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God, it's been more than two years since we began this interview, and a lot of material has been posted to the site since then. What of that new material seems the most important to you?

"This is a medium of outer communication between humans and Deity. Recently the most important events in the relations between humanity and Deity have manifested as a new and much deeper relationship of cooperation between the Mother and me. Many of these new developments are reflected in the material in the Mother Expression area.

"Three other areas are important enough to mention. The channeling class is helpful in making the point that inner communication with me is easier than the spiritual 'authorities' on Earth would have you believe. I am waking up inside of you, and our inner communication will help make this process much easier and quicker.

"The healing class material reflects what is most in the center of my attention. This is my work, and yours as well to the extent that you join with me in it. Healing is not only desirable, it has become necessary to the survival of Creation, and Spirit has some clear responsibilities here.

"As I do the work at the level of Deity, your own individual spirit works at the level of humanity. You are the vehicle in which and through which the healing will happen. You are the 'venue' in which the Mother and I will heal the Gap which has held all the death, disease and suffering you have learned to take for granted, yet was never intended. You are the healer, and this class is meant to help support you in this way.

"The four steps to wholeness reflects the pattern or map of how you can find your own unique path of fulfillment and healing. This material was posted before the channeling class began, and the second step has since been revised to emphasize the importance of our inner communication along with the 'driving backward' practice."

God, several questions come to mind. First, you have mentioned several times that the new lesson in the healing class about Body would be starting soon. When is 'soon' to you?

"This is a very good question. I've gotten a bad reputation about promises I've made, but didn't seem to keep, or at least didn't deliver on time. I'd like to begin clearing this up now with an understanding about the healing class promise. 'Soon' can mean anywhere from 'sooner than you think' to 'longer than you thought possible'.

"Since I can't say exactly when something will happen without engaging in soothsaying, I like to use the relative term 'soon' when I mean not immediately, but not too long either. Some readers have already gotten a lot of the material on Body from me on the inside as 'soon' as they read that it would sometime be available on the web site here on the outside. You can trust that you will get the material as soon as it's right time for you, regardless of what I or anyone else says about timing.

"The Body lesson, like the rest of the healing class, is about how I as Spirit am doing the healing work at the level of Deity, and how your spirit can join with me to do the same for humanity. On the inside I have shown the channelers and others some new practices that are intended to ground the material on Body in direct experience. As they test the practices and work with them, the human level issues that come up inform me about how to best proceed with the lesson. As 'soon' as we all get it together enough to have it channeled accurately, the lesson will begin.

"In the meantime, there is still more material yet to be channeled for lesson three about the Spirit polarity. However, at least part of the Body lesson may come sooner than the additional Spirit material becomes available. There will also be a new reality class lesson that will put forward some fundamental understandings about the nature of manifestation, which are necessary as a foundation for the more specific healing class material about Body."

Thank you. God, what about all those other promises, down through the ages?

"There have been a lot of misunderstandings about what my role has been in the lives of humans. For a long time I'd given humans the idea that I was both all powerful and full of love for them. From this they logically surmised that I would help them in the ways they asked me to, whenever they asked. To this end they developed a one-sided form of communication called 'prayer'.

"In their prayers they told me what they believed they wanted, and asked me to give it to them. When that didn't happen, they blamed themselves for being too bad or sinful to deserve my loving attention and assistance. Except for times when they blamed me for being an all powerful, uncaring ogre who ignores the pleas of helpless humans that didn't ask to be born in the first place, who sends them more pain, misery and trouble than they can handle.

"Neither you nor I am to blame for us not understanding each other better here, but I'm taking responsibility for it. Those old images of me were meant to get your attention so I could be more 'helpful' in your evolution. Unfortunately my help turned out to be more like meddling, and caused some serious misunderstandings and imbalances in the relationship between us. All of the difficulties between Spirit and humans were reflections of the difficulties and imbalances in my relationship with the Mother.

"The truth is that this is a free will universe. Even if I were all powerful in the ways you've imagined me to be, fixing things that go wrong in your life and giving you things you haven't been able to get for yourself would make a mockery out of your free will and self-determination, and would not be helpful to your development as an evolutionary will being. Besides, only you can address your challenges.

"A prayer asking for advice is always answered, no one expects you to be able to figure all this out without guidance. A prayer asking for my presence in your healing work will always get a positive response because that is truly my role in your life. I've said that if you want to communicate with me, talk with me like I'm a mentor or coach, but not like I'm your parent who is responsible for you and your development. You're beyond that stage now, and I am no longer feeling parental toward you as if you are the child and I the adult.

"Your role as the healer who finds their own wholeness means that you must eventually become parental to yourself, to all of your energy, all of your parts, all of your fragments. Wholeness has no parent outside of itself. As you learn to parent yourself, you learn to become aware of and take responsibility for all of your energy, all of your lost parts, all of your projections, all of your feelings, thoughts and behaviors, and even what you believe to be going on 'outside' of you.

"Healing into wholeness means taking responsibility for achieving wholeness. And wholeness means no separation, no gap between you and rest of you. This is where prayer becomes less important and channeling and direct experience become necessary.

