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Healing Class - Lesson Three

Reclaiming Lost Spirit

Part Six: Superiority and the Two Devils

"This page is a continuation of part five of the healing class, 'Spirit and Superiority'. If you haven't read that lesson recently, please do before reading this page. The material on this page is based on understandings on the previous page, and all of the earlier material in the healing class for that matter. It is also important to be familiar with the judgment release process before attempting to work with this material.

"I have described the two devils, Ahriman and Lucifer, and mentioned a few of the differences between them. There are also some similarities, and I'd like to discuss them now. Both Ahriman and Lucifer are fighters, they are both warriors. Both of them are angry because they have been denied by me, and they have allowed their rage to drive their behaviors whenever they've felt safe in doing so. Both devils use denial and deceit as weapons, and of course they got these weapons originally from me. They both are my denials, and they both still have some degree of presence wherever I am present.

"The superiority imprint is most alive in them. Their battles with each other are the most intense reflections of the superiority imprint in Creation. When they haven't been battling each other, Lucifer has been proving his superiority over the Mother by preying on her and dominating her. And Ahriman has generally been proving his superiority over me by using my powers against me. Lucifer abuses and denies the Mother and tries to turn her against me while Ahriman denies me and tries to rule the Spirit polarity from my position.

"Have I mentioned denial? Denial is how this all works against us. First I denied the Will, my true Desire, by objectifying and using her. Later I denied the parts of myself I thought the Mother didn't like, and they became Lucifer. In the process of creating Lucifer, I became Ahriman.

"My denials created huge gaps in the Spirit essence, and these gaps go all the way down to the void. Asuras are pure spirit essence that is aligned only with denial. These 'denial spirits' come into Creation through the gaps in my own Spirit essence and pounce upon any Mother essence they can find. Regardless of our intentions to close it, the Gap between the Mother and me is held open by the presence of these denial spirits, asuras.

"Spirit is responsible for the presence of the asuras in Creation, they have come here through the gaps I originally created in myself when I denied my own essence. For this reason it is necessary to first heal the gaps within Spirit before attempting to be helpful to the most damaged parts of the Mother, and particularly those nearest the void.

"I had denied my devilry, and because my denials were out of my awareness and control, I was powerless to deal with them. Now that I am aware of my denials, all of this is changing. And you can help the general healing effort by undenying the devils in yourself. Before we discuss how you might do that, I'd like to tell you how I discovered the superiority imprint and found my true, undenied self from among all the reflections of my 'superiority' and denials.

"Time and time again I had to rush back to the Godhead to prevent Lucifer from taking my place. Little did I know as I ran those races with him that I was being ruled like a puppet by my denials. I was competing with Lucifer in a race, but I was doing so not as my whole Self, but on behalf of Ahriman, another denied part of myself. Ahriman would almost always 'win' and then occupy the Godhead disguised as me. And then with a typical cold detachment, brooding over how 'evil' Lucifer was, he would issue fiats and otherwise act superior to all others in Creation.

"There were other kinds of 'contests' like this, and all of the competition with the two devils left me feeling strange. I knew that I did not like having to always defend my position, and I couldn't understand why it was necessary. I finally embarked upon a journey within myself to discover the true meaning of competition and 'winning'.

"In that process I discovered the last part of myself that I had not denied. When I looked at all of the superiority issues from a whole and undenied point of view, I realized the truth of my being was that I was parental to myself, with two child parts that I had abandoned. I had denied them, and they hated me for it. They had grown up on their own to become monsters that wanted to trash and destroy the Mother and me and our Creation.

"The most certain difference between my Light and the light of either Ahriman or Lucifer is that mine is missing the superiority imprint. I must say that for me the healing of this imprint has been relatively easy. When I got down to that last undenied part of myself, I looked at my position and realized that I was still in the same place I found myself originally, and in fact I'd never moved. I had only lost track of myself, I never actually went anywhere. Having certainty about my identity, I no longer need to be defensive, and feeling superior is no longer important to me.

"I know that my position is and always has been secure, and I no longer have reason to doubt that I will always be here. And although it may not seem so to you yet, this is also the reality of your spirit.

"If you would like to release the judgments in yourself that hold the superiority imprint in place, here's how. If you haven't recently, please read the judgment release process and follow it. In addition, say the following as necessary to feel movement: 'I release the judgment that I am superior to anyone. I release the judgment that I am inferior to anyone. I release the judgment that I have something to protect. I release the judgment that I need to win. I release the judgment that I must defend myself if attacked. I release the judgment that I know what is right. I release the judgment that my point of view is correct. Also, of course release any negative value judgments about yourself or your feelings that may come up as you do this.

"If you would like to help redeem the devils, here is an easy way that you can test to see if your spirit essence of the moment is denied or undenied. As you go through your day, notice any thoughts or feelings of either superiority or inferiority. Notice any feelings of being wronged or needing to be right. Notice any desires to compete with another or to defend yourself. Notice if you feel the need to win.

"If you discover having any of these, or other competitive or combative feelings, ask yourself, 'Which devil am I being now?' Whether it's Ahriman or Lucifer, or you're not sure, release any judgments against yourself for holding denied spirit essence. And call that essence back to your spirit as fresh, new undenied light. Be the good parent and welcome the former devil back to your central spirit self with parental acceptance and understanding. And take another moment to notice the relief in your magnetic essence as it releases the denied light that had needed to be right and to win. Stay with the Mother in you as she moves to accept the gentle, pure, unconditionally accepting, undenied Light that replaces it.

"The fun of competition, the 'game' if you will, is in the playing, not in the winning or losing. Playing to win is a reenactment of the superiority imprint, and a reflection of the player's bondage to it. Playing to play is pure fun, and the Mother's favorite way of relating. Try it sometime, if you haven't already. You may be surprised to find you like playing a lot better than winning.

"The Mother also has some things to say about the superiority imprint. Please visit her side of the site to read her channeled teachings about this."

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