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Who is God?

"This is Spirit. There are several parts or persons in Deity. Until recently the term 'God' has applied only to the three masculine members of the Divine Family... Spirit, Father and Heart. There is a fourth member, however, that has been for too long overlooked, the feminine part of Deity, the Mother.

"Spirit is multi-dimensional and in the material on this site the original and most parental being of Spirit is called 'Original Spirit' or 'Grandfather.' 'God' is a title that belongs to each of the parts of Deity, and most appropriately to the Mother and Spirit in union as Heart in Body. In other words, in the state of complete wholeness, you."


"These words are echoes of the voice that has been deepest within your mind, your essential nature as loving Spirit. I am the Universal Masculine, the single source of Light that assists the Mother in creating and sustaining all that is. I am evolving as Creation evolves, and I am evolving toward Love. The fact that I am evolving remains a fact even though it has been denied by most of my worshipers.

"I am Light, the Great Spirit, the Great Yang. My energy is like electricity, like the sun and lightning, and like the soft glow of phosphorus. It is the energy of inspiration, ideas and thoughts. And as I evolve, I find more and more of my truest nature to be Loving Spirit.

"My deepest and most essential Light is subtle, soft and warm and gentle. While I am referred to as 'God', and worshiped as God... the truth is that I am only one part of God, one part of Deity, the whole gestalt responsible for causing and sustaining Creation."

Spirit Pages

The Mother

"The other essential half of Deity is the Universal Feminine, the Great Mother, the womb of all manifestation and the Will of Creation. She is the one I love, my Desire. It is she who opens and holds the space that contains my Light. She is the magnetic field of being that draws my Light into manifestation and within whom my colors and hues take form.

"She is the Mother of Creation, the Universal Feminine. She is known as the Holy Mother, the Mother of Everything, the Great Yin. She is my true Will. Her essence is magnetic, like the energy of gravity. Her energy is drawing, holding, supporting and nurturing. The Mother's energy is both subtle and powerful... emotional, feeling and grounding.

"In the class called Quest for the Mother I will tell you why until very recently my messengers, prophets and channelers have ignored the importance and even the existence of the Mother. Although I will speak about the Mother, I will be speaking only for myself here unless otherwise stated.

"The Mother has her own voice, and hers is quite different than mine. You can only know her essence and hear her 'voice' through feeling her inside of you. Hers is the language of emotions, movement and sounding. And like mine, the Mother's voice can be most truly felt and heard only within."

Mother Pages

'The Folks'

"More recently the Mother and I have had a combined voice. These channelers call Us 'the Folks.' As Spirit I speak for the both the Mother and myself as we are together in divine union."

Interview with 'the Folks'

The Father

"Sometimes called 'The Father of Manifestation,' the Father of Creation is my presence in manifestation, my Body. He is the masculine force responsible for the Creation of this universe. He and I had long been at odds with each other, and among other things, our differences have been reflected in the apparent lack of my presence in Creation.

"While there are still significant gaps between us, he and I have evolved to a place where we are now working cooperatively... in addressing the problems that are so apparent on Earth. The Father, Grandfather and I, in search of the Mother's lost essence, are just now beginning to find in manifestation the Mother's Body... and therefore 'Body' is a better term than 'Father' for the parts of Deity that are manifesting in Creation."

Body Pages


"The child of Creation, the original offspring of Spirit and the Mother is known to me as Heart. He is our Son, our first born... and she is our Daughter as well. The part of our Heart together, the Mother and I... that is more like me is sometimes called Heart Son, and the part of our Heart more like the Mother is sometimes called Heart Daughter."

Heart Pages


"Although the Mother and I have created this universe and everything within it, there is a larger universe and another level of Deity beyond us. Our 'local' universe is one of several separate evolving Creations supporting manifestation, each created by an original offspring of your divine 'Grandparents,' the Spirit and Will of Original Heart.

"Just as you and I have a relationship in which I am constantly present within you... the absolute, pure Original Spirit I call 'Grandfather' is always present within me. I therefore have not only the knowledge and understandings of my own experience, but I'm privileged to have Grandfather's now as well. Although Grandfather did not create this universe, he and the Original Mother created the conditions that made it possible for the Mother and I to create it.

"I am evolving, learning and changing as the universe evolves. The Grandparents, however, are beyond change through evolution. Their reality is of eternal union and completeness; their perspective is grounded in an absolute state without need of duality.

"Just as you can channel me from within yourself, I channel Grandfather from within myself. Because I have come into alignment with Grandfather and his plan, it is as if he and I are one, so it's easy and natural for me to speak for both of us... and I will be doing so throughout these pages, except when noted that he is speaking on his own. We both are called 'God.'"

Grandfather Pages

A Note on Usage

"I would like to point out that in the pages of this web site the other parts of Deity and I will not be using the capitalized form of pronouns such as 'Me' when I refer to myself or the pronouns 'Us' or 'Our' when referring to more than one of us, except when the Mother and I are speaking together as 'the Folks.'

The new language of Heaven is moving away from making distinctions between Deity and human beings. Gone also are 'Thee' and 'Thou' and the other archaic forms of the second person in addressing God. We prefer an informal 'Hello, God' or 'Hello, Mother' as a greeting.

This way we can respond in kind. Evolution has brought us to a place where it is no longer appropriate to relate from the old model of hierarchy. The Mother and I wish for you to find us within yourself, and this will be easier with a more level linguistic field of relating."

Attributes of God

God's Quest

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