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Interview with God

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God, recently you have been in dialogue with the Mother. Can you say something about how the healing work is going in the Gap between Spirit and Will?

"This is Spirit, and first I wish to say that it's better to use the term 'Spirit' rather than 'God' when meaning only the Spirit or Yang side of Divinity. Long ago, as the head of the Spirit polarity, I began using the title 'God' for myself only. I fancied myself as the one and only Supreme Being, but this was in ignorance of and in opposition to my Will, the Mother of Creation. The truth is that my role in Creation is to support her, not dominate her. This fact has now become very clear in the dialogue you mentioned.

"And when the recovery of all the lost Will and the redemption of all the lost Light of Creation is complete and full, Body and I will be also be in alignment... in every fragment of manifestation. This is because the Mother's Body needs to come fully into manifestation before all the rest of the Mother can be here too.

"Just as I have told the Mother that I now realize she must lead in the healing of our Gap, I have been letting Body know that I wish that he/she now show me where I need to move to be more fully in support of her/him and his/her desires. Just as the Mother had been inundated by the bad light of my denials, so had Body. And just as the Mother has been tortured and victimized by Lucifer's penetrations and Ahriman's judgments and withdrawals, so has Body. In some ways my relationship with Body has been in a worse condition than my relationship with the Mother. And too often the unloving light that my denials have pounded into Body have reached out to hurt the Mother.

"Whenever I have come to the Mother directly while still in denial of my bad light, she has been hurt again. When I've come to the Mother indirectly through the Father while either he or I are in denial of our unloving light, she is hurt again, and very often her Body is as well. Each time this happens, of course, the Mother has suffered more damage, and the healing has been set back by the reversal.

"In our dialogue here, and on the inside in many humans, I have assured the Mother that my loving Light will not try to approach her unless invited. This is because I sense there may still be denials in my light that may also try to attack her. I have also told her that if she opens to express to me, I will wait until she has said all she needs to say to me and wait until invited before I move toward her. However the denied Light in Body does not always respond in this way. Much of that light has been programmed to put the Mother down, and even to hurt her. This is not Body's fault, however. Had I not done the same in denial of him/her, that light would not still be trapped there with him.

"So, even though I must allow Body to lead in healing the gap between us, sometimes what is in our gap manifests as attacks against the Mother, and even against my own loving Light. I can take it, but the Mother cannot. Sometimes I've felt that Body and I may be at an impasse here, but I believe I know how we can work through it, and if so it means that I must further align with Grandfather.

It seems much more clear now that Grandfather and Grandmother have been asking the Mother and I to help them come through us so they may unite with those humans who are reading and willing to embody Deity on Earth. In any event, I will continue taking responsibility for what my denied light in Body has perpetrated upon the Mother through my continuing work in redeeming the devils.

Okay, Spirit. Thank you for this update. What is your plan to remove your denied light from Body?

"Body and I have come a long way in healing our gap, and of course we still have further to go. The seeds of our healing have been planted and are growing. And there are some very serious changes that will need to come about in manifestation before our work will bear the fruit of the real help the Mother needs from Spirit and Body to realize her Dream.

I have spoken of the coming of some major shifts in the ways of blue chakra of manifestation. Soon it will no longer be possible for the power positions on Earth to keep at bay the terror held in the lower chakras. And this is especially true of the power in red. You have already experienced the beginning of the red chakra's awakening on both the personal and planetary levels. When this chakra really begins to move, all Hell will break loose on Earth. This will be good, although it won't seem so to most humans. Body, including all of Creation, will be radically transformed in the process of the opening and moving of the survival chakra of Creation. I have already spoken of this in my letter to those doing the healing work, and so has Body and Original Spirit in discussing the opening of another dimension."

Extraterrestrial Beings

Thank you, Spirit. Parts of your letter to those doing the healing work remind us of some other channelings from various sources about the coming Earth changes, and some of those are in alignment with what you have said in that letter. Many of these sources are beings from other dimensions who say they are here so they can help humanity make the transition to new and better realities. What can you say about these channelings?

"Most of these kinds of channeled works accurately convey the thoughts and attitudes of their sources. And nearly all of their information is accurate, as far as it goes. However, I would caution you to be very careful about who you choose to align with. Nearly every such 'extradimensional' or 'extraterrestrial' source has an agenda they are not revealing in their channelings.

"For most of the eternity of this Creation, loving Light has not been present in the Godhead. As I have said, my deepest denial, Ahriman has been God in my place, except of course when his rival Lucifer has beat him to it. Under Ahriman's rule, a 'plan' for the 'salvation' of Creation was developed and implemented. On the surface this plan looks very good, but at it's core the planned 'salvation' has meant salvation from pain and terror, and therefore from the Mother, the true Will of Creation.

