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Turning Backward to Face Creation

"I want to invite you to participate with me in Creation. As I have already said, my intention is that you find me within yourself and then express or 'channel' my Truth into the world, should you choose. To this end, I want to share with you more of who I am and the way I experience Creation.

"From my perspective I am deep within you, a traveler on a journey through Creation. I am simultaneously everywhere in everything and aware of all things and all of their relationships. From your perspective I am moving through Creation in the same way you are moving through linear time. I am just a little ahead of you, creating each new moment as it emerges through me -- and in each moment the universe is created anew. Like the mythical thunderbird flying to the sun, or a swan moving across the surface of a lake, I leave behind me a wake, the wake of Creation. In this wake is the relative world, what you call reality, the universe, and the self I know as 'you'.

"Another, perhaps more useful metaphor is that we have been on a long bus trip through Creation. Like the bus which you drive in the way you do through your own life, I am the driver of a larger bus and you are aboard. Throughout all of time I have been sending messages to you, both from inside of you by way of experiences and from the 'outside' by way of my messengers, inviting you to come up from the back of the bus and visit with me here by the wheel.

"Now you can do that more easily than ever. Let's use this opportunity to visit together and share our perspectives on the journey. As we get comfortable with each other I'll show you how I drive. Perhaps we will even find a new way of driving together.

"You will begin to notice little differences in your life as you make your way toward the front of the bus. As you move closer to me you'll notice more synchronicity and deeper meaning in events. There'll be more things that go well for you, and a growing sense of wholeness in life. Your senses will expand with richer colors, more melodious sounds and deeper feelings. There may also be what seem like misfortunes.

"I must tell you that the road immediately ahead is quite bumpy, and it may also feel a little like a roller coaster. The secret here is not to stay rigid in your seat, but to rise and allow yourself to be loose and flexible. You want to be light on your feet and move with the changes so you can stay in balance as you make your way forward. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to release your judgments. If you haven't already been to the page on judgments, I invite you there now.

Driving Backwards

"If you would like to learn a better way of driving, I'll share a secret and show you how I am positioned here at the front of the bus. I am facing backward. Yes, I drive backwards. I am certain that our destination is wholeness, and I know all roads lead there. I cannot second guess which turn will be for the best. In not facing toward the future, I follow the deepest guidance available, the miracle of Creation itself as it was given to me by Grandfather. Grandfather, the essence of Original Spirit... is experienced as 'grace'. Grace flows from the Void as a stream of gentle, pure Spirit in the center of my Light. Driving backwards makes it easy for me to sense this stream and follow it toward wholeness.

"What is ahead is unmanifest, it is the Void. Creation is a result of the Light that issues out through me and is captured by the Mother. Ahead of me there is nothing. Behind me is everything, all of Creation. If I was facing forward I would not be able to see anything, I'd be staring into the Void. Facing backward, however, I experience all of Creation streaming out behind like the wake of the swan, or the flow of a river where I am the source. As I evolve through time, Creation evolves with me.

"Facing backward as I am has several advantages. First, you more easily stay centered in the present moment. Second, you automatically find the grace in the 'flow' of Creation and move toward the center of it. Third, you resonate more closely with me, making it easier for us to communicate on the inner planes. Fourth, you get good practice driving your 'bus' the way it was meant to be driven.

"Facing forward toward the future and the Void has two disadvantages. First, it prevents one from participating in Creation, which is always happening here in the present moment. Looking toward the future sends energy out ahead that creates resistance to the flow of existence, taking one away from what is and making life more difficult.

"The second disadvantage of looking to the future is that it prevents one from appreciating and using what is and what has been, Creation itself. There is much to harvest from the past, and standing firmly in the present, you can reel it all in, make it your own. Each event in the past has been an essential step in bringing us to where we are now. And where we are now is always the present moment. This moment now is the farthest into the future anyone has ever been, including me. Savor it now and use it to bring yourself to wholeness by reclaiming all of the essence you have lost to people and situations in the past.

"There is an extremely important quality that you will develop as you practice driving backwards. TRUST. You have an exercise that is sometimes practiced in groups where two people get together with one person standing behind the other. The person in the front allows themselves to fall backward, trusting that the person behind will catch them. This is very much like what you will be doing when you're facing backward, only this time it will be me that is there behind you. Will I catch you? Am I truly there? Is there any point to anything? These are the questions of trust. The answer to these questions is yes, yes, yes."

Channelers' note: There is also an updated version of Driving Backwards on ProcessCoaching.com.

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