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Right Use of Will

"As I have said, the most direct and surest way to experience my message and my Light is to find me within you. This web site and other 'channeling' of my Light into words can only approximate my inner presence with an outer manifestation. The truest expression of my voice is within you, and only in present time.

"There is however, a body of work that reflects many details of my experiences, thoughts and feelings. It is a series of books called Right Use of Will. Although there is no connection between the channelers on this web site and the channeler of the Right Use of Will books, my message has a similar purpose.

Here I am primarily addressing the spirit in you. In the Right Use of Will books the message is for and in support of the Mother in you. In both cases the purpose is healing of the Gap that still separates Spirit and the Mother in you, and all of Creation.

"There is no other source of 'outside' information, including this web site that offers such a rich mixture and large number of glimpses into the true being and reality of Spirit and the Mother of Creation whose essence is called 'Will.' I recommend the Right Use of Will material if you are serious about healing and about following my lead toward wholeness.

"In the classes and elsewhere on the site I will be giving some new understandings that you may find helpful if you are using information from the Right Use of Will books in your healing process. Also, there is an area of the site, Mother Pages that is a place where those holding magnetic, Will essence have expressed themselves, and through them, the Mother.

"I also invite those who identify at least partially with Spirit and are using the Right Use of Will books to help in their healing process to join me in the healing class directed toward Spirit essence. Lesson One offers an overview of much of the material already given in the books, and is a helpful introduction to Lesson Two.

"Lesson Two gives new information about the Spirit Polarity, and reveals denials of mine that have not been revealed elsewhere. Lesson Three explores more of the denials of Spirit essence, and describes how the Spirit Polarity can become unified without denial of either Spirit or Will. The unification of Spirit and the cessation of our denial is essential before there can be any constructive contact between Spirit and the most damaged parts of the Mother."

Channelers' note: Although some of the terms used in the material on this site are the same as or similar to terms originally used in the series of RUOW books, the author of the books is not involved in any way with this web site, nor does she endorse it. And here is a link to the new offical Right Use of Will web site.

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