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Color of Energy in the Chakras

Contributor: Thanks so much for the running energy exercise. It is for me just the reminder and guidance I need now. This is like a dream come true, having a direct link with God through you channelers helping me to heal completely.

Channelers: You're welcome for the exercise, but we hope that the exercise and this class will help you get an even more direct, inside link with God. When we channel responses from God, they're addressed to everyone, not just the contributor who asked the question or made the comment. Your own, inside channeled responses will be much more direct and personal.

Contributor: I also like to include in the exercise feeling visualizations of the color of each chakra to help me connect deeply with its essence. Others might appreciate this too.

Channelers: There are some variations of personal experience with the colors associated with the chakras. Many people get different colors than the classical ones when they first start working with the chakras. We think this may be because there's a complete chakra system or seven "levels" within each chakra. Also, many people don't experience any difference in color at first. We don't believe there are any "right" colors, whatever color you experience is what's there at the time, and that's fine.

The classical colors (dating back to Hindu writings) for the chakras follow the colors of the rainbow:















Chakras within Chakras

Barbara Brennan, in her book Light Emerging, describes chakras within the chakras in great detail, where there are seven levels extending out from both the front and back of the chakra center. My experience with this understanding is a sense that this is true and that the levels can be spun and charged at each level... yet at times I feel the energy moving in directions and with colors that are not as she teaches. I release the judgment that I am bad for having an experience with my chakras that is not identical with Barbara Brennan's... and I release judging her as wrong for having her own experience and understandings about the chakras. Any other insight to our energetic makeup, God?

"You are right, of course, to own and credit your own perceptions. And I will have more information about the human energy system in Lesson Four of the healing class when we discuss Body and the relationships among Spirit, Body and the Mother. In the meantime, I'll confirm that what Barbara Brennan says about the chakras and human energy is generally correct. Like everything else, there are many levels to the reality of your energetic makeup, and Barbara Brennan and her associates have discovered more than a few of them.

"The realization that there are chakras within chakras is very old, dating back to the ancient Hindus. This phenomenon is one reason people have experiences of different colors in the same chakra. For instance, the energy of the heart chakra can be experienced in each of the other chakras, in the fourth level. For example, if the Mother and I are meeting in the second chakra, the intensity of our union in love could predominate over the other energies there at first, and it may feel more 'green' than 'orange'. When the chakras are all completely open and balanced, the whole spectrum of energy will be accessible in each, although up until now this experience has been extremely rare.

"Although there is plenty of information available about others' experiences with the chakras and the human energy system, your experience of your own energy system is what matters. For now my best advice about additional insights and the study of this field is to do the running energy exercise regularly and ask me on the inside about what else to do in this regard. Probably all you'll need to know from others is that they too experience energy running in them."

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