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Loving Lucifer

Contributor: Working with the feelings of Lucifer has had so many astonishing developments. The image was that of a pit bull, ferocious and barking, aggressive and violent, hateful and inhuman, drooling with the desire to destroy anything in its path.

With loving acceptance of this energy in me, it was as if the pit bull had been released from his tormenting chains, released from his anguished rejection by anything loving as well as from his ferocious aggression towards his own loneliness, sadness and fear… the outcast, the disowned pit bull energy; he was so lovable.

The sounds I expressed—through this experience of loving the pit bull—went from his growling and insane constant barking and lunging to whelps, as if the loving hurt him, even though he became calmer over time. The whelps slowed with his acceptance of my love and he became relaxed and present, playful and innocent. He practically melted into a sweet doggy wiggling on the ground; miraculously healed by love!

The feeling of this experience… ahhh, the feeling of this hot violent energy erupting from my Lucifer part EXPRESSING!! Killer, destroyer, rapist, murderer, torturer, YES, YES, YES to all of it! When this part first felt love it was unbelievable, he did not know what it was and it hurt, at first. He did stop though, the love caught his attention and he was curious, so he stopped and paid attention.

Once he actually felt the love, felt it coursing through his veins like a soft embrace, cooling and slowing him, he drank it in, grateful to be loved, be felt, be the Beloved… ahhh, tears and shaking and deep fulfillment… ahhh, Lucifer redeemed!


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