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Mother Expression

Channeling and the Will Polarity

A note for the magnetic, will polarity attempting to channel God's voice. I find that I often hear many voices when I pose a question to God. The attachments that unloving light still has to me leaves me open to much deception in this area. I have found that distinguishing more clearly that I am opening to Loving Light, rather than all aspects of God (of which Lucifer and Ahriman are) I can more clearly receive the voice of the loving center of God.

As a Will polarized human I have come to understand that I cannot separate myself completely from these other forms of light, until they are undenied and healed... therefore I must be very careful and loving with myself when I channel God's presence. Asking The Mother to help me distinguish what light is present has helped. As has clear judgment release when I feel a connection that is not healing. (i.e. I release the judgment that God does not love me... I release the judgment that I deserve to be punished...) Each of these judgments are what holds the unloving light in my will, and releasing them lets loving light into this space in me.

If the unloving light does not release then... then I ask God of Loving Light to take this unloving light and lead it to it's right place, acknowledging in my own spirit that God is the originator of this light, and may claim ownership over it. (If this is difficult, I release -again- the judgment that God is not in control and I am doomed to live with unloving light forever.)

I think it must be acknowledged that opening to channel invigorates our innate connection to Loving Light, but also energizes our connections to unloving light. This is why so many religions and folklores have judged against this action. Staying with the true intent to heal and bring forward love into manifestation will keep us safe, but knowledge of how to deal with these unhealing--unhealed parts of God, The Mother, Heart, and Body needs to be taught side by side with the reconnection.

Also, realize that if you are Will polarized the reconnection to Loving Light can, and often does bring much emotional movement. Coughing and even retching often brings unloving light out of my energy field. Channeling can be very "spiritual", but if you are Will polarized it may feel more emotional and physical than is being stated here. When this movement comes, the best thing to do is to ask God, and the Mother to help... they can tell you on the inside what mental/emotional/physical movement is needed to clear.

If you allow movement to come to its natural conclusion it will not take all night (release this judgment), you will not go unconscious or crazy (release this), you will feel better sooner than you thought was possible... and fear of emotional movement will lessen with each experience. God is Willing to stay present with our movement here.

Channeling, for the will polarity is like pouring clean water into a filthy vessel. We have been filled with unlovingness for so long we fear the process which will bring us healing...and we still hold much shame for the ugliness contained in us. Release judgments as they are found and praise Yah for His new intent toward our healing... be brave, but go as slowly as needed for true safety.

"Thank you very much for this perspective. Focused as Spirit, I can know the Mother and the magnetic, Will polarity only through reflections like yours. I have said in the healing class that I am not seeking a direct connection with the Mother here in this medium, but rather a direct, personal, inner communion through humans. As I've stated to the Spirit polarity, most humans polarized toward the Mother have suffered greatly and have felt the depth of her pain in opening to unloving light. I wish no further reenactments of that suffering. I feel your post has very much helped move us toward the healing and union we both seek, thank you again."

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