A Concise Summary of the Material on this Site

Site Navigator Help

Scroll the left window to view the Table of Contents. Clicking on a link in the left window will open that page in the right window. Clicking on a link on the page in the right window will open the new page in the right window.

How can I get rid of the window on the left?

There are three ways to change or eliminate the window on the left. First, you can put your pointer on the thin bar that separates the two windows (just to the right of the left window's scroll bar), and then drag the bar to the left to make it more narrow, or go away almost entirely. And moving it to the right will make it wider. Also, you can make the right window larger in proportion to the left window by dragging the whole window open wider at the bottom right corner. You may also want to adjust your browser's font size if it's too large on these pages.

The second way to get rid of the left window is to right click a link in the left window and choose, "Open in New Window." Or on Mac, put the pointer in the right frame, and hold down the mouse to reveal a menu (on some Mac browsers use the Control key as you do this). Choose: "New window with this frame". In either case, the original window with the left and right frames will remain... while a new window with no frames opens in front of it.

The third way to get rid of the left window is to use the link "Leave Frames" at the top of the left window. This will take you the Site Guide page, and from there you can go to whatever page you choose, with no left window. The original Site Navigator window will remain behind the new window that is opened for the Site Guide, so you can return to it whenever you like.