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Denial Expression

The Torturer

I am not a killer. A killer at least has enough decency to stop torturing people. He kills to stop pain. Terror is his entourage until he reaches his victim, and then it's over. I am more of a torturing kind, just as certain, but slow and mean.

I crawl into your bed while you are asleep. I creep into your dreams and attack you from the inside where you can't fight me. I torture you with passion, with persistency only a rejected lover knows. I rejoice in endless shades of my brutality, spurred by sick fantasies and thirst for revenge.

After all this time I've learned your every step before you even make it. I am whispering horror in your sleeping brain as you leave your body out in the open, helplessly depending entirely on my mercy. Until morning comes to deliver you from your hell.

I suck you clean leaving you willess, exhausted and powerless to the day. I won't stop till there's nothing left of you for the world, for others, especially for your lover. Finally, he too gets tired of you and leaves. Only then I am completely satisfied.

I enjoy my role of torturer in your long sleepless nights full of nightmares, knowing you can't close your eyes for fear of terror you might find in endless corners of your mind.

This is how I want you to wait for the dawn!

I know you are being secretly fed by hope that the dawn will come and deliver you from this dread. Sometimes I feel generous. I allow you your hope, only to make you realize again and again, how barren it really is. It has lead you nowhere.

The real morning never comes for you, there is no deliverance from this, only a new day, weary and gray like your every day. Your tears and pain don't move me.

This is my revenge for your stupid obstinacy and defiance.

The new day has come. A gentle touch with a painter's brush, a sign at the bottom of my canvas. Here! It is finished. And I am proud of my creation.

Rembrandt of all master torturers ­ that's who I am!

And your lover, your secret lover, the one you keep hiding from me, the one with whom you've been plotting against me - with your stupid secret plans, the very same one you are clinging onto, holding him with a spasmodic grasp, begging him not to leave you helpless and alone, your last hope in your endless battle with me IS ME!

HA! I have been playing this game within you through Eternity, through the centuries and days, hours and minutes. And all the while I've been asking myself, when will you finally get it that YOU ARE ME?

Channelers note: The Folks have more to say about the Torturer and its healing...

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