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Denial Expression

The Psychopathic Killer

I am the psychopathic killer.
Do you dare know me?
I have kept myself well hidden
In order to do my dirty work.
You have not wanted
To see me here.

I do my work in the shadow.
Unseen, unheard, unfelt
For what I am.
I ride on the tail of rage,
The whip at the end
That cuts into fresh tender flesh,
Lashing out quickly and deeply
Leaving before
I can be found.

You haven't known me
Though you are familiar with my works.
The sting of hurt,
Rawness of the fresh wound.
Rage is my ride,
She serves me well
We work together
Though she doesn't always know
That I've come along.

Other times she chooses
To have me with her
To use me as her weapon
To remove what is in her way,
To enact her revenge.
Nothing gets in my way
Nothing can stop my action.

I work best in the dark
Where there is no light
No consciousness to thwart me
No Being there to interfere with
My dirty work
Cold, unfeeling, heartless work,
I am the assassin hired to do a job,
Quickly, cleanly, deadly, thoroughly.
Nothing left undecided.
Nothing left at all.

My dagger is sharp, cold, cutting,
Faster than light.
It goes deep
Takes no chance
There is no room
For failure here
The verdict is clear
Death is the only deed
Left to complete.

I leave as quickly
As I arrive
No trace left behind
Of who has been here
No fingerprints
No evidence
That points to who it was
That enacted the filthy deed.

Only the wound,
The smell of death,
Of denial,
A rotting stench
That can't be cleaned.
The rawness and aching
Of pain
That can't be healed.

You've believed that I only exist
Do my dark work
Through someone else.
You've protected yourself
From that externalized force.
How blind you've been
To the place
Where I have entered.
I've fooled you
For a very long time.
Because you see
I really live inside of you.
No other.
Your most unwanted child
Twisted and deformed

I am the psychopathic killer,
Catch me, if you can.


Channelers note: 'Psychopathic Killer' is a term from the Right Use of Will material. It is portrayed as a special kind of denial energy or entity that is well beyond your ordinary asura, or deep denial energy in intensity and dangerousness. We are using a practice called Sentience-Led Self-Guided Process to reach some of the most lost parts of the Universal Feminine inside of us that have been damaged by this extraordinarily difficult, dark and vile energy.

'Catching' the psychopathic killer would mean taking responsibility for it, owning it as yours, and then releasing its denial energy from deep within Body. The next step would be to give your unconditional loving acceptance to what is left after the denial energy is gone, the very dark and grotesquely squashed and damaged lost part of the Mother. Quite a challenge, to say the least. The Folks have more to say on this in their interview...

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