"Your wholeness includes all that has come before, and I am a big part of that. And the Mother is an even bigger part of who you truly are. You won't be able to do this healing work without including us and our understandings and points of view. And when we are in communication, the process immediately becomes much easier, quicker and less painful.

"Direct inner communication with each of the four parts of Deity is crucial if you expect to reclaim the powerful parts of yourself that you have projected onto us. This is why I emphasize the importance of the channeling class. However, the practices in this channeling class are not necessarily for everyone, there are other ways to commune with us on the inside, and if you'd rather develop your own way of establishing and maintaining a reliable inner connection with us, then ask us on the inside for guidance about how do this. And if the guidance feels right, follow it.

"Your own path to wholeness is the only one you'll ever know for sure. Your life and how you conduct it is your unique expression. It's good to borrow ideas and understandings from outside sources like this, but develop and follow your own inner programs and schedule.

Thank you. God, what is an evolutionary will being?

"Humans are one example of a very special class of beings that have not been created, but rather evolve as other creatures. The difference between you and other evolving creatures, however, is that you have all four parts of Deity within you, and your evolution therefore parallels ours. We share with you the pleasures, pains, problems and concerns of beings who seek wholeness, freedom and love. We're just a little ahead of you on the way there.

"Evolutionary will beings have a very special role in Creation. Although they are part of Creation, they are the way they are not because they were created so, but because they have evolved themselves to be who they are now. And although they were not created like the angels and the myriad other spiritual beings have been, they are not the Creators, either. At least not yet.

"Your role as an evolutionary will being is to carry Creation on to its next level. The way this is accomplished is that you bring yourself together so that you are whole, without any denials. This means that you will be aware of yourself as each of the four parts of Deity, and as the whole of Deity. At this point you will have become the newest part of Deity. You'll then be ready to begin your own Creation, and the next Universe will be born."

God, this raises lots of questions.

"Yes, it's a good thing we can talk about this openly. However, I wish to reserve some important specific questions and answers for communication with those who ask me on the inside. But we can talk about it in general now, if you wish."

Yes, this is good. God, in the first part of this interview you talk about your "plan" for humanity, and you also discuss free will. If you've got a plan, how is it that we have free will?

"My plan is really Grandfather's plan, and it includes all of the possible realities that can be generated as a result of your exercise of free will. Although my own, original plan was thwarted by events unforeseen by me, Grandfather has shown me how I had blinded myself with my denials and how I'd allowed myself to become weakened with guilt. And he has shown me the way out of the blind alley I'd become trapped in. I'm now following his guidance in mending my relationship with the Mother, who is the final authority on free will.

"Because our development has been parallel, I'm now playing the role with you that Grandfather played with me when I asked him to help me heal myself and my Creation, especially my relationship with the Mother. So, like me you have the freedom to choose whether to continue on as you have, or take the advice and guidance of a kindly stranger from deep inside yourself who can show you to resources that can help you heal.

"Either way Grandfather's plan will come to pass, and you will be more than you've imagined being. You will have more than you've imagined having, and you'll understand more than you've imagined possible to know. And if you choose the path of self parenting and take responsibility for your own healing, you will also have your own Creation to recreate in any way you like."

Okay, thank you. God, you mention Grandfather. Some of us have had bad experiences with our grandfathers and some of us have had only positive experiences. How do we know "Grandfather" can be trusted?

"This is a fair question since you haven't yet had much direct contact with him, at least not in this medium. He is very accessible on the inside, however. The term 'Grandfather' was chosen because it is the term used by many indigenous cultures on Earth to denote the final authority as Spirit, the being that's beyond even the 'Great Spirit'. And also, it's an easy way for me to communicate the meaning, 'the original Source of my Light'.

"I didn't just wake up, realize I'm God, find the Mother and start creating the universe from scratch. A lot of work on the raw materials of form and manifestation had been started long before I became aware of myself, and it was given to the Mother and me to use these as we willed to form this Creation. This is another allusion to the relationship with Grandfather. The Mother and I 'inherited' many of the present manifested forms from previous creations in which Grandfather had participated.

"You will need to have your own firsthand experiences to be able to decide for yourself whether or not you can trust Grandfather. I know this being well, and given my experience with his grace and loving acceptance and good advice, and given my own experiences with my own evolution, I find it easy to trust him.

"This is certainly true when it comes to my relations with the Mother. I've missed the mark so many times with her, and yet Grandfather understands her needs and desires in ways I do not. He knows how easily Spirit can override her, and he cautions me in areas that I hadn't realized were important. There is a good reason for this, and before we resume this interview, in the Healing Class we'll 'soon' discuss the relationship between Grandfather and the Mother, and more of why Grandfather's presence is now gaining strength in this Creation."

Okay, thank you very much.

Channelers' Note: The material about Grandfather is now part of the Healing Class, Lesson Three, Part Seven. Later healing class lessons build upon earlier material, and it's important to read the earlier material in order to understand the later material. If you have not already, we recommend that you read all of the pages in the healing class before going on with the new material about Grandfather.

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