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Welcome to GodChannel. We're a group of people working on healing into wholeness. The group has evolved since February of 1997 when three channelers first put up the site. Since then new channelers have joined and some no longer participate. Four of us have worked on the original channeling and all of us proofread and edit. Two channelers focus on channeling Spirit, Body, Grandfather and the Folks. Another two, along several important contributors, have focused on channeling the Mother. Since our extended vacation ending in October 2005, most site activities are now being carried out by two of the three original channelers.

We each have direct experience in channeling Deity through writing. We discovered this ability in our own inner searching for God and some of us in using processes such as "Inner Dialogue" and "Womb of Wisdom" and the exercise "Morning Pages".

This kind of channeling is remarkably easy to do once you get the hang of it, and the channeling class explains the way we do it. We had been channeling privately for several years when we began work on the site in February of 1997. This is the first time we've shared our channeling publicly.

Our Sources have indicated preference for us to keep the site simple and functional. What we have been given as Spirit's or the Mother's words are always enclosed in quotes to distinguish them from our notes and readers' questions and comments. (A separate note explains some unusual usage.) Titles, channelers' notes and linked words and phrases are added after the channeling as part of a review and edit of the material. Additional information about our work on the site is updated occasionally on the page A Message from the Channelers.

Other Sites We Like

Only a very few of the millions of web sites that deal with healing and spiritual issues resonate with us. Here are links to a few sites that do...


We would like to hear your comments, questions, suggestions, etc. In one of our messages, however, we'd like to mention again that we're no longer being able to respond to all emails. You can write to us at: channelers@HealingToWholeness.org. If you request, we will add your email address to the list for the (very occasional) GodChannel Newsletter.

The link below is to some emails we've received from readers before the forum opened, and our responses.

Comments Addressed to the Channelers

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