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Truth and Reality Class

Lesson Three: Introduction to Manifestation

"This is Spirit, and as I have said, there are many levels to reality. 'Manifestation' is the evidence of existence at each of these levels, from the most ethereal and sublime spiritual reality to the most dense and solid physical reality. In the multiplicity of Creation it's easy to miss the fundamental fact that all of existence, each separate being and object, is dependent on the interplay of the two primary forces of Creation. These of course are the in-drawing, magnetic, feminine, Will, 'Mother' essence and the out-pushing, electric, masculine Spirit, 'God' essence.

"The two primary forces issue out of the Void and together form existence. However, neither pure Will, Mother essence nor pure Light, Spirit essence independently 'exist' in the ordinary sense of the word. As Will comes out of the Void she draws Light to her, and it's by virtue of the presence of the Light that she knows of her existence. On the other hand, Spirit cannot even emerge from the Void without Will to draw him out and open space for him.

"As we define it here, existence is all that is outside of the Void. Will emerges first from the Void, but until Light is present as a reference, she cannot know herself as existent. And Light cannot come into existence from out of the Void on his own, he needs Will to draw him forth.

"A good metaphor for this is a painting. Both paint and canvas are necessary for the painting to 'exist'. If either the paint or the canvas are absent, the image is too. Spirit or Light is the information, and Will is the medium that carries the Light into manifestation. The medium is there first, but there is no manifestation without the content. And the existence of the content is absolutely dependent on the medium that carries and holds it.

Identity & Definition

"The most important qualities of an object or being in the outer world are its identity and its definition, who it is and what it is. Manifestations are identified by virtue of their Spirit essence and defined by virtue of the their Will essence.

"To outward appearance it seems that manifestations are masculine because it is their Spirit essence that is perceived on the outside. The Desire that has called them into existence and defines them is rarely noticed. This is because Will is not something that can be seen on the outside, she can only be felt on the inside.

"On the other hand, when a being perceives themselves as either the observer or creator of a manifestation, they 'identify' with their own Will essence. However, feeling beyond the outer appearance of another person or other manifestation, feeling into the essential magnetic nature of another is seldom done. Yet it is the only way to truly know them. It's the difference in mode between feeling and seeing that makes the difference between perceiving and projecting.

"The two essential forces of creation are the precursors of existence and therefore more fundamental than any manifestation. And as we've seen, neither can 'exist' independently because existence means that both essences are present. All that exists in manifestation, absolutely everything in Creation, exists by virtue of an intentional collaboration between Will and Spirit.

"The role of Will, the magnetic Mother essence in manifestation, is to open the space, to provide the place, the womb necessary for something to come into existence. However, the Mother's role goes far beyond simply providing the matrix of existence by opening space within herself for Light to manifest. Her desire for the manifestation draws Light into the space she opens. And the space she opens specifically defines each manifestation, as it conforms to the contours of her desire. In this way Light becomes the pattern that fulfills the craving of the matrix created by the Mother's desire.

"It is the specific desire, craving, wanting, drawing energy of the Universal Feminine that determines the shape of the 'form' or pattern of Light that will exist within the space she opens. In other words, the manifestation of a body, an object or being conforms exactly to the desires of the magnetic essence that manifests it.

"The Mother says what it will be, where it will go, and what it will do. This is why she is called 'Will', and why I speak of her as my own, or 'God's Will'. And I hasten to add, it's not that she belongs to me, but rather that I belong to her. The Mother's Will is the one true Will of Creation, and now that I have evolved enough to know this, I also know that it is my Will as well.

"The role of Spirit in manifestation is to fill the space opened by the Mother with the frequency and intensity of Light she desires. The Light of Spirit enters and fills the womb of Creation, and when she is ready for a new manifestation... the Mother completely contains the Light, separating the new manifestation from all other forms. The new being or object now has its unique identity as an individual, its spirit essence is unique and separate from all other Spirit.

"This is the process of manifestation from the perspective of Spirit, and it operates at every level of reality. But only half of it can be observed 'out there'. Light and the manifested forms is what is seen, Will must be felt. Spirit can be either an objective or subjective experience, Will is only perceivable or knowable subjectively, and she's the deepest subject you'll ever explore. Very few humans have taken the leap of belief necessary to experience how the Will operates far beneath their ordinary awareness, or how their unconscious desires have been creating the conditions and circumstances they perceive in their reality.

"This of course raises the issue of why anyone would want to manifest any discomfort, let alone pain and suffering, death and disease. This was a big question back even before the beginning of Creation, and it's taken this much evolution for me to be in a position to fully address it.

"We've begun the exploration of this topic in the healing class, and we'll continue it in earnest in the upcoming lesson on Body. In that lesson we'll focus on the human body as the archetypal representation of all bodies, the microcosm of all manifestation. And this third lesson of the Reality Class will serve as the introduction to that material.


"Energy is the first level of reality and the fundamental 'substance' of manifestation. All individual manifestations such as beings, objects, bodies and forms are expressions of the energy generated by the interactions of Spirit and Will as they playfully create together.

