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Channeling Class:

Meeting the Source Exercise

Channelers: For this exercise it will be good to have a question you wish to ask. Also, if you've ever had an experience of being in contact with God, take a moment to remember it now. If you were seeing him, remember what he looked like to your inner eye. If you were hearing his voice, remember the sound of it. If you were sensing his presence, remember the experience of it now. And if you've never had an experience like this, you soon will.

Begin with the running energy exercise. When you draw down the Spirit energy, imagine it as God's Light. With your energy running, and a question in your mind, close your eyes and imagine you are in a place in nature, walking on a path. Way up in the distance is the vague outline of a figure, a visual representation of God.

At first it may be too far away to see, or perhaps around a bend or over a hill. Notice the appearance of the figure when you first see it. It may have a human or other form, or it may be simply a bright light. Whatever first comes to your imagination is the right image for this exercise. It may change during the exercise, and there may be another visual representation when you do this another time.

As you draw nearer to the figure, he moves toward you until you are standing in front of each other. It's not unusual to not be able to make out specific features, that's okay. When you are near enough to sense his presence, in your mind's voice say "Hello".

Imagine telepathic communication. You can send and receive thoughts and feelings. There may be words you can sense telepathically, there may be a gesture or simply a feeling that lets you know God has responded to your greeting.

When you've said "hello", and have received a response, ask "Is all right to ask some questions?" Notice the response and say, "thank you." When you're ready, ask the question you brought with you.

Open to the response, and sense the unique feeling of God's presence as he responds. After each response, say "thank you" or "thank you very much". (This seems to help the flow of the communication.)

When you've received the answer to your question, ask a follow-up question. If it's not already clear, ask him to tell you specifically how you can use this information in your daily life, and again open to the response.

If there is something you don't completely understand, ask another follow-up question and note the response. Continue your communication as long as you like, and when you have completed, say "thank you." When you're finished, bid farewell.

When you're ready, gently return to the place where you're sitting, and notice the feeling of your energy. You may want to continue running energy for a little while to complete the experience.


The purpose of this exercise is to help develop a sense of the energy and presence that identifies God's communication. The actual method of channeling covered in the class is to write down both sides of the dialog between you, and this will be covered in Lesson Two.

You may want to make a tape of this exercise, have a friend read the directions to you as you do it, or read them to yourself as you do the exercise. If so, you can print this page and use it as a script.

It's okay of course to do this exercise as often as you like. However, the running energy practice is even more important as a method of preparation for channeling.

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