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Channelers note: The material on many of the pages listed here is a continuation of previous material, and may not make sense if read before the earlier material. To fully understand the material, we recommend that class pages be read sequentially, and that all links in the text of each page be followed so those pages can be read first.

11/26/99: Three new contributions to: Body Pages

11/11/99: New area of the site: Body Pages

11/8/99: Personal channeling contribution to "My Channeling": Getting to Know You

11/1/99: Healing Class: Grandfather's Role in the Healing

10/7/99: German Translation of the Channeling Class

9/15/99: Mother Expression: Will and the Void

9/11/99: Judgment Release Discussion, Affirmations and Judgment Release

9/10/99: "Healing the Invisible You" Responses

8/22/99: New frames-based Site Navigator & Guide

8/19/99: Mother Expression: Healing the Invisible You

8/9/99: Channelers' Questions & Comments: Who are you channeling?
7/28/99: Truth and Reality Class, Lesson Three: Manifestation
7/25/99: Running Energy Discussion: It's Better to Feel Energy than See It
7/11/99: Interview with God, Part Two
7/799: Personal channeling contribution to "My Channeling": Healing & Judgment
7/4/99: Messengers Discussion: Why are there contradictions among your messengers?
6/22/99: Right Use of Will discussion: Heart in Search of Balance
6/17/99: Discussion of the Seth material: Seth, huh?
6/16/99: A Message from the Channelers is updated.
6/6/99: New navigation/printing aids: Site Map and Alphabetical List
5/16/99: New area with personal channeling: My Channeling
5/10/99: A Message from the Channelers is updated.
4/9/99: New Site Guide and Guide to the Classes
3/14/99: Mother Expression: I'm Enraged!
3/9/99: Healing Class Discussion: New Heart Emerging
2/28/99: Healing Class Discussion: Who is the Healer?
2/27/99: Mother Expression: Thanks for Nothing
2/24/99: Mother Expression: Superiority from the Will Side
2/23/99: Healing Class Lesson Three, Part Six: Superiority & the Two Devils
1/17/99: Mother Expression: I'm confused, I just don't understand.
1/12/99: Mother Expression: The Mother's Welcome to All Souls
1/11/99: New page: Healing Class Discussion, Page Four
1/4/99: New Channeling Class Discussion
12/29/98: New page: Discussion of Conversations with God
12/26/98: New Healing Class Discussion
12/21/98: A Message from the Channelers
11/17/98: Four new pages are added to the Mother Expression area.
11/3/98: "Leave Without Absence"
10/16/98: The link to the Discussion of God's Messengers is repaired.
10/14/98: Four Steps Discussion: "Take More Love for Yourself"
10/14/98: Four Steps Discussion: "What is mine and what is yours?"
10/11/98: The page True Sacrifice is updated with new text.
10/8/98: Healing Class Discussion: "On Belonging to Groups"
10/7/98: More additions to the new area, Mother Expression
10/5/98: Healing Class - Lesson Three, Part Five: Spirit and Superiority
10/2/98: Additions to the newarea, Mother Expression
10/1/98: Four Steps Discussion: "The Future"
9/29/98: Mother Expression, a new area of the site is open.
9/27/98: Healing Class Discussion: "Contributor's Response to Sex and Love and Healing"
9/23/98: Healing Class Discussion: "Beware of Reversals"
9/17/98: Discussion of the Urantia Book has begun.
9/12/98: Healing Class Discussion: "Sex and Love and Healing"
9/11/98: Two new contributions are added to the Right Use of Will Discussion.
9/10/98: "Barbara Brennan and the Chakras" is added to the Running Energy Discussion.
9/5/98: Links are added to God' Messengers page, including new discussion.
8/31/98: Four Steps Discussion: "Driving backward brings me present."
8/27/98: Channeling Class Discussion: "I'm afraid to channel."
8/26/98: Channeling Class Discussion:"Sometimes writing is too slow for me."
8/25/98: Channeling Class Discussion:"Should I stop taking my medicine?"
8/24/98: Channeling Class: Written Channeling Discussion has begun.
8/23/98: Channeling Class Lesson Two: Written Channeling
8/22/98: Channeling Class Discussion: "How do I know it's not partly me?"
8/21/98: Healing Class Discussion: "You are what it's all about."
8/17/98: Healing Class Discussion: "On healing hopelessness"
8/14/98: Channeling Class Discussion: "Can you help me meet the Mother?"
8/13/98: "I want to drive my own bus."
8/12/98: "Can you give me some real help?" is added to the Healing Class Discussion.
8/10/98: Channeling Class Discussion: "Meeting the Source is a wonderful magic for me."
8/9/98: "Judgment Release and the Role of Spirit in the Healing Process"
8/7/98: "I fear being lost in love."is added to the Healing Class Discussion.
8/4/98: "Inner Advice and Judgment Release"
8/3/98: New text is added to the page on judgment release.
8/2/98: Lesson One of the Channeling Class
7/24/98: Healing Class, Lesson Three Discussion begins.
7/22/98: Two contributions are added to the Channeling Class Discussion.
7/20/98: "Please help me, I'm considering killing myself."

