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Running Energy II

Channelers: This is an advanced version of the original Running Energy Practice. If you haven't already, please read that page and the associated discussion. As with the original practice, the purpose of this exercise is to get in touch with and move the two fundamental energies of the human energy system (and Creation)... the feminine, magnetic, "Earth" energy of the Mother, and the masculine, electric, "Spirit" energy of God. Like the original exercise, this one begins in the imagination and makes use of the old axiom, "Energy follows thought." But the point here is to move your awareness so you experience the energy as a felt sense in Body, not just as the visual representations that get you started.

To help get deeper in touch with Body and the Mother... this practice is conducted underground, in the center of the Earth. Other changes from the original exercise include feeling the colors of the chakras, and bringing more awareness into the Heart center of each chakra. We'll begin with a review of the location and area of influence of each of the seven chakras in the ancient Hindu system, highlighting the color or frequency of energy associated with each chakra.

The Energy Centers

RED: The first chakra, survival center or "root chakra" is located at the base of the spine in the area of the perineum. Energy in this center relates to physical survival and represents our deepest connection with the magnetic Mother essence and with Body's manifestation on Earth.

ORANGE: The second chakra, the emotional/sexual center is located just above the first chakra. This center has two parts, the lower part relates to sexual energy and the upper to emotional energy, "gut feelings."

YELLOW: The third chakra is known as the will center and is located at the solar plexus. This center relates to our sense of identity and what we want and don't want in our lives. And it's the Will's center for manifesting her desires.

GREEN: The fourth, or heart chakra is located in the center of the chest. This chakra of course relates to love, both giving and receiving, and to our sense of affinity and connection with others. Heart energy feels a little different in the three major areas of this center: lower (more like Will), middle (more balanced) and upper(more like Spirit).

BLUE: The fifth chakra is the throat center. It relates to communication, the faculty of clairaudience, the channeling of words, and is Spirit's center for manifesting through Body.

CLEAR-INDIGO: The sixth chakra is also known as the "third eye," and is located in the center of the head at a level just above the eyebrows. It relates to knowledge and wisdom, the faculty of clairvoyance, and "seeing" second attention realities. This chakra is traditionally a dark indigo color. However, more recently a small but growing area of translucent clarity has been forming in the center.

PURPLE: The seventh or crown chakra is located at top of the head and opens upward, like a funnel. This center represents our connection with Spirit and is the place where the Light of transcendent Spirit first comes into form as human consciousness.

Each chakra also has a complete chakra system with it. For instance, the Blue chakra has a Red part, Orange part, etc. In this practice we'll work with bringing more awareness into the Green part of each of the other chakras.

The Practice

This is an overview of the new exercise. There is also a suggested word-by-word script available for this practice.

The first step is to bring your awareness into your body. Become aware of your breathing and any other physical sensations that are prominent, such as any discomfort, the feel of your body in the chair, etc. Wiggling your toes and focusing attention there is another good way to quickly come more into Body. With this practice the more nuance of physical sensations that you can feel, the better.

Like the original exercise, this practice is done sitting upright in a chair or similar seating with both feet flat on the floor or ground. But instead of using grounding cords, we're going to go directly into the center of the Earth by descending a vortex of energy that spirals down from just under your red chakra to the "nugget of deep, dark, red Earth energy" at the center of the Earth.

To get better in touch with the first chakra energy... it can be very helpful to flex the sphincter muscle around the anus and hold it tight for a few seconds. When you finally let that muscle relax, the sensation of sudden relaxation and openness makes it easy to feel that you're dropping down the vortex to the center of the Earth, where you will imagine sitting on the nugget of Earth energy.

Once in the center of the Earth and sitting on the nugget, connect with the Mother by calling her name and imagining her presence all around you. Ask her to hold you throughout the practice. Then using imagination and breath, sit even deeper on the nugget... allowing it to fill your first chakra.

Say in your mind's voice, "First chakra opening now and filling with Earth energy." Feel the Mother's energy as warm, smooth, healing and nurturing, drawing energy. When Earth energy has filled the first chakra say to yourself, "Sitting even deeper, opening the second chakra and filling with Earth energy." Do the same with the third, "Sitting deeper still, opening and drawing the nugget (with your inhale) up into the solar plexus."

With the fourth chakra and the three upper chakras say, "Drawing the Earth energy into Heart." ("Throat," "Head," and "the Crown" for the upper three). With your Earth, Mother energy running up through all the centers, allow it to flow out through the top of your head, and up the vortex to the surface of the Earth.

Now imagine that your Earth energy has attracted the Spirit energy. Imagine the Spirit energy above you as a stream of clear golden light, coming all the way down the vortex to "the crown chakra in the center of the Earth." Here you say, "Open Purple."

As you imagine (feel) the Spirit energy coming down through each chakra say, "Open Clear-Indigo," "Open Blue," "Open Green," etc. until you get to Red. After Red say, "Grounding the clear golden Light in the nugget of Earth energy... and bringing the nugget again up into the first chakra, glowing red." (Pause.) "Second, glowing orange," etc. until you reach Purple. Then say, "Coming back to Heart, from the center of Green, bringing some Green down to the middle of Yellow. Right in the center of Yellow, some Green."

For this part of the practice image that you're making a loop from Heart to each of the other chakras, and placing a "dab" of Green energy in the center of each chakra. If you were to see this from the outside, it would look like a series of half rings looping up and down the chakras. The sequence is to start at Green and go to the center of Yellow, and back to Green. Then up to the center of Blue, and back to Heart. Then continue with a loop from Heart and back to Heart in this order: Orange, Clear-Indigo, Red, Purple. And finally from Purple back to Heart. You can complete this part by saying, "Making a ribbon of Green running through all the chakras."

Finish up in whatever way feels good to you.


The whole exercise should take about ten to fifteen minutes... when you first start doing it. After practicing a few times, it will happen more quickly and take only about five minutes for the same results. Also, sensing or feeling of the energy will increase with practice. If feeling the energy is difficult at first, focus on feeling into the bodily sensations in the area of each chakra, and go through the process using that, your imagination and breath. Flexing the sphincter muscle and using your hand or fingers to gently touch each chakra area helps too.

The structure of this exercise is only a suggestion. The best practice for you is whatever you yourself work out with guidance from God and the Mother. It's recommended to do this, the original exercise or your own variation of running energy on a daily basis. As with anything new, the more you practice it, the easier it will be... and the better you'll do it.

You may wish to make a tape of the exercise, have a friend read the directions to you as you do it, or read them to yourself as you do the exercise the first few times. If so, you can print out the Script for the Advanced Running Energy Practice.

We are very grateful for the inspiration from Arvel and Bobbie Chappell for the final "energy looping" part of the practice.

Script for Running Energy II

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