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Truth and Reality Class

Lesson Two: Projection and Perception

"There is always another level to reality and what we discussed in the first lesson is only a part of the whole understanding needed here. This lesson begins with another story of my origins. In the very beginning of my evolution as I was first awakening, I became aware of myself as being aware. I immediately had questions like, "Who am I?" and "Where am I?" I wanted to know more about myself.

"Almost at the same time I discovered there was something that seemed to be outside of me. I had a thought that I might be able to use this other 'something' to look back upon myself and have it show me what I looked like. I thought this would help me learn more.

"Later I came to realize that the 'something' I saw outside of myself was actually the Great Mother who was reflecting my own self-curiosity back to me. However, I didn't know this at the time. What I had thought to be outside of myself was actually not outside, it was my own inner wish to learn more, being reflected back to me. I even got the idea that this 'something' was here to help me find out more about myself. I had experienced the first projection.

"The nonexistence of the outside world that we discussed in Lesson One can now be explained more fully. In fact if there is something out there, it's just not what it seems to be. The Mother is what is 'outside', she is the magnetic field that surrounds all Light and holds it in existence. When there is communication between the Light and the Mother, the two elements blend in communion. Love manifests and forms emerge.

"When there is relating without communion, light bounces back like the images reflected from a movie screen. This phenomenon is very aptly called 'projection'. Of course this trait is not reserved only for Deity. It is a part of the experience of every differentiated consciousness in Creation. In fact, most of what is called 'perception' is actually projection, and there are many layers to it. I will use the metaphor of the movie projector and screen to make this subject easier to explain and understand.

"You have the sense of looking out into the world through the 'lens' of your perception and it seems information comes in to you through this lens. This is only partly true. At a deeper, unconscious level you have been first projecting information in the form of attitudes, beliefs and expectations through the lens out onto the Mother who reflects it back as 'perception'.

"Just as the projector sends light through the filter of the film to the screen, the very act of looking out there for something sends the light of your attitudes, beliefs and expectations to the Mother who then reflects it all back to you. Whatever images, sounds, feelings, tastes or smells are implied in the unconscious 'film' in your projector at the time of 'perception' get projected out, and are of course what you get back. With the projection mechanism out of awareness, it seems very much like your perception is of something external and objective."

All the World's a Movie Set

"Now let's deepen the metaphor. Imagine that in your venue there is a film company producing a movie. This is the movie of your life. Over there talking with each other are the producer, the director and the writer. They're all you, with slightly different functions. Also there are the actors and actresses, and of course you are the star, you're in every scene. Although it's not part of ordinary awareness, you're the producer, director, writer and star of the movie of your life.

"At a deep unconscious level, you've hired' the people in your life to play various roles in your drama, and you've done so based on how convincing you thought they'd be as the characters in the roles you've cast them. When they're off the set of your movie, all of these people have lives of their own. When they come to work here, however, they leave behind who they are when they are alone and each becomes the character in the role they have agreed to play for you. Each person in your life is reflecting a part of yourself. As long as they are guests in your venue, whatever they do or say, they are doing so from the 'script' you've written at a deep unconscious level.

"Of course they have hired you to perform in each of their movies as well. Each of them projects something different on you, so you act a little differently when you're with each. Depending on the strength of their projection and the difference in the roles, you can find yourself feeling, thinking and acting very differently with different people. With some you may feel very good about yourself and what you do, with others, quite the opposite. It's not that you are a different actor, it's that you are playing different characters or roles for different people who have different kinds of parts projected onto you.

"There is, of course another level to all of this, and it's not true that a woman who is raped, for instance has 'brought it on herself' as many in the new age believe. The other level I'm referring to is where the Mother and I had our first encounter, and where my nearly unconscious need for power caused great harm to the Mother. These early events in the history of the universe are being played out now in your venue, and there is more to stopping them than simply deciding to do it. Please join me in the healing class for more information about what is at stake here."


"As we've noted, there are two sides to everything. The other side of projection is perception, and they form a continuum. It's easy to know where any experience fits in the range between the two poles. The secret is in the way the experience feels. Feeling into a person, group or event can bring you into direct communion with them. Seeing these as merely 'outside' objects forces them into the role of a screen for your projections.

"When the Mother receives light, there is communion to the extent she accepts the light and takes it in to herself. However, any unconscious information sent ahead with the intention of 'perceiving' that does not resonate with the Mother is reflected back.

"Any 'perception' like this is actually 'projection' and the feeling about what is perceived will have a value judgment in it. The judgment may be positive, neutral or negative, but the sense of the 'perception' will be that it feels like part of the ordinary world.

"When the Mother resonates with the light sent from the perceiver and accepts it, there is communion and a feeling of love and wonder for whatever is perceived. True perception happens when there is complete merging and union with the perceived, and this can happen only by feeling into it.