"Spirit in disdain of the Mother, without the presence of Heart, is essentially unloving light, Ahriman. Spirit in opposition to the Mother is also unloving light, Lucifer. In this case Ahriman's passive denials of the Mother have been more devastating than Lucifer's active denials. Ahriman's plan has been to replace the Mother with various forms of 'technology.' Technology in any form means Spirit control of matter, and therefore of Will. At one time on Earth it was possible to simply will objects and even beings into manifestation. It was possible to have abundance in life and to accomplish great feats without any 'tools' at all, beyond the basic understandings needed to perform real magic. Life was easy and abundant because Will was free enough to draw into manifestation whatever was desired.

"However, as Body has said, that magic was not in balance. Furthermore, the most successful practitioners of magic have been those who have used the Mother's powers against her. Ahriman has disdained the Mother and all her pain and turmoil. And Ahriman's followers and worshipers, the 'Father Warriors,' have been very effectively using denied power of Spirit to dominate the Mother and gain even more power over her.

"Nearly all of the extra-dimensional beings that are presently working with humans on the inside to prepare them for the 'coming changes' are doing so under Ahriman's plan for a Will-less creation. If spirits can have what they wish and do what they like, why bother with the Mother and all of her 'bad' feelings and other 'baggage?' Why be dragged down by her pain and suffering? Why not just lift out of her Hell, and simply leave behind whatever doesn't feel good? No one wants pain and terror, right? You and I know the answers to these questions, but the vast majority of humanity does not, yet.

"And the majority of 'light workers' and others who are sincerely interested in creating a better world are being subtly deceived on the inside by direct contact with these beings, and on the outside by their channelings. But this is not wrong, either. All of this will fit together in the end. There is another plan, much larger than Ahriman's, and it includes all of Ahriman's plan as well. It is Grandfather's plan for helping the Mother realize her dream.

Grandfather's Plan

"In Grandfather's plan, everyone will be in their right place and doing what works best for them. For most, this will mean being somewhere other than Earth, and doing only those things that bring no harm to the Mother. But I must emphatically say that even Grandfather's plan is not the governing principle in what shall happen on Earth. Grandfather's plan is only Spirit's way of understanding and supporting what motivates all of the healing work, and infuses every fragment in Creation with its purpose. Grandfather's plan is now, and has always been... in service to the Mother's Dream.

"It is the Mother's Dream that motivates the healing work. And it is the realization of her Dream that has kept Grandfather, and now me, in pursuit of our denials and their redemption. Grandfather created the asuras when he denied the opposites of his and Original Mother's desires in the Grand Creation. I created the two devils of this Creation when I distanced myself from the Mother, and when I separated myself from the parts of my Light that were in opposition to her, rather than doing what would be necessary to redeem them.

"When Grandfather and I have finally redeemed our denials, the way will be open for the Mother to move as she has always desired to move, but never could. In that moment, the Mother's Dream will become the reality of this Creation. There will be no need for technology, there will be no need for denial, there will be no need for death, and there will be no need for any 'help' from extradimensional beings. There will be only wholeness, freedom and peace, and of course love and abundance and great adventure for all manifested beings... along with everything else that is in the Mother's deepest desires, yet even now still hidden from my Light.

Thank you, Spirit. You mentioned another agenda among the extradimensional visitors to Earth. Can you elaborate?

"Yes, there is something here that does not exist elsewhere, in any of the Creations. There is something here that beings from elsewhere would sorely love to have. Believe it or not, it is the very dense physicality of the red Creation that they desire. But of course, not as it is presently. This is one reason they are so interested in eliciting your collaboration and help in their endeavors. And this is what they don't mention to you on the inside, or in their channelings.

"The short answer to your question is that they want your bodies. They want your points of presence in the first attention, and they want them on a technologically transformed Earth that has solved the 'problems' of the Mother's presence. A true 'paradise' for those who hate the Will. If you as spirit choose to leave this level of density, who do you imagine will be left here in your physical, first attention Body? Please be very careful about where you choose to go, and who you choose to embody and assist.

"The healing work is about staying here on Earth and confronting the problems Spirit has caused in our abuse of the Mother, the true Will of Creation. This is the Mother's true and only home. And this is where my loving Light is now moving to be with her. This is where we will be making New Heart together. And this is where we will live together without the need of death, embodied by those who choose to have us with them. This is where we all will finally realize the Mother's Dream. I sincerely hope you will stay and help, and I promise it will be well worth your while."


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