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A Concise Summary of the Material on this Site

Channelers: Spirit, over the fourteen years we have been receiving channeling from you and the other parts of Deity, we've noticed some recurring themes. Would you please summarize what has been said here so a new reader could easily decide if this material will resonate with them and their life path?

"This is Spirit, thank you for asking. The most important information you will find here is how to use the several specific tools to help you become the Healer of yourself, and therefore the Healer of Creation. When identified as the Healer, you will be able to find and help come back into wholeness the most lost and damaged fragments of the Universal Feminine that have been hiding in your deepest Self and therefore in the deepest recesses of Creation.

"The next most important understanding in this material is that there is so much more to you than who you have thought yourself to be. Your deep feeling essence has known realities far more significant than the mind has been able to understand. Along with a thirst for knowing, this material can help you access the truth of your whole identity.

"Another understanding that you will gather along the way is that presently you are not whole. You are still a fragment. And even so, if you remain true to yourself and make this all your own doing, and also follow the advice and guidance offered here, you will be able to heal yourself to wholeness. That's a promise, however you don't have to believe this or anything else, but the Healer's faith. And the more of the frightened, hurt and damaged feeling essence that you own and heal in yourself, the more easily you will be able to manifest the kind of life you truly want. Communicating on the inside with the Universal Feminine and me will be very important in this process."

Thank you, Spirit. We've added links to pages on the site that relate to what you've just said. Now, what advice do you have for a new reader?

"As with any new material, it is most helpful to read with an open mind and suspend disbelief as much as possible. This material is intended for parts of you that are deeper than the mind and its conditioning, and the mind can sometimes have objections if it does not immediately understand what is read. Rather than trying to figure it out before going on, continue reading with an open mind. Let the mind know that later, after the material is digested, you will analyze what you've read.

"Read slowly, so the feeling parts of you can take in what is being said, and try not to read too much at once. Also, printing a page and reading it on paper will make it all the easier to understand and digest the unusual communications here."

Thank you, Spirit.

Channelers note: We would like to add two more important things we've learned in using the GC tools and perspectives. First, that in the nitty-gritty of the healing process we are working with energy in the body, and that it's by feeling this energy we can know how to relate most effectively with our sensate, feeling selves.

The other, and perhaps most important understanding we have about the material is that when you're doing this healing work, it's actually not you who is doing it. You are channeling into action the Universe's desire to heal and evolve. You know what to do because you find yourself following a steam of intuition. And you know the effects of your actions on a moment-by-moment basis through what you feel, not by 'knowing' anything ahead of time or following an idea or plan in the mind. Driving Backwards has been big help to us in this regard.

Here is a list of the primary healing tools on the site, and this page has a good summary of the whole healing process. Also, our other web site has many articles with tools and understandings that you may also find helpful in your healing journey.

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