very large and powerful, it is not all of Original Heart. It is now very clear to Us that manifestation cannot be whole without this deeply suffering fragment that has been wanting to destroy it.

"And yet Manifestation continues to unfold without this vitally important part of Original Heart. This self-imploded fragment is still deeply imprinted with its panicked desire and automatic behaviors that continually try to destroy manifestation in an effort to take it all back.

"It has always been Heart's desire to have it all come together, to unify. And of course the desire to return from duality to the unmanifest state of perfect oneness that was Original Heart is in complete harmony with Heart's deepest desire.

"These events at the dawn of manifestation gave birth to the two primary directions of movement in this and every other Creation—expansion and contraction, the outward movement and the inward movement. The initial explosion began an expansion that still continues.

"The reactive implosion began a contraction that is still trying to pull the expansion down. Although it may at first seem that these dynamics have created a balance, it has become more of a stalemate. Manifestation has not yet been balanced in the ways necessary for the consummation of Original Heart's intention in exploding itself, or for the realization of the Mother's dream.

"All of her lost parts must be recovered before the Mother can turn her attention to the realization of her dream. Lost Will is still suffering, and the whole Will is still fragmented, including the Will of the Psychopathic Killer. The Mother's dream involves the unfolding of currently hidden dimensions, however she must experience a complete healing of all her lost fragments before she will have the movement necessary to open any more dimensions.

"Healing is called for here. The Mother will not settle for anything less than the full recovery of the lost Will that has been held captive by the deranged spirit essence of the Psychopathic Killer. The redemption of this spirit essence is also essential to the wholeness of loving Spirit. However, until very recently there hasn't been enough understanding or loving acceptance for Humans to seriously approach the Psychopathic Killer with healing intent.

"You may try to release this entity to the Void, but the Void can accept only its own. Pure denial energy without any Will or Spirit essence is nothing at all. Only that can go to the Void, because as 'no thing' it belongs there. Of course there has been a great deal of denial energy in and around the Psychopathic Killer. He first manifested here when Spirit's initial irritation with the Feminine combined itself with the denial energy of the Void and brought the Psychopathic Killer into this Creation.

"However, it is unnecessary to release absolutely all of the denial energy beforehand if you can find your way clear to have full unconditional loving acceptance for the entity itself. When real love is strong enough to love the psychopathic killer, your love can dispel any remaining denial energy.

Please be cautious, there is great danger here, and it is vital that you connect with us on the inside before attempting this layer of the healing work. Also, seeking help from others who have worked with this energy is well advised.

"This part of the healing may not be right for you at this time. Misfiring is possible here if your resources are not fully present, so waiting until you are fully ready is true wisdom. In this or any other circumstance, no matter who or what is suggesting it, please do not push yourself beyond what you feel is truly right for you. Again, it's important that you have a clear connection with Us and our guidance before proceeding here.

However, when it is right for you to take full responsibility for the Destroyer and move with love to embrace him, you will experience abundant encouragement and loving support from Us. The recovery of this entity is essential to the ultimate balance of a fully loving and abundant Creation, and the healing work cannot be complete without it.

"As Spirit has promised, this recovery will not be like former recovery attempts. This recovery will be for all of the lost Will, including the Will of the Psychopathic Killer with her intense desire to end all suffering and return to union."

The Origins of the Torturer

"Like all reactionary contraction in manifestation, the original cause of the Torturer is in the imploding of the Psychopathic Killer. In this Creation he is quintessential Lucifer trying to dominate the Will essence and therefore take Creation away from God.

"This was the trait of Spirit that the Mother hated the most, and it was the first thing Spirit put outside of himself when he used the dividing line to separate out everything he believed the Mother didn't like about him. It started innocently enough for Spirit; torture began with his curiosity about the Feminine soon after he first discovered her. Spirit initially distrusted her, and rather than engage with her in communication as an equal, Spirit poked and prodded her to find out what would happen.

"He wanted information, but rather than ask for it, he simply took it. That trait became part of Lucifer's strategy of dominion over the Mother, and therefore over Creation. The voice of the Torturer you find now in the recesses of your mind is the voice of Lucifer still sowing doubt and skepticism about love and life, still trying to break the Mother, the Will of Creation.

"When you believe his lies, your spirit unconsciously sides with Lucifer, and the Mother in you becomes weak and powerless, and often crumbles in despair. Lucifer, the Torturer can then use your Will against you. You may even hear yourself say, "I want to die." And the Torturer's response may go like this, "You don't deserve that, you were meant to suffer forever." Inflicting pain to break the Will is the way of the Torturer, and standard operating procedure for Lucifer.

"There are two ways you can work with the Torturer. The first is to realize that although his voice is within you, it not your own voice. Even though it may often sound like your own inner voice, it did not begin with you. These are the ancient taunts and insults of Lucifer whispering in the ear of the Universal Feminine over the eons. Realizing this, you can choose to either ignore the voice, or to talk back to it.

"You want to be careful to not oppose the voice, because your opposition will only make it stronger and louder. You can, however, say something like this to the voice, 'I hear what you're saying, now let's watch and see what happens next.'

"Then find some of the energy in your body that was triggered by what you just heard from the voice in your head, and feel into that energy where it centers in Body. Your shift of attention from the thoughts of the voice to the feeling of the energy will quiet the mind, and therefore the voice.

"When you feel the energy in Body that was triggered by the voice, you may want to do a judgment release or deep denial release before bringing your unconditional loving acceptance to the feeling energy of the part of the sentient essence that had just been triggered. When you do this, Lucifer leaves this part of the Mother in you. You can then replace him by channeling loving Spirit's energy to this part of your Will.

"The second way you can work with the Torturer is to follow the process outlined in Redeeming the Devils. With this approach, you essentially align with loving Spirit and take full responsibility for the qualities and traits of the Torturer as your own. When you are the Torturer, you can then simply stop torturing.

"As Spirit mentions on the page about redeeming the devils, this is advanced work and it requires a firm sense of your fundamental innocence and deep alignment with loving Spirit. This approach is good to use only after you have fully felt and given your unconditional loving acceptance to the tortured Will essence in you."

Okay Folks, thank you very much. 

Interview with the Folks, Part One ~ Part Two ~ Part Three ~ Part Four ~ Part Five

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