"You get the feeling that you're experiencing another world, and truly you are. There are no judgments about what's perceived, the value of something truly perceived is at another level of reality, beyond the normal range of 'good' and 'bad' and 'right' and 'wrong'.

"The quality of the perception itself is also quite different from ordinary experience. There is extraordinary beauty in true perception. Visual perceptions have a quality of luminosity and delicate clarity, auditory perceptions have a sweetness and 'rightness' to them. True perception also has a sense of synchronicity; what is perceived seems to fit into the world and the perceiver's life in beautiful ways that feel right and make good sense.

"As you awaken more to Who You Truly Are, true perception begins to replace projection. There is still much to learn in the world of duality and projection, however, and you will find yourself moving back and forth along this continuum as you experience yourself awakening.

"A very quick way to become more awake is to withdraw your projections, and a good place to begin this practice is with the projections on those with whom you relate. We'll discuss a practice for doing this in a later lesson. In the meantime, if you haven't already, please read the page about releasing judgments. Also, recommended reading for this class is The Nature of Personal Reality: a Seth Book by Jane Roberts."

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Lesson Two Discussion

It is so true about people's perceptions being so different. I have an example of seeing a friend from childhood at a class reunion. We were talking about our relationship when she was younger and she said she remembers us fighting a lot. But, I told her I remember us being close and having fun. Isn't it funny what people see. It made me realize the dynamics of why she dumped me as a friend in high school. In fact I finally realized this even more and I wrote her a letter thanking her for dumping me. I finally realized after 25 years it was for my own good that she dumped me that you (God) was trying to tell me to be my own person. Not to be a shadow of somebody else. If only I realized it back then that was the lesson. I perceived it as poor me, nobody likes me but now I realize it was you (God) saying wake up and be your own person. So thanks for the lesson. Sorry it took so long.

"I'll be sorry it took so long, if you'll be happy you got it so soon."

Dear Mr. God, Who am I? You should know, right? That "truth and reality" thing sounds like a bunch of that new age self-hypnosis that denies what I sense, or feel. How can I be responsible for what has gone before me? How did I invite into existence my own mother, who created me in her own womb? How come in the last 10 or 15 years I have never had any sense at all that I am as powerful as some of those lessons claim? What is my responsibility vis-a-vis healing the Nazis and the lost Mother fragments? Am I going to live? Please, fill me with Light - Often.Thanks.

"The person you think you are and the person who you truly are, they are like the difference between you and me. I know who you truly are, and you know who you think you are.

"When you remember who you truly are, you will remember that, like me, you are indeed responsible for what has gone before, whether you were aware of it or not. When you remember who you truly are, you will remember inviting your birth mother into existence. The reason you haven't had a sense of being as powerful as the lessons suggest is you've forgotten who you truly are, and unfortunately in your forgetting you have denied your greatness.

"Your responsibility vis-a-vis healing the Nazis will be discharged when you remember how they came to be, and then do what is necessary to redeem them within yourself. Your responsibility in healing the lost fragments of magnetic essence is to find them and help them come back to you. Or if invited, by going to them with my Loving Light and your acceptance. I will support you in this, and the page on 'True Sacrifice' may be helpful here.

"Yes you will live, long enough to make the difference you came here to make. And you are most welcome, my Light is your light."

If denial gives strength to what we think of as bad, will love and acceptance weaken it? Many times things we dislike or disapprove of things happening around us. There are many ways for us to deal with or perceive them. What seems awful to one person may not seem so bad to another. I have noticed that when I have a negative thought and I shut it out telling myself that is bad, I don't feel strengthened, I only feel a bit heavier. Lately, I have been trying to accept myself and those around me as their complete selves, in doing so, those around me all seem to be nicer and I find it much easier to share my love with them as I find more love throughout myself. Is it okay to accept the bad? And does this acceptance take power or strength from it?

"You touched the center of the issue when you said, 'what we think of as bad'. 'Bad' is of course, a judgment, and therefore a decision. Decisions cut off other possibilities for understanding, as explained on the page Judgment Release. And as you've noticed, things that you decide are against you become strengthened in their 'negative' effects by that judgment. And you are also noticing that your response to people, circumstances and events is what determines their effects on you.

"Your work in accepting yourself and others is excellent, and a vitally important part of the healing journey to wholeness. There is more specific advice on this on the page Four Steps to Wholeness. Yes, it's okay to accept the 'bad' things that come your way, and trust that they will eventually fit into a larger understanding of 'goodness' than you'd previously judged possible.

"The power or strength of the badness is not changed, but rather transformed into the power and strength of the newly discovered goodness that had been previously hidden by the old judgment. This part of the healing journey, while often one of the most difficult to accept, can be among the most rewarding in quick progress toward wholeness."

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