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Healing Class - Lesson Two

The Spirit Polarity

Part Three: Spirit's New Quest

"I know now that if there is light that is not yet redeemed as part of me, and therefore has its own power and is not under my control, it could again attack the Mother, as it has thousands of times before.

"I want her to know that this time it will be truly different, and the only way I can prove this to her is to reclaim all my denied Light and rally it to my own will. Then, and only then, can I fulfill my highest intention and congruently offer myself to the service of the Mother, the true Will of Creation.

"The primary intention of this channeling and this web site is to facilitate my reunification of Spirit, and secondarily to make contact with the Mother. I will be able to be with the Mother safely once the Spirit Polarity is aligned with me. As I have already said, my aim in making contact with the Mother is to align myself and all of Spirit with her.

"I don't yet feel ready to directly contact the Mother, and this medium of computers and the internet, while perfectly suited to the needs and activities of Spirit, is not appropriate for Desire. As I have said elsewhere, she communicates through feeling, sensing and movement.

"This medium does not honor her, nor is it possible for her to fully express herself here. It is only useful for sending messages between us. I do not believe real contact is possible here. Where I want to meet the Mother again is within you, which is where in manifestation we can both be the most present.

"So you see, I must collect the Spirit polarity together before it is safe for me to again approach the Mother. I am determined now more than ever to own all of my denials, and reunite Spirit completely within my own identity.

"Although I have tried this before, I was unable to locate my most crucial denial, and therefore until now I have been unable to align with the most crucial part of the Mother. I now have new information that I didn't have in earlier tries, and this time I shall succeed in making all the resources of Spirit available to the Will of Creation, my mate, the Great Mother."

Ahriman and Lucifer Are Not God

"The new information is based on the fact that there are two Spirit entities to whom I have given my denials. Lucifer is the one I've known as a being separate from me. Ahriman is the one I haven't known. Until very recently I had thought that Ahriman was me. And in a very real way he almost was.

"The truth, however is that no one but me is me, nor can anyone else ever be me. I am loving Light. I am one with Grandfather. I am pure Spirit, and the head of the Spirit polarity. Others have taken my place at the Godhead, but that did not make them me. I am the only one that can be me. Lucifer is not me, Ahriman is not me, you are not me, this channeler is not me, the Sun is not me, the sky is not me. Nothing and no one other than me is me.

"However, I am Lucifer. I am Ahriman. I am you. I am every grain of sand and every star that shines. I am everything. I am all things and everyone, except of course my Desire, the Mother, and Heart, our Love. And I wish to be together with her again, and in physical form with our Heart in Body. Perhaps as you.

"Maybe you'll choose to offer yourself as Body for the consummation of our Divine union. If so, following my advice on Four Steps to Wholeness will be all you need do.

"There has been much confusion on this issue of identity. Many people have thought that if one thing is another, than the other is the same as the one, but this simply isn't true when it come to Spirit. Many have said to themselves, and even out loud, 'I am God.' They've been wrong. The very closest you could get to saying this and be correct, is to say, 'God be me.' I want to say firmly and in the vernacular of the day, if you think you're God, please get over it.

"This is an important point, because if you know the difference between me and you, then you can easily find me within you. This has been the whole point of 'spiritual development,' for humans to find God within themselves.

"I am here inside you now, telling you and showing you that this is the truth, and at the same time through this channeler I'm having the same message delivered to you on the outside. But it's you who is doing this, you are manifesting my presence in your life, and you are more powerful than you've believed.

Becoming God

"Now here is where it gets interesting. Since I am you, it is also true that you are becoming me, or rather the Mother and me in union. You are on the road to Godhood. It is the road I am evolving on as well. It's a journey without destination, and I am traveling just ahead of you.

"You will pass the place where I am now, but when you do, I will have already moved on ahead. I will always be closer to being me than you will, but you will be closer to being God than I was in the past. This is because regardless of how time is structured, I am evolving and so are you. Is this clear?

"Since I am you, you have my strengths as well as my issues. All the mistakes I have made, you have made. If you wish to heal yourself quickly, then come find me within and ask for my guidance. I will be there instantly, both with confirmation of our connection and with specific advice about what you want to know.

"I will not come on strong or forcefully. If you experience coercion or blame, it is not me you are experiencing. If that happens, stop and ask yourself, 'Who is coercing me?' or 'Who is blaming me?'.

"Regardless of the answer, you can use the technique I have given to release judgments to free up the magnetic essence that has been trapped by the judgment that made the coercion or blame possible.

"In the movement of the newly released magnetic essence you will attract the best possible Light for you at that time. Trust yourself to know what is right for you.

"I can do no other than respect your free will and love you for how you express it. If I offer advice and you don't take it, there will be no problem. I want you to become more and more of who you truly are, and I want you to do that in your own unique way, not in some way you think I want you to.

"Before you decide anything about this issue, please feel into it for awhile. You can return anytime to refresh your memory of what I've said here, and compare it with what you feel inside.

"In the next lesson we'll discuss how the unseen side of the Spirit polarity, Ahriman, came into existence. Much of the bad intention in Creation that has been blamed on Lucifer has in reality been the work of Ahriman, who has also been called Satan.

"Almost all of the war and destruction in Creation has been a result of the huge unseen battle between these two devils. In the next lesson we will also discuss the existence of a class of beings called the Asuras, and how their presence, and my ignorance of them created the initial problems between the Mother and me."

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