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Channeler's Links

Our favorite channeled material is the Right Use of Will series of books... RightUseofWill.com (And btw, Jonathan Author's CD, There is a Garden is amazing music.)

Process Coaching is a site by some of the Channelers with helpful information and practices for the healing work, much of it based on the GodChannel material. Another site with some of the channelers is Expressing!

God & You is a sweet new children's book by Raymond Wolf that coveys some of the most important understandings of the GC material, with lavish illustrations by 11-year-old Briana Weekes.

Healing and Dealing is a web site (and soon-to-be book) by Peter Cloud Panjoyah that resonates well with the God Channel and Right Use of Will material.

A graphically intense and very personal site exploring the GodChannel and Right Use of Will material is Healing Kiss.

Another excellent site, especially for feeling into the healing work from the Mother's perspective is CyQuest.

Henrik Rosenø has written an interesting and provocative text based on the Right Use of Will and GodChannel material, The Transformation.

Krow Fischer's fun site is Here on Earth.

If you know of any other sites we might like, please let us know.


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