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Discussion of the Seth Material

Seth, huh?

According to you: "I am not named as the 'source' of The Seth Material or The Urantia Book, but a close look will reveal my Light shining through thinly overlaid personas. These two works were channeled in relatively deep trance states."

"Yes, it is my Light. And this is also true of many others, a closer look at any of the prophets, artists and writers and other channelers of my Light will reveal the same. I am the original source of all inspiration."

What exactly is a "thinly overlaid persona"? Am I, too, only a thinly overlaid persona of some god? Then who is the god of me?

"No matter how thick or thin your persona, it is not 'you', but rather more like the clothes you wear - or your 'mask', as in the original meaning of 'persona'. And yes, you are much more than you've imagined yourself to be. The Seth channeler wrote a book called The God of Jane that shows how one person found her essential 'lower case god' within. And she was right that I cannot be found on the outside as the old 'God concept' implies.

"Your journey from the veneer of personality to your true, essential identity takes a different route than hers, but no matter which way you come, your eventual destination is to manifest who you truly are. And that includes my Light, the 'upper case' Spirit within you and the Mother's Desire, the upper case Will within.

"To know this for yourself, you may wish to engage in some scientific inquiry. If you try your hand at the exercises in the channeling class, you may find easy access to another dimension of the reality you are creating. Also in this way you may come to better understand how it is that you have been creating what you perceive."

And by the way, Seth explicitly said that he chose to speak while Jane was in a light trance, not a deep one, because the more information could be transmitted closer to conscious awareness, the better.

"In the time since Jane Roberts channeled Seth the idea of trance states has come into more common acceptance, and 'relatively deep' as used here means that her personality was not fully present during channeling sessions. The other channeled works mentioned as being done in relatively 'lighter' states include much more of the channelers' conscious participation. Seth and Jane worked toward this, however the channeler's experience and beliefs told her that keeping a firm distinction between herself and her source was important, and to her this meant she needed a deeper trance state than some of the more recent channelers use.

"Two reasons to emphasize the value of fully conscious participation in channeling is to make it clear that this ability is open to everyone, and you don't have to lose yourself in the process. Doing the channeling class exercises and reading the discussion will help make this clear. It is as if you are transcribing something that is being dictated. You are speaking or writing for another, but not becoming the other.

"At least not yet. As I have said, the reason I wish to communicate directly with you is that I am waking up inside of you, and the completion of this process will require a collaborative effort. The healing class has some good pointers about what you may do to move quickly and surely into wholeness as you more fully embody the Mother and me in Heart. These invitations don't require an RSVP, and please, come as you are."

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