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Truth & Reality Class

Table of Contents
Introduction : Basic Principles

Lesson One: Where is the World?
The World is Part of You
You Own the World
You are Hosting the World
When the Host Sleeps
When the Host Awakens
Lesson One Discussion

Lesson Two: Projection and Perception
All the World's a Movie Set
Lesson Two Discussion
Lesson Three: Introduction to Manifestation
Identity and Definition
The Observer and the Creator
The Explosion of Conception
The Father

Lesson Three Discussion
Lesson Four: The Fundamental Questions of Manifestation

Part One: The "Where" of Manifestation
Identifying as Body
Bringing Heaven to Earth

The Fundamental Questions
Part Two: The "What" of Manifestation

Body is Everything
Vibration is 'What' Manifests
The Seven Levels of Manifestation

Part Three: Awareness


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