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Leave Without Absence

Did you take a trip and forget to tell us? You were doing real well for a while updating this site every three days. Then boom, you are gone again. What's up God? I hate it when you just vanish.

"I haven't really gone anywhere, of course, but thank you for missing me. Although I am everywhere, the easiest and surest way to contact me is where I am the most accessible, within yourself. You can also find me around you, speaking through the circumstances and events in your life. Secondary to my direct presence with you is my presence on this web site and in other channeled material. However, these outside connections are much more tenuous and subject to interruption, as has been the case here recently.

"The most important point of my communication on this website is that you can always find me within, where I am most at home with you. The other major point that I am making here is that there is a lack of wholeness in Creation and in you, and that I am asking for your help in healing the fragmentation that is perpetuating the gap between the Mother and me.

"There will soon be more material in the classes and responses in class discussions, as well as communication in the Mother Expression area of the site. In the meantime you may wish to reread some of the material in the healing and channeling class. Although we have lost contact with each other in the past, we are now coming together again, thanks to your desire to reconnect.

"The exercises in the channeling class are meant to help you find me within so you will not need a third party to channel reminders of my presence. The information and advice in the healing class and discussions is meant to help you find the wholeness that is the foundation necessary for the full realization of your dreams and my plan."

Channelers' note 11/3/98: We haven't gone anywhere either, but we have definitely had another interruption in our work. Fall is the busiest time of the year offline for most of us, and we also have some unusual challenges around the channeling work. There is some material almost ready to post, including more of lesson three of the healing class, the beginning of lesson four, and responses to several posts from contributors. However, we have been deep in our own healing processes and haven't felt clear enough to put channeling up on the site for a couple of weeks. These past few weeks have been quite difficult for some of us personally, and we've had to be offline more than usual, even for this time of year.

Probably the biggest issue we now have in common is a feeling of dread about having to be intermediaries between God and readers. Lately we've been feeling more of the responsibility of representing God to readers and we realize that even though it is not our intent, we have sometimes caused suffering by not acknowledging a contribution.

We hope readers will understand that we can no longer channel responses to personal questions as we did when we had more time. We feel that the channeling class addresses the issue of personal contact with God, and we will channel responses to questions and comments about the channeling process and otherwise do what we can to help readers become channelers in their own right. We believe this is God's most serious intention with the web site.

Over the past few months readership has doubled three times, and so has the mail. We have an in box full of excellent contributions to class and messengers discussions and the Mother Expression area of the site, but of course we won't be able to channel responses to most of them because contributions come in at a much faster rate than we can channel. Also, in the past we tried to keep up by posting some contributions without responses and while that was fine with some contributors, others have been hurt by seeing their comments posted with no channeled response from God. We are still not sure about how to best handle this issue, and we're open to suggestions if you have any. In the meantime, if you would like a contribution to be posted without a response, please include a note saying that it's okay for us to do that, and we will. Of course, we may also post a channeled response as well. If you've already sent a contribution please let us know if you prefer to have it posted without a response, rather than not posted.

Another issue is the nature of some contributions has been changing with the opening of the Mother Expression area. Some contributors have been expressing issues that the Mother has had with God and these posts have been triggering emotional movement in us beyond the plentiful triggers in our lives. We don't want to go past anything here, and sometimes it takes a while before we can be clear enough in our own processes to channel a response.

We very much welcome these triggers and the movement they are catalyzing, even though it also takes us offline sometimes for longer than we would like. Our own healing processes are our first priority, of course. And of course we want to do the very best we can to put up clear and accurate channeling on the site, and we feel very honored to be able to work in collaboration not only with our Source, but with contributors to the site and others who are doing the incredibly challenging work of healing into wholeness.

Also, we are presently working on a general reorganization of the site, and this project is absorbing additional energy. Part of the reason for the reorganization is that it no longer feels appropriate to put out the expectation that we will channel responses to posts addressed to God on the "Visit God" page, so we have linked to this new page from the top of the "Visit" page as a way of explaining that we're overwhelmed with the volume of mail, and that we need to be able to focus more on the class material and discussions, at least for now.

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Response to Leave Without Absence

Dear Channelers, Thank you for sharing a little about your process. I have learned much from the lessons from God and your comments. While I have talked with God almost every day for years, I only began to channel formally several months ago. Practicing the exercises in the channeling class helped a lot, especially running energy and writing things down.

I feel very fortunate to live with others who channel, and I have learned a lot about the process by exploring the differences and similarities in our experiences. I would like to open a dialogue about some of the issues that I have been working with that others may be encountering as well.

When I first began to channel, the first question I had was "who am I listening to? Is it really God?" I compared what I got from other sources that I trusted because they felt good to me: The Right Use of Will books, this website, and the information that my friends were receiving. It did not take very long to distinguish God's voice from others (I seem to be receptive to lots of beings). I found that my awareness and intent enabled me to stay in the driver's seat with all of this (driving backwards, of course!)

As my confidence in my ability to recognize the source grew, I got more comfortable with the differences in perspective that others seemed to be getting. As I have become more and more parental to my own healing process, I realized that I was developing criteria to evaluate any information, no matter what the stated source of it was. I have come to understand that ultimately it all comes from Deity, its just that we are not yet healed. So I am appreciating the different points of view and God and the Mother have told me that all parts need to be heard.

I am finding that sources and material that I have previously dismissed have value for me. Reading someone else's channeling often opens a door for new information to come in. I am amazed at God's ability to give me understanding that encompasses positions that seemed mutually exclusive to me. I like to learn from others because it alters my consciousness and allows me to ask questions that I never would of considered on my own.

Sometimes what I get seems to have more universal application and sometimes its obviously quite personal to me. I believe it's a function of my needs and consciousness at that particular time, and I've released the judgments that one is better than another. I appreciate the GodChannelers' willingness and ability to work on this more impersonal level, and also appreciate your efforts to include more of the Will polarity.

Obviously, there's a relationship between the individual channeler's consciousness and the quality and type of information that individual is able to receive. Sometimes I think that people do not make any distinction between the channeler and the channelee, and the channeler gets caught in the cross-fire when folks are mad at the source of the information. I think its important that we recognize and understand the differences and relationships between humans and the other parts of Deity so that we can best facilitate the healing process. I'm getting lessons on this now and I look forward to working with others on this in the future.

I trust God's message on this website because the primary communication seems to be that we all have a right, an ability and a responsibility to hear directly from God on the inside, and I get that God learns from me as I learn from him. I thank everyone that is doing this work because I can feel Deity evolving--keep channeling!

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