"The magnetic drawing power of Will is like a spinning vortex that draws Spirit down into the center of her desire. The presence of this willing Light excites and quickens the vortex action as Will 'spins' the Light through to the bottom of her desire.

"The result of this spinning in the presence of Light is energy. The amount, frequency and kind of energy, essence or 'presence' that is manifested depends on Will's specific desire and how much of her own essence is involved in the vortex of Creation.

"This principle applies on all levels of manifestation. The ancient cosmic entities, angels, and other non-evolutionary spiritual beings are mostly Light, with very little Will involvement. At the other extreme, physical matter is mostly Will essence, with little need of Light. It's called 'matter' because it is of the Mother, and yet its essence is energy, but held under compression.

"Manifestations that are heavier, with more substance, weight, mass and gravity, under more pressure, and with a lower frequency of spin tend to have a preponderance of Will essence. On the other hand, manifestations that are lighter, more ethereal, with less density and substance are generally more Spirit polarized.

"A thought, for instance, has very little 'substance' or 'weight', and is quite ethereal compared to a feeling, which is generally a much slower moving and more substantial experience. From your point of reference in the world of matter, a galaxy moves very slowly compared with a solar system or the particles of an atom, and all of these are nearly motionless compared to the ideas, thoughts and feelings you experience as you behold them."

"Manifested existence is a continuum with many levels of reality. It includes everything from my Light and inspiration down through ideas and thoughts to Heart presence, feelings and emotions... through all the varieties of subtle and life force energy, physical energy... all the way through the domains of photons and electrons to the most dense physical forms manifesting as 'black holes'. All of existence, all of manifestation is a spontaneous dance of the energy created in the union of Spirit and Will.

"Energy itself can be felt, but except for visible light on the outside and spiritual light on the inside, only the secondary effects of energy can be seen. For most humans energy has been nearly imperceptible because of a subtle materialistic conditioning which has had you believing that if you can't see it, it doesn't exist.

"The kind of energy most important for humans to perceive and develop is your own 'human energy'. The 'human energy system' consists of what has been called 'etheric' energy, along with its centers and pathways that parallel the physical body.

"Etheric' means 'beyond the earth' or 'heavenly', and as a metaphysical term relates to an unseen fifth element in the ancient four element system of physics. However, the energy of the human energy system manifests on many levels, including 'kundalini' energy and sexual energy. Some kinds of human energy are quite palpable, and very earthy.

"We've borrowed the term 'etheric' from your metaphysics in describing this energy in the channeling class, and particularly in the running energy exercise. But from now on I'll be using the term 'human energy' in place of 'etheric energy' to help make it clear that we're discussing the full range of your energy realities, and not just the 'heavenly' parts.

The Observer & the Creator

"Perception of manifestation is dependent upon an observer or 'experiencer', and since all but the void is manifest, the observer is too. The one experiencing a manifestation, however, is on a different level of reality than the manifestation they experience. Even a galaxy is captured as a perception within the field of its observer.

"You've been having a long philosophical debate, and now even a scientific debate about where the field of existence is. Is there an objective, outside universe? Or, is any kind of 'existence', including the universe itself, dependent on an observer? In other words, where is reality, and does it exist independent of observation?

"A good answer to this question is an even better question, 'Who's asking?' As you identify yourself in answering this, you point to your own Spirit essence. Another good answer to the question of reality's location is, 'Who cares?' The answer here helps define you and your values, and points to your Will essence.

"It's the Mother who 'holds the whole world in her hands.' It's your Will that holds all the objects of your perception, bringing them from your perspective in and out of manifestation, as she moves them through the matrix of her essence... in response to your spirit's questions and her own desires. And all of this is within your field, you are the venue, it is your field in which manifestation happens.

"Most of the time you've been out of touch with either the Mother or me, or both of us. In these times you've been the observer or the experiencer of manifestation, and it's seemed external to you. It's only when you're connected with both the Mother and me that you can begin to be aware of your own wholeness. As your inner union mirrors our outer union in manifestation, you find yourself becoming awake to realize that you're the one who's creating what you've been perceiving 'out there' in the world.

"And this level of wakefulness can lead you to complete wholeness, if you use the opportunity of your new awareness to cease creating new manifestations. If you stop looking forward, you can turn around and truly perceive what has already come to be. One of the strongest advantages in 'driving backward' is this change of attitude, from willy-nilly manifesting based on false assumptions of what you want... to careful consideration, and even reverence for what has already come into existence. There is no higher virtue than knowing the whole truth of what is.

"And an even better question than 'Where is reality?' is 'Where am I?' When you perceive yourself turned around facing the past, with your back to the future, right up against the howling, shaking intensity of the Void... when you feel yourself being ripped open as Heart with all manifestation erupting out through you... when you experience all of Creation streaming down from its original cause here with you in the eternal present... you will have caught up with the Mother and me. True Wholeness will then be your next step.

The Explosion of Conception

"I have said that Creation began with an explosion. The same is true for each individual manifestation. And that initial explosion of conception is still going on at the deepest levels of manifested reality, where the time is always now.

