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Channeling Class

Written Channeling Exercise

Channelers: This exercise is the same practice we use for our daily personal communication with God. We use this method to connect with God and channel guidance for our healing journeys and our lives. We also use this method to get information about what to do with the site, but we use a slightly modified version of this form for the channeling on the site. When we first got the guidance to put up the site, it was during a channeling session that followed the practice we will now outline.

In this practice you will be conducting a dialogue. You'll say something, and then leave a space for God to respond. To distinguish them from yours, God's words as you interpret them will be in quotes. You will initiate the communication and God will respond.

This exercise is the core of a channeling session. Begin the session with the Running Energy and Meeting the Source exercises... or, in the case of 'the Folks,' finding them inside of yourself. Once you have a connection, and using pen and paper, typewriter, or computer:

1. Write a brief sentence stating the condition or situation you wish to ask about. (For instance: Well, here I am again wondering what I should do about these awful feelings that come up every time I . . . etc.)

2. Write: Hello, God. (No quotation marks for your words.)

3. Write an open quotation mark ("), and then write whatever word or words come to you as a good interpretation of the response you get to your greeting. Close quotes (").

4. Write: Is it okay to communicate now?

5. Write an open quotation mark ("), write the response, and close quotes (").

6. After each response, write: Thank you. (or) Thank you very much. (This acknowledges the response and seems to help the flow.)

7. Write your first question, ending with a question mark (?).

8. Write an open quotation mark ("), write the response you get, and close quotes (").

9. Write a follow-up question, asking for specifics, with a question mark (?).

10. Write an open quotation mark ("), write the response, and close quotes (").

11. Continue the dialogue, and when finished write: Thank you very much.

There is not much more to say about this, as you can see it's very simple and to the point. Writing the opening quotation marks opens the space for God's response. If you get stuck anywhere, go back to noticing your energy running and re-connect with the feeling or the visual image you got in the Meeting the Source exercise.

Another way to get the flow going again is to ask yourself, "If I were God, how would I answer this?", and then write that down. This can be very helpful in picking up his energy thread again. At first it's best to not worry about exact accuracy, practice will show you how to improve this. The main thing is to keep the flow going and maintain your role as the detached interpreter of the energy and other information coming through your imagination to your awareness.

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