7/18/98: "Is it useful to erect a shrine for my father?" and "Why can't I see you?"
7/17/98: "Uniting God and the Mother" is added to the Channeling Class Discussion.
7/15/98: Healing Class - Lesson Three: Reclaiming Lost Spirit
7/9/98: Healing Class Discussion continues with "The New Road Begins Here."
7/7/98: God answers the question, "If God knows everything, why is he still learning?"
7/5/98: Discussion of the Running Energy Exercise has begun.
7/4/98: More discussion is added to the Channeling Class Discussion page.
6/25/98: God answers the question, "How do I know you truly exist?"
6/24/98: Channeling Class Discussion has begun.
6/22/98:Questions and comments addressed to God, but not yet answered.
6/21/98: I long for her words, what can I do differently?
6/19/98: I am Lost. What is My Problem?
6/15/98: Two new additions to the Healing Class discussion - How is Reclaiming
Lost Will Related to Forgiveness? and Is Ahriman the Part of Me that Denies?
6/13/98: God and a contributor discuss fear in relation to love.
6/11/98: A Script for the Running Energy Exercise is added to the Channeling Class.
6/10/98: A Running Energy Exercise is added to the Channeling Class.
6/6/98: Discussion of the Four Steps to Full Self-Realization
5/20/98: God answers a question about the fear of moving closer to him.
5/19/98: How Can I Achieve Liberation in this Lifetime?
5/18/98: The Channeling Class has begun with the introduction.
4/25/98: This page, and a page of questions and comments to the channelers.
6/30/97 to 4/24/98 Material posted to the site during this period (when this page
was not maintained) includes: God's Page - Driving Backward, Four Steps
to Self Realization, True Sacrifice, The Spirit Polarity, and numerous
questions and responses in the various discussions.
6/29/97: God's Page continues with advice for the road ahead.
6/23/97: Discussion: God's gender and the worship of God/Goddess
6/21/97: True faith and blind faith in the Interview with God.
6/10/97: Free will and predetermination in the continuing Interview with God
6/6/97: Today material is added to the page on God's Attributes.
6/5/97: Today's page is The Last Judgment.
6/3/97: Material about Perception is added to Lesson Two of Truth and Reality Class.
6/2/97: Lesson Two of the Truth and Reality Class.
6/1/97: God adds the introduction to Truth and Reality Class.
5/30/97: The Grandfather material is added to the Who is God? page.
5/29/97: The Interview with God continues with an overview of God's plan.
5/28/97: Today we've begun the Interview with God page.
5/27/97: Channelers' Notes
5/26/97: God's Class: The New Language of Heaven
5/25/97: Questions and comments in the Truth and Reality Class.
5/24/97 The Site Guide and daily page feature have been added.
5/11/97 God's Class: The Quest for the Mother - God's class on healing has begun.
4/25/97: Talk with God - God, how can I stay better connected with you?
4/17/97 Channelers' Page - New information from the channelers
4/14/97 Attributes of God - Some of God's qualities and attributes are described.
4/10/97 God's Page - God invites us to join him in the "front of the bus".
4/4/97 Questions and Comments - Lesson One of Reality and Truth Class
4/2/97 God's Class: Truth and Reality -The first of God's classes has begun.
4/1/97 God's Prophets - A list of modern prophets is added to this page.

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