"The explosion on one hand is very spirited, uplifting, exciting and celebratory, an orgasm of love for what is coming into existence. On another side, however, there is deep pain and suffering. The force of the explosion causes the Will essence that was necessary to create the initial compression, but not necessary to contain and define the manifestation, to be blown away.

"A great pressure of compression is needed when the Mother contains the Light of the manifestation completely within herself, just prior to the orgasmic release of the new manifestation. The Will swirls herself around the Light she has drawn into her. She then contracts herself, squeezing her vortex enough to compress the Spirit and Will essences of the manifestation so they become fused together. The new essence then bursts forth into the space opened by her desire as a new, self-contained Creation or manifestation.

"However, more Will essence is needed at the moment of conception to contract and compress the new form than is necessary later to hold the manifestation present in existence. The extra, unneeded Will essence is literally blown away from the point of conception, and she experiences deep pain and trauma in this process.The parts of the Mother that can no longer stay present with the Light of the manifestation experience themselves falling away from both the Light of her desire, and her own essence that stayed with the Light.

"More Spirit polarized creations need relatively little Will essence to hold them in manifestation, and therefore cause the Mother more pain. More of her essence is forcefully separated from them in the explosion of their conception. The more Will polarized creations need relatively less Spirit essence to inspire and identify them. They retain more of the Will essence that manifests them, and are therefore much more comfortable for the Mother to bring forth and hold in existence.

"The pain of the Mother in manifesting the ancient spirits and the various orders of angels went unnoticed by me, except as what seemed to be inexplicable hostility toward me, and sometimes them, for 'hurting' her. I had felt her intense pleasure in the process of manifesting, so it was very difficult for me to understand why she was so unhappy with the aftermath.

"This question caused me to turn away from the Mother and our manifesting until I could study the problem enough to discover what was going wrong. It was during this time of planning a new, more careful approach to manifesting... when I felt a loss of Light that I barely noticed at the time.

The Father

"The Mother drew out of me the means to manifest her deepest desires, and without so much pain. She spun from me a lover than could give her something I could not, enough Will presence to move with her desires and to know her pain. The Mother's desire for passion magnetized Light that was available to her for this, because it was not part my own self-awareness while I was 'planning'.

"This Light then became the inspiring and identifying spirit of her new lover, the 'Father'. The Mother has ever since favored him as her consort because the Father's Will essence enables him to match the desires of her vortex with his own swirling essence of longing and passion.

"However, there is another way of understanding this. There were parts of me that wished to passionately embrace and hold the Mother, parts that wished to be spontaneously drawn to tumble with the Will into deeper and denser levels of manifestation. These parts leapt out from behind the awareness of the rest of me that wished to manifest a well planned and orderly Creation, and into the arms of the Mother. In drawing forth the Father, she gave form and expression to the parts of my Light that shared her desires.

"And from the Mother's perspective, her desire was to manifest a meaningful and substantial Creation that was passionate and spontaneous, a Creation that gave her pleasure and didn't hurt so much to manifest. Her desire attracted the parts of me that were willing to go along with her for this 'walk on the wild side', the parts of my essence who were willing to stay a little on edge with the spontaneous nature of her desires.

Most of me was too rational and cautious to be led in that direction, and the Father became manifest in answer to the Mother's crying out in her loneliness and longing. And as the Mother's first manifestation on her own, he became cast as the Father of her Creation. When she declared him her mate, this part of Spirit became spun with a great amount of Will essence. Although masculine in spirit, the Father of Manifestation embraces so much Will essence that he is properly part of the Will polarity.

"Since the emergence of the Father, I've maintained my presence in varying degrees for the rest of the manifestation of Creation. I've been present to add my Light of blessings and grace between their respective vortices of Creation. And although my Light is the core of the Father and within all that is manifest, it's been the Father's own Light in union with the Mother's Will that has brought most of the richness, sensation and pleasure of Creation into existence. Now, of course, I realize the value of manifesting the way the Mother wants to do it, and I'm therefore moving into a much more supportive role with the Father.

"The Father and I are in better alignment now than we've ever been, and as head of the Spirit polarity, I've been speaking for the Father's loving Light as well as my own throughout the pages of this web site. From the perspective of humans, we are both known as 'God', and he and I are ultimately one. But we've still got more work to do in healing the gap that's had us split in two since the beginning. In many ways I'm relating now with the Father as Grandfather has been relating with me since I asked for his help in healing Creation.

"For a long time I believed the Father to be separate from me, my rival, and even my enemy. My understandings have evolved, however, and I know now that he and I are destined to be completely reunited. He is the Father of Creation, the Father of Manifestation... he is my Body. And from his perspective, I am his Spirit. Much of him is still very angry with me, and rightfully so. I welcome his rage, because this is all loving Light can do. I desire whole, loving union with Body, and until then I wish to be helpful in any way I can.

"Together in wholeness Body and I are a powerful channel of loving Light equal to the challenge of meeting all the needs and desires of the Mother, as together we move toward wholeness, toward healing ourselves and all of Creation. There will be more on this subject and on the relationships among Body, Will, Heart and Spirit in upcoming lessons. And if you haven't already, I recommend reading the first three lessons of this class as preparation for the new material."

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