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Grandfather's Role in the Healing

Grandfather Remembers Original Heart - Related Discussion

Interview with Grandfather, Part One

Interview with Grandfather, Part Two

Interview with Grandfather, Part Three

Grandfather's Plan

"This is Spirit. Although the Mother and I have created this universe and everything within it, there is a larger Universe and another level of Deity beyond us. Our 'local' universe is one of several separate evolving Creations supporting manifestation, each created by an original offspring of your divine 'Grandparents,' the Spirit and Will of Original Heart.

"Just as you and I have a relationship in which I am constantly present within you, the absolute, pure Original Spirit I call 'Grandfather' is always present within me. I therefore have not only the knowledge and understandings of my own experience, but I'm privileged to have Grandfather's now as well. Although Grandfather did not create this universe, he and the Original Mother created the conditions that made it possible for the Mother and me to create it.

"I am evolving, learning and changing as the universe evolves. Grandfather, however, is beyond change through evolution, and is therefore limited to a static reality. His reality is of eternal union and completeness, his perspective is grounded in an absolute state without need of duality. In terms that express Deity as a trinity, Grandfather would be the 'Holy Spirit' and, Body and I together would be the 'Father of Creation.'

"Just as you can channel me from within yourself, I channel Grandfather from within myself. Because I have come into alignment with Grandfather and his plan, it is as if he and I are one, so it's easy and natural for me to speak for both of us... and I will be doing so throughout these pages, except when noted that he is speaking. We both are called 'God' by most humans, however we are only the Spirit half of Divinity. The term 'God' or 'Supreme Being' is not appropriate when meaning Spirit alone. 'God' truly means both the Universal Masculine or Spirit and the Universal Feminine or the Mother in union as New Heart in Body."

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